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Online PhD programs for working professionals  : A Ph.D. is a degree that establishes the holder as an expert in his or her field or in that subject. In certain areas of study, learners may pursue a research-oriented Doctor of Philosophy degree or a practice-based doctorate. According to statistics, professionals with doctorates earn more than other workers. Many accredited colleges and universities offer rigorous online Ph.D. provide. Program.

Capacity Goals and Program Objectives of Online PhD programs for working professionals

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The online PhD program has been designed keeping in mind the people who need it the most, such as working professionals, people living in remote areas where PhD courses are not easily available. These courses have been prepared keeping such professionals in mind.

Vision of the Online PhD Program

Doctoral Program for Working Professionals (PhD-WP) The program is designed with the objective of providing intellectually curious working professionals an opportunity to acquire advanced research skills to complement their practical knowledge. The program will prepare professionals to produce high quality research output of international standards through specialized research training and global collaboration. The program will facilitate professionals to pursue various career opportunities such as education, management consultancy, training, coaching and research.

Program Expectations

  • Ability to find explanations and potential solutions for operational and strategic level management
  • Ability to effectively document the problem and proposed solution for knowledge creation and transfer
  • Ability to systematically communicate your ideas/knowledge in the chosen domain

PHD. Why get online?

Online Ph.D. programs offer several advantages over on-campus options. The list below includes five general benefits of completing a Ph.D. program online.

  • Low cost: Although most doctoral students receive institutional funding and awards from private or federal agencies, this funding may not cover all expenses.
  • Professional Requirement: Candidates generally need a doctorate to qualify for tenure-track positions in academia, leadership roles in industry, and top-level government jobs.
  • Flexible Schedules: Many online doctoral programs have an asynchronous format, allowing students to access class materials at a convenient time. However, most programs set a time limit for completing course requirements.
  • Minimal Disruption: Online doctoral students do not need to relocate to pursue their degree. Additionally, many online learners work while pursuing their doctorates, especially those enrolled part-time.
  • High earning potential: Companies, federal agencies, and private institutions usually offer higher salaries to job applicants with relevant doctoral degrees.

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The Online PhD programs tries to provide you

Online PhD programs for working professionals
Online PhD programs for working professionals


Input for particular Subject knowledge

  • understand the knowledge construction process
  • critically examine the existing body of knowledge
  • Formulate research questions to help facilitate knowledge creation by gaps in the existing body of knowledge
  • Formulate/design a strategy to extract possible solutions and possible generalizing extensions
  • Applying the strategy towards achieving the solution of the identified research question
  • Documenting the problem, process, and solution
  • Seeking feedback and gaining recognition through scholarly publications

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Scholarships for an Online PhD programs

Many universities offer fellowships and scholarships to support Ph.D. student. Learners can also apply for funding opportunities from non-profit organizations and federal agencies. However, recipients may be required to fulfill research or teaching requirements.

American Marketing Association Valuing Diversity Ph.D. Scholarship
Who Can Apply: This scholarship accepts applications from members of underrepresented ethnic groups pursuing doctoral studies in Marketing. Applicants must identify as African American, Hispanic American or Native American and must have completed at least one year of doctoral study.
Amount: $1,000

American Educational Research Association Dissertation Grant
Who Can Apply: AERA accepts applications from advanced doctoral students who require additional funding to conduct research and write their dissertation. Applicants must be enrolled in a US doctoral program or hold US citizenship . or applied for USA citizenship.
Amount: $25,000

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Who Can Apply: The National Science Foundation awards grants to students pursuing a research-based master’s or doctorate in a STEM field at an accredited US institution. The foundation encourages applications from members of underrepresented groups, such as persons with disabilities, minorities, veterans and women.
Amount: $34,000

Amount: Full tuition and fees, plus $38,000 annual stipend

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Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship
Who Can Apply: The Social Science Research Council offers this fellowship to doctoral students pursuing research in the humanities and social sciences. Eligible areas of study include art history, theatre, literature, philosophy, and religion. Fellowship funds research that can only be completed onsite, where the researcher must be in a specific location for an extended period of time. The program accepts applications from US citizens and doctoral students enrolled in an accredited US institution.
Amount: Varies (estimated average award for 2021 is $23,000)

Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
Who Can Apply: DOE accepts applications from master’s and doctoral students whose studies are focused on the use of advanced computing technology to solve complex engineering and science problems. Acceptable areas of study include applied mathematics, astrophysics, environmental science, and mechanical engineering.

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