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Best Anonymous Texting Apps for Android (2022)  : Here is a list of the best anonymous texting apps you can use in 2022, including Snapchat, Text Me, Freetone Free Calls and Texting, and more.

If you want to send a funny joke to one of your friends or family, you’ll probably want to use an anonymous texting app so that your friend can’t identify who sent the actual message. Apart from sending jokes, you can use it for other things as well. If you want to send anonymous texts and don’t know how, we have compiled a complete list of the best apps for sending anonymous SMS. Check out the best anonymous texting apps you can use in 2022 in this guide below.


Best Anonymous Texting Apps for Android in 2022

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Best Anonymous Texting Apps for Android
Best Anonymous Texting Apps for Android

There are many users who have shifted themselves from SMS to other forms of instant messaging solutions, however, some users still prefer to use mobile short messaging service. In this article, we have rounded up the best apps for them that provide an easy way to send text messages without revealing their identity. Following are the best anonymous texting apps that you can use on your Android and iPhone devices.

1. Snapchat for Android

One of the best anonymous texting apps you can use is Snapchat. It is a free messaging app that will allow its users to send SMS or any other type of message without revealing their identity. After receiving the message, the recipient will not be able to know who sent them. However, with this app you will be able to send a maximum of 140 characters.

2. Text Me for Android

Another anonymous texting app you can use for both Android and iPhone devices is Text Me. It is available for free download on Google Play Store and App Store. With this anonymous chatting service, you will be able to send an unlimited amount of texts that you want. Using this app you will get an additional phone number for texting as well as calling. You can contact anyone across the world with this texting app.

3. Whisper

Whisper is another app that you can use to send and receive texts with a lot of privacy. After texting someone, no one will know who you really are unless you choose to tell them. All your messages will always be private and the app owner cannot access them at all. The best part is that you will not be bothered by the ads in this app.

4. Freetone Free Calls & Texting

Freetone Free Calls and Texting App is the ultimate Android and iPhone application that can help you make unlimited free calls and messages to all phone numbers in the United States and Canada. You can get your personal number and send SMS to any number without revealing your real identity. With this app you will get a real phone number with voicemail. This number is provided for free and doesn’t require you to pay for calling credits or earn them, for example.

And that’s all you need to know about the best anonymous texting apps you can use in 2022. While you’re here, check out our other guides like Best Apps for Identifying Songs and Best Photo Hide Apps for Android and iPhone.

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FAQ – Anonymous Texting App for Android

  1. Can you text anonymously on Android?

    Fortunately, there are many options for texting and calling anonymously. Change your phone’s settings. On an Android phone, go to Settings in your Phone app. Once there, you’ll need to navigate to “Additional Settings” and select “Hide my number” from the Caller ID drop-down menu.

  2. How can I text without showing my number on Android?

    Select the call Settings button by tapping the three dots in the corner, Go to further settings. Select Caller ID from the drop-down menu. Select the hide the number option.

  3. How do you send private text messages on Android?

    To send a text message Press the send button to send your message. It’s to the right of the text field. Your SMS will be sent, but it will come from a different number than your actual phone number when received by your receiver.

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