React JS Interview Questions | Top ReactJS Interview Questions and Answers for 2023 – 2024

React JS Interview Questions:  These days, React has become a topic of discussion in the industry. Anyone who wants to create an interactive and fast application is giving preference to React js. At present, React is the most popular front-end technology which is being used by more and more companies, if more and more companies are working then employment will also be in this, and our website provides information to anyone who is looking for software developer, software engineer job in the field.

React JS Interview Questions And Answer 2023 -2024

React  JS Interview Questions
React JS Interview Questions
He keeps providing information related to the latest technology. And if you are preparing for job interview and searching for jobs in React JS, then this ReactJS interview questions tutorial is perfect for you. provides you all the correct and reliable information. Here is a comprehensive list of all the common React JS Interview Questions from basic to advanced level which are often asked in interviews.

Most Asked React JS Interview Questions

  1. What is ReactJS?
  2. Why is ReactJS used?
  3. How does ReactJS work?
  4. What are the features of ReactJS?
  5. What is JSX?
  6. How to create components in ReactJS?
  7. What are the advantages of ReactJS?
  8. Explain the difference between real DOM and virtual DOM?
  9. What are forms in ReactJS?
  10. How is React different from React Native?

Basic Level – React JS Interview Questions

Here are some feedback interview questions on basic concepts.

  •  What are the features of React?
  •  What is JSX?
  •  Can web browsers read JSX directly?
  • What is Virtual DOM?
  •  Why use React instead of other frameworks like Angular?
  • What is the difference between ES6 and ES5 standards?
  • How do you build a React app?
  • What is an event in React?
  • How do you create an event in React?
  •  What are synthetic events in React?
  • Explain how lists work in React
  • Why is it necessary to use keys in lists?
  •  What are forms in React?
  • How do you create a form in React?
  • How do you write comments in React?
  • What is arrow function and how is it used in React?
  • How is React different from React Native?
  • How is React different from Angular?

React JS Interview Questions on Components

  •  What are the components in React?
  • What is the use of render() in React?
  • What is state in React?
  • How do you enforce state in React?
  • How do you update the state of a component?
  • What are props in React?
  • How do you pass props between components?
  • What are the differences between state and props?
  • What is a higher-order component in React?
  • How can you embed two or more components into one?
  •  What are the differences between class and functional components?
  •  Explain the life cycle methods of components.

ReactJS Redux Interview Questions

  • What is Redux?
  •  What are the components of Redux?
  •  What is flux?
  • How is Redux different from Flux?

React JS Interview Questions Router

Here are some ReactJS interview questions on React Router concepts.

  • What is React Router?
  • Why do we need React Router?
  • How is React Routing different from traditional routing?
  • How do you implement React Routing?

ReactJS Styling Questions

Here are some ReactJS interview questions on Styling Concepts ReactJS.

  •  How do you style React components?
  • Explain the use of CSS module in React.

Testing React JS Interview Questions

  •  What is Shallow Renderer in React testing?
  • What is TestRenderer package in React?
  • What is the purpose of the ReactTestUtils package?
  • What is 149 Zest?
  • What are the advantages of Zest over Jasmine?
  • Give a simple example of Jest test case

React supported libraries and integrations

  • What is reselect and how does it work?
  • What is flow?
  • What is the difference between Flow and Protypes?
  • How to use font-awesome icons in React?
  • What are React Dev Tools?
  • Why is DevTools for local files not loading in Chrome?
  • How to use Polymer in React?
  • What are the advantages of React over Vue.js?
  • What is the difference between React and Angular?
  • Why is the React tab not showing in DevTools?
  • What are 202 style components?
  • Give an example of 203 styled components?
  • What is 204 relay?
  • How to use TypeScript in create-react-app application?

React JS Miscellaneous  Question for Interview

  • What are the main features of ReSelect Library?
  • Give an example of re-selection usage?
  • Does statics object work with ES6 classes in React?
  • Can Redux be used only with React?
  • Do you need to have any special build tools to use Redux?
  • How are Redux forms updated from initial values state?
  • How do React proptypes allow different types for a prop?
  • Can I import an SVG file as a React component?
  • Why are inline ref callbacks or functions not recommended?
  • What is render hijacking in react?
  • What are HOC factory implementations?
  • How to pass numbers to React component?
  • Do I need to keep my entire state in Redux? Should I ever use react internal state?
  • What is the purpose of RegisterServiceWorker in React?
  • What is React Memo function?
  • What is react lazy function?
  • How to prevent unnecessary updates using setstate?
  • How do you represent arrays, strings and numbers in React 16 version?
  • How to use class field declaration syntax in React classes?
  • What are hooks?
  • What rules does a hook need to follow?
  • How to ensure that hooks follow the rules in your project?
  • What are the differences between flux and redux?
  • What are the benefits of React Router V4?
  • Can you explain the ComponentDidCatch lifecycle method signature?
  • In which scenarios do error bounds not catch errors?
  • Why don’t you need error boundaries for event handlers?
  • What is the difference between try catch block and error bounds?
  • What is the behavior of uncaught errors in React 16?
  • What is the proper location of error boundaries?
  • What is the benefit of component stack trace over error bounds?
  • What is the required method to define for a class component?
  • What are the possible return types of the render method?

React JS Interview Questions On Virtual DOM

  • What is Virtual DOM? How does React use Virtual DOM to render UI?Why was Virtual DOM introduced?
  • How does this work?
  • What are the differences between controlled and uncontrolled components?
  • What are the error limits?
  • What is the error range?
  • Without using error bounds:

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