How to Stop the Facebook App From Crashing and Freezing

There are a number of proven tech tips that can prevent the Facebook app from stopping, freezing, and crashing.

1. Check if Facebook’s down. It’s possible Facebook itself is experiencing some issues which can cause the Facebook app to freeze or crash.

2.Update the Facebook app. It’s important to keep the Facebook app up to date. The process to update the app depends on your platform:

3. Update your operating system. How to update your operating system depends on the platform you use

4. Free up space on your device. Freeing up space on your device will depend on the platform you are using

5. Close and re-open the Facebook app. Re-opening the Facebook app will refresh a lot of its data and help it run better.

6. Restart your device. 7. Switch to cellular.

8. Switch to Wi-Fi only. 9. Turn off your VPN. 10. Turn off 5G.

11. Disable your iPhone’s Low Data Mode. 12. Clear the Facebook app cache. 13. Clear your device’s cache.

14. Reset network settings. 15. Use Facebook in a web browser.