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Speech on Disaster Management: Disaster Management is the process of normalizing the pre-disaster (eg hurricane) situation of the place and taking appropriate precautions before disaster strikes.

There are people who work on disaster management, helping injured people to reach the hospital for proper treatment, removing fallen trees and wires on the road, which are blocking the way after a disaster stroke and such people. who do not have a proper home. A safe place so that they can survive during a disaster.

Announcements should be made to make people aware of the disaster and ask them to stay safe.

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Speech on Disaster Management

Speech on Disaster Management : Good morning one and all are present here. I am here to share my speech on Disaster Management my thoughts with you all through it. I am extremely obliged to give this speech an opportunity. A disaster is a sudden disaster. A disaster due to which a large number of people get injured and die in a very short time. Disasters are caused by causes such as earthquakes, heavy rains, hurricanes, chemical accidents, droughts, or even armed conflicts.

There is a drastic change in the climatic conditions on the earth. The days of summer are increasing and winter is getting shorter. All these changes are causing extreme natural calamities.


Speech on disaster management

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Disaster management is the primary and secondary planning of people to reduce the risk of disasters and to deal with disasters. Disaster Management handles natural calamities and disasters efficiently. In some cases, disaster management cannot avoid the situation. But it can certainly reduce the effects. The indirect or direct effects of disasters are always destruction, damage and death. It also causes loss of life to both animals and humans.

Importance of disaster management

Disaster management is very important in recent times. It is dealing with hazards before, during and after the disaster. Disaster management is like taking medicine to treat a disease. Disaster can be in any form due to epidemic disease or industrial failure like Bhopal gas tragedy or Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster etc.

Proper preparedness is essential for managing the situation in the event of a disaster. Proper mechanisms help minimize the impact. Predicting the likelihood of certain types of disasters can help reduce people’s vulnerability.

The disaster management team helps with rehabilitation and reduction of loss of life and property. This is because they have trained professionals. They provide material and material support. But also help in emotional rehabilitation of people.

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Disaster management in India

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is the premier government organization. NDMA formulates policies and guidelines for disaster management to ensure timely and effective response to disasters. The Government of India also maintains a separate fund for the management of disasters in India which is known as ‘Contingency Fund of India’.

The functions of NDMA are administration, formulation of policies for disaster management, mitigation of disasters, approval of prescribed plans, creation of funds for the purpose of mitigation of disasters, running various programs and giving guidelines.

In the event of a disaster , A number of activities need to be performed. This includes coordination, command and complete control for rapid damage assessment, restoration of power, telecommunications and transportation. Also supply medicines, drinking water and food items. The NDMA team establishes, sanitizes, and sanitizes temporary shelters, identifies and determines resources.


On this note, I would like to conclude that disaster management is a collective and coordinated effort. Everyone should take an active part in disaster management to reduce the risk to human life. In case of disaster, the appropriate disaster management team can take charge as soon as possible. I am sure everyone sitting here will remember this and will also help in spreading awareness among other citizens. It is necessary to solve this biggest problem related to human life and nature.




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