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Independence Day Speech for Teachers and Student: Independence Day is an Indian national festival which brings enthusiastic determination, affirmation and positivity among all of us. The feeling of patriotism increases when we share it with our students, because they are our future leaders. As a student, To deliver a good speech , one must also be prepared .

As you represent your future responsibilities through words. On your Independence Day speech , To always leave a good impression for kids in English for teachers, you should come prepared with an interesting audience speech.

Independence Day Speech
Independence Day Speech

long and short speech on independence day for teachers

India got independence in 1947, which was 74 years ago till 2021. We have already seen a lot of great speeches over the years. But you should try something new, below we have two speeches, both short and long, consisting of 300 and 500 words together. You can bring to leave a great impression amongst your fellow students and respected teachers. For the students of class 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 , Short Speech on Independence Day for Teachers is helpful .

For class 7,8,9 and 10 students , Long speech on independence day for teachers is helpful . A paragraph on independence day is helpful in writing articles for students.

Essay on Independence day (15 August) 2021 Short And Long Essay 500+ Words | Paragraph on Independence Day 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students And Children

Short Speech on Independence Day for Teachers

Happy Independence Day to my dear Students and My colleagues.

“A man can die for an idea; But that thought will incarnate in a thousand births after his death.”

This quote from Netaji means that we are human embodiments of the thoughts that our ancestors have thought about. For a better India and Indians , We should work hard every day of our lives , which is prosperous and equal to all its citizens.

Independence Day is one such festival when we celebrate our martyrs and their struggles of 200 years long. India was a British colony for 2 centuries. In this period, the nation went through a lot of incidents which made our freedom fighters worried for a better future. what we are seeing today. Incidents, Jallianwala Bagh massacre, faulty land settlement system only benefiting the Crown, racial discrimination, and such endless plights. We have come so far that we forget the true meaning of the day and take it lightly.

This day will not be just a day when we gather to hoist the flag and eat sweets. It should be kept in mind that the flag we fly is our head, that we will never let anyone down. The flag is also the head that was beheaded in the time section. We will not let them down either. No piece of delicious sweets should be taken without thinking of those nights when our leaders used to fight on an empty stomach.

We as citizens of this country should always keep alive the glory of past, present and future in every moment of this day. We will promise to hold high the heads of our farmers, soldiers, doctors, industrialists and government bodies. And we will make this promise forever.

Thank you!

Jai Bharat !

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Long Speech on Independence Day for Teachers

Happy Independence to all the people who have gathered here to celebrate this holy festival of independent India. I am grateful to you for drawing your attention and with this I would like to begin my speech.

I have come here to talk about the importance of this day. As every Indian knows that we got independence on 15th August in 1947, but not many people know its importance. As a free citizen of the Republic of India, I would like to shed some light on an issue which is important to be addressed in the shining light of our freedom under the roof of our tricolour.

The British Raj had made the lives of the natives of the subcontinent dreadful. The development that took place under him was not in any sense beneficial to the common farmer. A peasantry was the backbone of the economy, as the state was surrounded by agricultural activities. There was a lot of caste discrimination. Many such more serious issues gave rise to the spirit of nationalism. It was a great beginning on a land where people were losing the battle against the unjust.

The freedom we are taking lightly, it has never come to serve us on a plate. As time passed, the nationalist sentiments among us also got stronger. Our glorious past made us realize our worth. At this time there was a strong rebellion against the Raj. The economic drain caused by commercial plantations and the replacement of Indian handicrafts with machines resulted in a nation that eventually woke up. These movements helped India to have some say in the government.

At the same time, the introduction of local self-government by the local press led to censorship gradually replacing it with the surroundings. India reached a great milestone in 1892 with the Indian Council Acts, which raised the political status of the INC. We quickly moved on to something great when India was finally breaking the British Raj by welcoming Satyagraha, Swadeshi boycott, strike and massive non-cooperation movement.

With all these developments Mahatma Gandhi became a household name in which the faith of the people was residing. And these events led the Indian Congress to hoist the tricolor on 26 January 1930 when India celebrated its first independence, called Purna Swaraj. In 1947 India reached a final negotiation and the transfer of power was finally moving from the Taj to the Indian subcontinent. It has been a long journey and we learned from that period and converted our lowest points into our strengths.

India has seen the worst. Now it is our duty to make our Matribhoomi proud. This can be achieved only when we are honest towards our duties and respect everyone. Let us imbibe what Gandhiji said:

“Freedom is not dear at any cost. It is the breath of life. What wouldn’t a man pay for a living?”

I am thankful to my teachers that they not only taught us lessons about Indian independence but also taught us patriotism and love for the nation. As responsible citizens , I have also learned that we all must respect our past. Instead of blaming in the name of hate, we should learn to fight adversity. With this, I end my words and I want to leave a question for you. Are we all serving our country fairly? The India of our dreams should reach the heights of respect. Every citizen of India deserves a prosperous life, and we can help the nation rise to its glory through education.

Thank you!

Long live the revolution

Jai Bharat !

