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Speech on Chocolate: Good morning, the respected jury members, my respected teachers, my opponents, and my dear friends.

Today, I have the privilege of standing before you and expressing my views on a topic of debate which is very relevant.. The topic is ‘Healthy Effects of Chocolate’ and I am going to speak in favor of the motion.

Dear friends, I am sure that everyone present here will definitely be fond of some kind of chocolate. It is very difficult to find someone who does not like chocolate. They can be of any age group. The word chocolate reminds us of sweetness and creamy taste.

There are thoughts that chocolate is one of the most unhealthy foods for kids as well as adults, but I can give you the facts to establish that chocolate is good for you and the best brands of chocolate will bring you some amazingly healthy foods. can give benefits.

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Dear friends, before going into facts and figures, please note that the history of chocolate began about 2000 years ago. Mexican healers used chocolate to treat bronchitis and insect bites. Chocolate is produced from the seeds of the cacao tree which is mostly found in West Africa. It is being manufactured across the world in various forms, shapes and sizes to provide a sweet energizing experience to the chocolate lovers.

Speech On Chocolate
Speech On Chocolate  Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

Research has proven the fact that chocolate is a great source of energy and can boost our immune system. It does not have any major adverse effects on the body and can be considered as part of a healthy diet. Not many of us know that chocolate prevents our skin from aging. It can soften the skin, reduce wrinkles and blemishes. Eating or drinking chocolate keeps you relaxed and refreshed. There is a common belief that due to the sugar content and high calories in chocolate, it leads to tooth decay and obesity.

Speech On Chocolate Is Good for you

This is true for milk chocolate as it has a higher milk-sugar ratio. But milk chocolate isn’t the only type of chocolate. There is a wide variety of chocolates which have no ill effects and on the other hand can boost your mood and energy. Scientists have found that good chocolate contains a type of serotonin, a form of antidepressant that stimulates feelings of pleasure.

Dark chocolate is a form of chocolate that is considered the healthiest chocolate. It has a higher cocoa butter content but lower milk and sugar content than other forms of chocolate. Dark chocolate has a stronger flavor than milk chocolate and hence is more preferred by adults than children. The most important benefit is that it contains high antioxidants that can regulate blood pressure, prevent bad cholesterol and heart diseases.

The antioxidants present in dark chocolate have many good and healthy properties such as improving blood circulation and reducing the chances of stroke, cancer, cell damage and heart disease in old age. Not only does dark chocolate have a long-term positive effect, but it can also give you relief from a sore throat or cough due to the presence of bromine. Dark chocolate is particularly rich in flavanols and phenolic acids.

All of these compounds help protect the body’s cells from inflammation, improve brain function, and boost our immunity and heart health. By eating dark chocolate, you can get many minerals or trace elements like magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphorous which are integral parts of a balanced diet.

Dear friends, do you know that chocolate also plays an important role in changing the mood. Research has shown that chocolate stimulates areas of the brain associated with pleasure, Research has shown which in turn reduces stress and improves your mood. Many of us love to drink beer after a stressful day, but my recommendation is that you can rely on chocolates which can significantly reduce your stress levels.

One of the major benefits of chocolate is that it stimulates your brain and gives you energy just like coffee, but since the caffeine content in chocolate is much lower than that of coffee, eating or drinking chocolate may help you lose weight. Sleep may be disturbed. that does not matter

Chocolates containing cocoa butter help increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) which is an indicator of good health status. There is a tendency to avoid excess chocolate especially for children as it can lead to obesity. But eating chocolate reduces appetite which can be taken as a positive aspect to prevent overeating. The link between chocolate and diabetes has not been effectively proven, but people who are fond of sweets may develop the habit of consuming chocolate as a substitute.

It gives flavor and taste but is less harmful than sweets in terms of increasing calories. One fact is clear for chocolate; Pure and dark chocolate has more health benefits. Raw chocolate or minimally processed chocolate which has high cocoa content is always healthier than milk chocolate or white chocolate. Dark chocolate contains about 50% cocoa solids, while milk chocolate typically contains 10%.

I think I have been able to elaborate on the various positive effects of eating chocolate for a healthy life. This does not mean that you

eat a lot of chocolate every day. There are also disadvantages of chocolate when consumed in excess. I think we’re all mature enough to use our common sense that we should eat in moderation so that we don’t become obese or addicted to chocolate.

Over the years, chocolate has become a part of our daily life and regular diet. Chocolate is one of the most popular treats on holidays and occasions with our family and friends. You may have seen chocolates in advertisements displaying them as a substitute for sweets to celebrate occasions and even considered as gifts. This clearly shows the wide acceptance of chocolates in all age groups of people from different sections of the society.

FAQ’s on Speech On Chocolate

Question 1. What is the composition of milk chocolate?

Answer: A typical milk chocolate contains sugar, milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin and vanilla for flavor.

Question 2. What are the different types of chocolates available in the market?

answer: There are different types of chocolate such as sweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel and nut-filled chocolate.

Question 3. What is the source of chocolate?

answer: The source of chocolate is the seeds of the cacao tree, which are commonly found in tropical rainforests.

Question 4. What are the benefits of dark chocolate over other types of chocolate?

answer: Dark chocolate benefits from cocoa, which is an antioxidant with far fewer calories and fat than other types of chocolate.

Question 5. What are the health benefits associated with dark chocolate?

answer: Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can regulate blood pressure, prevent bad cholesterol and reduce heart diseases.

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