(Last Updated On: March 24, 2023)

Here are 100 sentence correction examples in English:

  1. She is the best doctor what I have ever met. (She is the best doctor I have ever met.)
  2. I’m gonna to go to the store. (I’m going to go to the store.)
  3. I seen the movie last night. (I saw the movie last night.)
  4. I don’t has any money. (I don’t have any money.)
  5. He was walking slow. (He was walking slowly.)
  6. The cat chased it’s tail. (The cat chased its tail.)
  7. Me and my friends went to the park. (My friends and I went to the park.)
  8. The store is close at 9pm. (The store closes at 9pm.)
  9. She was laying on the couch. (She was lying on the couch.)
  10. The dog barks loud. (The dog barks loudly.)
  11. I have done my homework already. (I have already done my homework.)
  12. She don’t like pizza. (She doesn’t like pizza.)
  13. I don’t knows what to do. (I don’t know what to do.)
  14. I ain’t going to the party. (I am not going to the party.)
  15. They was playing soccer. (They were playing soccer.)
  16. He have three brothers. (He has three brothers.)
  17. I’m going to the store to buy some groceries. (I’m going to the store to buy groceries.)
  18. They was happy to see each other. (They were happy to see each other.)
  19. I didn’t no he was coming. (I didn’t know he was coming.)
  20. He’s real smart. (He’s really smart.)
  21. I have finished all my work. (I have finished all of my work.)
  22. I was at the movies yesterday. (I went to the movies yesterday.)
  23. I’m going to the bank to make a deposit. (I’m going to the bank to make a deposit.)
  24. She enjoys to play piano. (She enjoys playing the piano.)
  25. The cake was real good. (The cake was really good.)
  26. I was born in the summer. (I was born during the summer.)
  27. I was studying for my exam. (I was studying for my exams.)
  28. They was swimming in the lake. (They were swimming in the lake.)
  29. The sun rises in the east. (The sun rises in the East.)
  30. I’m going to the store for buy some milk. (I’m going to the store to buy some milk.)
  31. I have a lot of work to do today. (I have a lot of work to do today.)
  32. She was a good singer. (She was a good singer.)
  33. I have visited five countries. (I have visited five countries.)
  34. I was really tired yesterday. (I was really tired yesterday.)
  35. She don’t like spicy food. (She doesn’t like spicy food.)
  36. I have to go to the bathroom. (I have to go to the bathroom.)
  37. I have finished my dinner. (I have finished eating dinner.)
  38. I have been to New York City. (I have been to New York City.)
  39. She was really good at math. (She was really good at math.)
  40. The flowers were blooming in the spring. (The flowers were blooming in the spring.)



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