10 Lines on Independence Day Speech for Teachers

10 Lines on Independence Day are as follows:

  1. Independence Day marks a happy day for the country when we can finally get freedom from British rule.
  2. This day is declared as a national holiday and banks, schools, colleges, all government authorities and local offices are closed on this day.
  3. The day also marks the honor of the freedom fighters who lost their lives fighting for the country.
  4. Many children are seen flying kites on Independence Day which is a symbol of freedom and happiness.
  5. Students dress up like freedom fighters, draw flags, give speeches and perform small plays to celebrate the event in schools.
  6. The Prime Minister of India hoists the national flag and delivers a speech to acknowledge the importance of the day.
  7. This festival also shows the bright future of the country and the love of every citizen for his nation.
  8. Independence Day holds great significance as it allows the citizens of India to cherish their right to freedom.
  9. The right to freedom is a fundamental right, guaranteed by the Constitution of India.
  10. A person has the right to speech and expression under this Act, to practice any religion, to lead a life of dignity, to form associations and to carry on any legal profession or profession.

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Long and Short Independence Day Speech in English for Students and Children

Long Independence Day Speech for Students in English

Good Morning Everyone!

To celebrate the 75th Independence Day of our country , Today we are all here to accept our privilege of being born in a free India . We need to ask people born before 1947 to know the pain of being slaves under a colonial rule. For every Indian in those days, fighting against those mighty giants – the British was indeed a daunting task. Those tough times and struggles should not be erased from our memories. Therefore, on every Independence Day, we not only celebrate our independence, but we also pay tribute to those who fought for it, who laid a vision for our country, and who sacrificed themselves for it. .

The idea of ​​being a free nation, where sovereign power is with us to determine our future, places a huge responsibility on our shoulders. The significance of its beautiful story is that this country has won respect from the world for the democratic path it has chosen.

On this occasion, our thoughts first turn to Mahatma Gandhi, the man behind our freedom struggle and the martyrs who made the supreme sacrifice for the freedom of our country. We also remember the relentless struggle of our great patriots who freed our motherland from colonial rule.

Gandhiji was demanding freedom from both foreign rule and indigenous social chains that had long imprisoned our society. Every other Indian was guided on the path of confidence and hope for a better future. As proud citizens of a country , Democracy gives us the right to live freely . Today we are privileged to live in one because of sacrifice of our freedom fighters and the vision.

Every year in New Delhi, a big festival is celebrated at Rajpath, where the national anthem is sung after the flag is hoisted by the Prime Minister. Along with the national anthem, the national flag is saluted by firing from 21 guns and flowers are also showered from the helicopter. All forces take part in the parade. In the end, we cannot simply say that 15th August is only about freedom.

This day is a heap of emotions, it reminds us of the pain of being a slave; of strength in unity; It defines sacrifice, it gives us an example that some wars can be won with non-violence and out of all things, it makes us value and cherish the freedom that we have today.

As proud citizens of this country, it is our responsibility to do our duty for the growth and development of our country and progress together sincerely. Keeping in mind the sacrifice of our ancestors, we should take an oath to build a better future for our motherland.

Jai Bharat !

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Short Independence Day Speech for Students

Good Morning Everyone!

Every year on 15th August, Independence Day is celebrated as a national holiday in India when people remember the long phase of our country’s independence from British rule. India gained independence on August 15, 1947, after several movements in which many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives.

After independence, on 15 August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Indian Prime Minister to hoist the national flag at the Red Fort near Delhi’s Lahore Gate. Students, teachers, parents and other individuals come together to celebrate Independence Day by hoisting the national flag and singing the national anthem.

The Indian Prime Minister also unfurls our national flag, at the Red Fort, in the national capital New Delhi. This is followed by a 21-gun salute and a helicopter showers tricolor flowers on the flag. The colors in our flag represent different things; Saffron symbolizes courage and sacrifice, white symbolizes peace and truth, green symbolizes faith and chivalry.

At the center of our flag is an Ashoka Chakra with 24 evenly distributed spikes. We remember the great sacrifices of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Raj Guru, Gandhiji and other courageous freedom fighters on this special day for their unforgettable contribution to the independence of India.

 Jai Bharat !

10 Lines Independence Day Short Speech for Students in English

  1. India got independence on 15 August 1947.
  2. We got all our fundamental rights , After independence in our country .
  3. We all should be proud to be an Indian, and we should praise our destiny that we are born in the land of independent India.
  4. From 1857 to 1947 several decades of struggle were sacrificed and the lives of many freedom fighters.
  5. For the independence of India, an Indian soldier (Mangal Pandey) in the British army first raised his voice against the British.
  6. Many great freedom fighters later fought and devoted their whole life only in achieving freedom.
  7. The sacrifices of all the freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose and Chandrashekhar Azad, who lost their lives fighting for their country at a young age, can never be forgotten.
  8. Gandhiji was a great Indian man who gave a great lesson of non-violence to Indians.
  9. We are very fortunate that we have been given a land of peace and happiness by our ancestors, where we can sleep whole night without any fear and can enjoy the whole day at school or at home.
  10. People celebrate Independence Day by hoisting the national flag and singing the national anthem.


 Jai Bharat !


FAQ’s on Independence Day Speech for Teachers And Student

Question 1.
Why do we celebrate Independence Day?

Independence Day marks the transfer of administrative power from the Crown to the original inhabitants of India.

Question 2.
When did India get independence?

India officially became independent on 15 August 1947. However, 26 January 1930 was unofficially celebrated as the day when the nation got Purna Swaraj. This day is now celebrated as Republic Day in India.

Question 3.
Who wrote the national anthem?

Rabindranath Tagore.

Question 4.
Who has a major contribution in Indian independence?

Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of many rebellions against the British Raj. He is also known as the Father of the Nation. Apart from this, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Nana Sahib, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Subhash Chandra Bose are some of the brave and popular Indian freedom fighters who helped the country get independence.

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