(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)
Error Spotting in english grammar

Here are a few examples of error spotting in English grammar:

  1. “I was went to the park.” (Incorrect verb tense – should be “I went to the park.”)
  2. “She don’t like chocolate.” (Incorrect verb form – should be “She doesn’t like chocolate.”)
  3. “Me and my friends is going to the movie.” (Incorrect subject-verb agreement – should be “Me and my friends are going to the movie.”)
  4. “I have seen that movie two time.” (Incorrect word usage – should be “I have seen that movie two times.”)
  5. “He is taller then me.” (Incorrect word usage – should be “He is taller than me.”)
  6. “I have went to the store.” (Incorrect verb tense – should be “I have gone to the store.”)
  7. “She enjoys listen to music.” (Incorrect verb form – should be “She enjoys listening to music.”)
  8. “The cat chased it’s tail.” (Incorrect possessive form – should be “The cat chased its tail.”)
  9. “I seen the movie last night.” (Incorrect verb form – should be “I saw the movie last night.”)
  10. “I haven’t seen them since a long time.” (Incorrect word usage – should be “I haven’t seen them in a long time.”)
  11. Incorrect subject-verb agreement: She was walked to the store. (Corrected: She walked to the store.)
  12. Incorrect use of prepositions: He is taller than me. (Corrected: He is taller than I am.)
  13. Incorrect verb tense: I walked to the store and buys some groceries. (Corrected: I walked to the store and bought some groceries.)
  14. Incorrect use of adjectives and adverbs: She sings beautiful. (Corrected: She sings beautifully.)
  15. Incorrect use of apostrophes: The dogs tail was wagging. (Corrected: The dog’s tail was wagging.)
  16. Incorrect use of punctuation: He said “I’m going to the store” but I stayed at home. (Corrected: He said, “I’m going to the store,” but I stayed at home.)
  17. Incorrect use of passive voice: The cake was eaten by him. (Corrected: He ate the cake.)
  18. Incorrect use of plural and singular forms: The team are playing well. (Corrected: The team is playing well.)
  19. Incorrect use of words: I’m gonna to go to the store. (Corrected: I’m going to go to the store.)
  20. Incorrect use of modals: She can swims very well. (Corrected: She can swim very well.)
  21. The book that I’m reading is very interesting. (Correct)
  22. I done my homework yesterday. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I did my homework yesterday.”)
  23. She’s the one who always helps me. (Correct)
  24. I’m gonna to the store. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I’m going to the store.”)
  25. The cat chases its tail. (Correct)
  26. Me and my friends went to the park. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “My friends and I went to the park.”)
  27. The store closes at 9pm. (Correct)
  28. She was laying on the couch. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “She was lying on the couch.”)
  29. The dog barks loud. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “The dog barks loudly.”)
  30. I already done my homework. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I have already done my homework.”)
  31. She don’t like pizza. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “She doesn’t like pizza.”)
  32. I don’t knows what to do. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I don’t know what to do.”)
  33. I ain’t going to the party. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I am not going to the party.”)
  34. They was playing soccer. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “They were playing soccer.”)
  35. He have three brothers. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “He has three brothers.”)
  36. I’m going to the store for buy some groceries. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I’m going to the store to buy groceries.”)
  37. They was happy to see each other. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “They were happy to see each other.”)
  38. I didn’t no he was coming. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I didn’t know he was coming.”)
  39. He’s real smart. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “He’s really smart.”)
  40. I have finished all my work. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I have finished all of my work.”)
  41. I was at the movies yesterday. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I went to the movies yesterday.”)
  42. I’m going to the bank for make a deposit. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I’m going to the bank to make a deposit.”)
  43. She enjoys to play piano. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “She enjoys playing the piano.”)
  44. The cake was real good. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “The cake was really good.”)
  45. I was born in the summer. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I was born during the summer.”)
  46. I was studying for my exams. (Correct)
  47. They was swimming in the lake. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “They were swimming in the lake.”)
  48. The sun rises in the East. (Correct)
  49. I have a lot of works to do today. (Incorrect. The correct sentence is: “I have a lot of work to do today.”)
  50. She was a good singer. (Correct)
  51. I have visited five countries. (Correct)
  52. I was really tired yesterday. (Correct)

100 Sentence Correction examples in English

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Here are 100 examples of fill in the blanks and spellings correction:

  1. The sky is b__ue. (blue)
  2. The s__n sets in the west. (sun)
  3. An ele__ant is a big animal. (elephant)
  4. A c__ick lays eggs. (chicken)
  5. A fl__wer blooms in spring. (flower)
  6. An app__e is a fruit. (apple)
  7. A b__at floats on water. (boat)
  8. A c__ar has wheels. (car)
  9. An a__imal lives in a zoo. (animal)
  10. A tr__in runs on tracks. (train)
  11. A h__tel is a place to stay. (hotel)
  12. An a__icle is a piece of writing. (article)
  13. A p__ano is a musical instrument. (piano)
  14. A c__ntry is a place where people live. (country)
  15. A c__stle is a large building. (castle)
  16. An o__an is a large body of salt water. (ocean)
  17. A m__untain is a large landform. (mountain)
  18. A f__rest is an area covered with trees. (forest)
  19. An i__land is a piece of land surrounded by water. (island)
  20. A r__ver is a large natural stream of water. (river)
  21. A l__brary is a place where books are kept. (library)
  22. An a__ademy is a place of learning. (academy)
  23. A s__ool is a place where children learn. (school)
  24. A un__versity is a higher education institution. (university)
  25. A c__inema is a place to watch movies. (cinema)
  26. An o__ffice is a place where work is done. (office)
  27. A m__useum is a place to learn about history. (museum)
  28. An a__rt gallery is a place to view art. (art)
  29. A h__spital is a place for medical treatment. (hospital)
  30. A b__ank is a financial institution. (bank)
  31. An a__irport is a place for airplanes. (airport)
  32. A t__rain station is a place for trains. (train)
  33. A b__us station is a place for buses. (bus)
  34. A h__arbor is a place for boats. (harbor)
  35. A s__tadium is a place for sports events. (stadium)
  36. A m__arket is a place to buy and sell goods. (market)
  37. A s__hop is a place to buy goods. (shop)
  38. A r__estaurant is a place to eat. (restaurant)
  39. A c__afe is a place to drink coffee. (cafe)
  40. A b__ar is a place to drink alcohol. (bar)
  41. A c__lub is a place for social activities. (club)
  42. A p__ark is a place for recreation. (park)
  43. A g__arden is a place for plants. (garden)
  44. A z__oo is a place for animals. (zoo)