How Does Your Snapchat Score Increase?

You might notice after doing some quick math that simply adding the number of Snaps you sent and the Snaps together resulted in a number that is lower than your Snapchat score.

Welcome to the “some other factors” mentioned by Snapchat. While no one knows exactly what these factors are, there are some solid theories. Based on the research, these are the possible contributors to your score:

  • Snaps sent
  • Snaps received
  • Number of friends added
  • The number of stories you post
  • Maintaining Snap Streaks with friends
  • Bonus points when you start using the app again after not using it for a while

How to Get Your Snapchat Score Up

Snapchat isn’t trying to blindfold anyone. If you want to increase your Snap Score, you have to use the app.

So, your best bet to increase your Snapchat score is to use the app as much as possible. With some dedication, you’ll be breaking records in no time.

That being said, it’s important to know some common misconceptions about adding up your Snapchat score.

  1. Sending photo and video snaps will only increase your Snapchat score. Text messages sent through the Snapchat app do not count.
  2. You don’t get extra points for sending the same snap to multiple users. You need to send a unique Snap to get points.

What Happened to Snapchat Trophies?

In the past, one benefit of your Snapchat score was to unlock trophies. These can be used as a badge system to reward users for being creative or for using the app repeatedly.

Unfortunately, Snapchat has removed this feature, instead using Charms. These are different icons that represent special moments or similarities between you and your friends’ Snapchat accounts. These change frequently and can include everything from your zodiac sign to your Bitmoji preferences.


You can see your attractions on your friendship or group profiles, which are private between the two parties. To see how you earned a charm, just tap it.


Can I increase my Snapchat score online?

There are tons of websites out there that promise they’ll add hundreds of thousands of points to your Snapchat score. They make promises that sound too good to be true and guarantee that you will see your Snapchat score increase in minutes.

Don’t be a fool! All these websites and apps are scams.

Your Snapchat score cannot be modified by third-party apps or websites. You can only increase your Snapchat score using the app – there are no easy workarounds or cheat codes for this feature.


My Snapchat Score Isn’t Updating: What Do I Do?

Your Snap score can’t go down, so don’t worry about taking a break and losing your points. But if you’ve been using the app regularly and haven’t noticed any change in your Snapchat score, don’t panic! Here are some steps you can take to ensure that all your efforts don’t go to waste:

  • Make sure your app is updated to the latest version available.
  • Wait a few hours—it could just be a glitch or maybe there’s a technical issue with Snapchat. Restart your phone and check score again in the morning.
  • Talk to Snapchat Support. In the worst case, they can help you troubleshoot your personal situation.

How High Can Your Snapchat Score Go?

Considering how popular Snapchat is, it may come as no surprise that many users have Snapchat scores in the hundreds of thousands. Of course, this raises a question: do you really want a systematic measure of how much time you’ve wasted on this app?

Like any social media tool, you’re going to enjoy Snapchat the most if you focus on using it to communicate with your friends. You all will have a great time using the funny filters, and your score will increase with hardly any effort.

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