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Basic questions to ask in Freshers Technical Interviews

Core business activities determine the talent requirements of an organization. A candidate’s technical ability and business understanding will determine their ability to perform the job. You can assess the candidate’s basic knowledge of the subject, problem solving skills, coding skills and other requirements through an online test. The types of technical skills assessed during these tests can vary depending on the role of the job.

Are you preparing for technical interview and wondering what type of basic technical interview questions you should ask?

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked Freshers Technical Interviews Questions that you can include in your interview.

  1. Do you have any technical certificate?
  2. How many programming languages ​​do you know?
  3. What type of OS are you comfortable working with?
  4. What is the extent of your technical expertise?
  5. How many development tools have you used?
  6. What do you do to improve your technical skills?
  7. Which tech websites do you follow?
  8. Why is the solution design document important?
  9. Have you used any source code tools? If yes, explain it to them.
  10. What do you like most about the IT industry? What do you enjoy least about it?
  11. Give an example of how you apply your technical knowledge practically?
  12. If you had to change your career path, which job would you prefer?
  13. What do you keep in mind whenever you solve a problem? End user, business, or yourself, and why?
  14. What is the importance of learning on the job, and how do you learn new technologies?
  15. Do you reuse code? If yes, how do you do it efficiently?
  16. How do you ensure the quality of your deliverables?
  17. Which technical skill do you want to have?
  18. What technical project did you work on recently? What were your major responsibilities?
  19. What production deployment process do you follow?
  20. If you get selected, how will you use your technical knowledge/expertise to do this job?

Get suitable candidates for the job with Online Technical Assessment

Recruiters can use scientifically designed end-to-end technical assessments to evaluate both experienced as well as fresh candidates. Testing can include expert-curated questions and project-based coding scenarios. With it, you can quickly determine how a candidate provides a technical solution to the actual work situation. Online Technical Assessment also includes sophisticated auto analysis and report generation features that simplify the assessment of coding skills. You can administer the tests through the online platform from any location and on any device. It allows timely selection of candidates who are suitable for the job.

What type of questions are available in technical interview?

Firstly, freshers have to understand what kind of technical interview questions are asked. Many types of questions included in Technical Round Interview Questions fall under these categories –

  • interview questions on technical knowledge
  • interview questions on technical experience
  • position based interview questions
  • interview questions about education

Few Tips for Technical Interview Round for Freshers

Worth doing-

  • Get some information about the company.
  • Try to answer according to CV. Before going for the interview, please revise your CV properly. It will help you to answer completely.
  • It is very important to listen to them carefully. You have to answer them accordingly.

What not-

  • As a fresher, you have to answer very politely and calmly. Do not rush into the interview.
  • Do not try to give any false information about yourself or your education or knowledge.
  • If you have a grudge about a past incident, don’t show it in the interview section.

What we have discussed above are some Freshers Technical Interviews Questions and answers  along with some dos and don’ts. Remember not to panic and answer all technical interview questions in a confident and smart manner. Always remember your communication skills along with your technical knowledge.


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