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Paragraph On Ganesh Chaturthi in English: India is a land of diverse and famous cultures dating back centuries. Every culture in India has its own beautiful traditions, festivals and customs. These customs have been in practice for centuries and have a major mythological backing. Ganesh Chaturthi Worship of Lord Ganesha is one such beautiful festival celebrated in India. The below paragraph will provide you more information about it.

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Paragraph on Ganesh Chaturthi – 100 words for class 1, 2, 3 kids

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha who is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess

Parvati. During this festival, people offer prayers to Lord Ganesha with great devotion and admiration. For eleven days , The festival lasts during which various festivities take place. A special type of sweet called Modak is prepared to celebrate the special occasion. This festival is mostly celebrated in Maharashtra. At the end of the eleven days, the devotees take their idols to the sea where the coveted immersion takes place to bid goodbye to Lord Ganesha.

Paragraph On Ganesh Chaturthi
Paragraph On Ganesh Chaturthi

Paragraph on Ganesh Chaturthi – 120 words

Ganesh Chaturthi Worship of Lord Ganesha , is a very sacred and important festival of Hinduism in India. Lord Ganesha comes to our house on this day. Since then the atmosphere of the houses becomes completely devotional. People worship Lord Ganesha every morning by taking bath. Red sandalwood, camphor, coconut, jaggery, door cube and his favorite modak have a special place in the worship of Lord Ganesha.

Dishes and delicious sweets are prepared in homes and offered to Lord Ganesha. It is a festival lasting eleven days. Every day people worship Lord Ganesha by singing Ganesh Aarti and chanting mantras and they wish to get rid of all the sufferings. Lord Ganesha is also called Vighnahari as he is the destroyer of obstacles and the god of peace.


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Paragraph on Ganesh Chaturthi – 150 Words for Class 4, 5 Kids

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the major festivals of India. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country, but it is mainly celebrated in the state of Maharashtra. The festival celebrates the birthday of the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha, who is believed to be the remover of life’s obstacles.

People welcome Lord Ganesha in the form of idols in their homes. His presence marks the beginning of happiness, good luck and prosperity. During the eleven days of Ganesh Chaturthi, for the devotees, a special sweet modak is prepared and the idols of Lord Ganesha. At the end of the eleven-day festival, people immerse their idols of Lord Ganesha in the nearest water source like ocean or river. The ritual is to reunite Lord Ganesha with his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and to await their arrival next year.

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Paragraph on Ganesh Chaturthi – 200 words for class 6th, 7th, 8th students

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great joy and gaiety in India. The festival is especially enjoyed in the western state of India, Maharashtra. This festival is celebrated every year in August or September for eleven days. Every year people buy new clothes for the festival. According to Hindu belief, this festival is celebrated every year on the birthday of Lord Ganesha. The celebrations performed by the devotees include placing the idol of Lord Ganesha in their homes and offices on the day of Chaturthi.

For eleven days, devotees pray to their idol Lord Ganesha to bring happiness , peace, prosperity to their homes. Ganesh Aarti is performed in the morning and evening and offerings of modaks and laddus are offered to the deity. Lord Ganesha is considered to be the solver of obstacles.

His presence is known to remove all obstacles and difficulties from life. At the end of the eleven days comes Anant Chaturdashi, where devotees immerse their idols of the deity in the rivers, ocean and concluding the celebration with the immersion ceremony. The immersion ceremony is believed to take Lord Ganesha back to his parents Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

Paragraph on Ganesh Chaturthi – 250 to 300 words for class 9, 10, 11, 12 and competitive exam students

Ganesh Chaturthi is an annual festival in India mainly celebrated in August and September. Also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, it is one of the most revered festivals in India. This festival marks the birthday of the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha. More importantly, the festival marks the arrival of Lord Ganesha along with his mother Goddess Parvati in the human realm from Mount Kailash.

The festivities begin on the day of Chaturthi when people install clay idols and idols of their devotee Lord Ganesha. Complex and elaborate stages and ‘pandas’ are set up for the eleven-day festival. Ganesh Aarti is organized in the morning and evening in homes, temples and offices. Devotees chant Hindi bhajans to please their deity. Temples distribute prasad of modak among the people. During this festival, wear new clothes ,people decorate their homes, buy and light diyas. Some people also observe a fast during the eleven-day festival.

At the end of the eleven-day festival, people immerse their clay idols of the deity in their nearest water source such as a sea or a river. This immersion of Lord Ganesha is to reunite him with his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This ritual is known as Visarjan. This immersion means to remove all obstacles and difficulties from the life of a person. Even though the festival is an age-old tradition, people have now started to examine the impact of this ritual on the environment.

The immersion pollutes the oceans and rivers and the immersion of non-eco-friendly idols is strictly prohibited. The festival is also widely celebrated in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal.


Frequently Asked Questions on Paragraph On Ganesh Chaturthi

question 1. What is the symbol of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi?

answer: The festival marks the visit of Lord Ganesha to the Kailash-home of his parents, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Question 2. What is the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi with history?

answer: Ganesh Chaturthi was revived by freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak in the year 1893, to protest the ban on public gatherings by the British.

Question 3. Where is the festival celebrated?

answer: Ganesh Chaturthi is mostly celebrated in Maharashtra and some parts of western India.

Q1. Whose son was Lord Ganesha?

answer. Lord Ganesha was the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Question 2. Whom did Lord Ganesh ride?

answer. Lord Ganesha used to ride the mouse king.

Q3. To which deity did Lord Ganesha teach a lesson?

answer. Lord Ganesha taught a lesson to Lord Kubera.

Question 4. From which event Ganesh Chaturthi festival started?

answer. Lalbaugcha was the festival to start the Raja Ganesh Chaturthi festival.


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