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Short and Long Essays on Leadership , 500+ Words Essay on Leadership

Leadership Essay : Firstly, leadership refers to the quality of leading people. Perhaps, it is one of the most important aspects of life. Above all, leadership has led the progress of human civilization. No organization or group can be successful without good leadership. Moreover, not everyone has this quality. This is because effective leadership requires certain important characteristics.


Qualities of a Good Leader

First of all, confidence is the highest quality. A leader must have strong self-confidence. A person who lacks confidence can never be a good leader. A person should be confident enough that others follow him. The leader should have confidence in his decisions and actions. If he is unsure, how can people be willing to follow him.

A good leader must certainly inspire others. For his followers ,a leader should be a role model. Furthermore, he should motivate them whenever possible. Also, a leader should not lose hope in difficult situations. How can a leader motivate people if he himself is disappointed?

Honesty is another remarkable quality of a leader. Integrity and Honesty are important to earn the love of followers. Above all, honesty is necessary to win the trust of the people. Perhaps, every leadership that loses faith is destined to fail. People will not work hard because of an immoral leader.


Leadership Essay
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Good communication is essential for a good leader. This is because poor communication means the wrong message to the followers. In addition, good communication will increase the rate of work. Also, the chances of mistakes by the followers will be reduced.

Another important quality is decision making. Above all, if a leader makes poor decisions then other qualities will not matter. In addition, good decision-making ensures the success of the entire group. If the leader makes poor decisions, the followers’ efforts will not matter.

A good leader must be an excellent innovator. He should display a creative approach in his work. Most notable, innovation is a guarantee of the existence of a group or innovation.

Real life examples of good leadership

Mahatma Gandhi was a classic example of a good leader. He was a staunch supporter of non-violence. He made the British leave India , With his brilliant leadership skills. Perhaps, it was the most unique freedom struggle. This is because Gandhi got freedom without any violence.

Abraham Lincoln was another notable leader. Most notable, he abolished slavery in the United States. As a result, he made many enemies. However, he was a man of massive confidence. His struggle against slavery certainly against Angreg became an inspiration.

Sir Winston Churchill was a great patriotic Englishman. Most notable, he led Britain into World War II. In addition, he was extremely inspiring. His great communication inspired the entire nation in times of despair.

Lastly, leadership is needed in probably every area of ​​life. Good leadership is the door to success. Conversely, poor leadership is a guarantee of failure. As a result, good leaders are the ones who go around the world.

‘Leadership’ literally means ‘the act of leading a group or organization.’ The root word for ‘laden’ is leadership, it is derived from ‘Old English’. The term leadership was first used in the 14th century to describe a person who was in charge. We can define leadership as a practical skill that introduces an individual’s ability to lead or guide other individuals as a team or organization.

So let’s take a look at three different essays below.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Qualities of Leadership


Leadership is available almost everywhere, studies, politics , be it the field of business or any other field. Often a question arises whether leaders are born or made? The answer is that there are very few people who seem to naturally benefit from the qualities and abilities of a leader. But, it is also possible to learn the qualities of being a good leader.

Leadership qualities

Being a good leader there are many qualities of. Some of the properties are given below:

  • A person must be honest.
  • He should be convinced.
  • He must be a good speaker.
  • With people ,He should be good at communicating.
  • He should have a positive attitude.
  • He should be a motivator.
  • He must be creative.

Importance of leadership

To achieve a common goal , Leadership is an act in which a group of people is motivated. We can see leadership in almost every field. Every sector needs a prominent leader who can look after the groups and make them run smoothly. A fruitful or successful leadership is often based on ideas that can be either borrowed or original. Those ideas should be communicated in such a way that the members act according to the leader’s preferences.

Conclusion of Leadership Essay

Leadership is an innate quality and can be learned as well. If one wants to be a good leader then he should really make up his mind and practice all the qualities of a good leader because everything costs hard work and dedication, without this nothing can be achieved .

Essay 2 (400 Words) – How One can be a Great Leader?


Practicing the position of a leader in any area is known as leadership. For example, when one works in a company, there is a need for a leader who can take control or charge of a team so that the company can run smoothly. Leadership is the need of almost every organization as it helps in increasing the chances of achieving the organizational goal. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, one of the famous leaders of our country, said that “I think leadership at one time meant muscle mass; but today it means meeting with people.

Leadership comes from experience

Although we have discussed above that sometimes leadership is innate, it also comes through experiences. Leadership is not always about the inherent qualities of the people because sometimes it takes a long time to adopt the best qualities of a leader so that one can become a leader. As a leader, one should always try to look for experiences that can make him a better leader.

No one can deny that leadership also or most of the time comes from experience. We can see several examples to support this statement, such as:

Example 1:

We have often seen in our school that, the student who was old and had experience of the happenings in the school, mostly preferred to be chosen as the head boy or head girl of the school.

Example 2:

We also often see that when there is a need for a team leader in the office, the person who has spent maximum time with dedication and is regularly committed to the work of the office, has more than the other employees. Get votes. in the office.

“The evaluation of the best teacher for a leader is experience.” -John C. Maxwell

How to be a great leader/skill to be a great leader?

Being a good leader is not a one day job. This requires a great deal of efficiency and the ability to be a leader with all the attributes. There are many qualities to being a noticeable and prominent leader. Some of the properties are discussed below:

  • Must be a good communicator

A person who wants to be a successful leader must be good at communicating his ideas with other team members.

  • Must be confident

One should have faith in his words and deeds.

  • Give credit to other team members as well

A leader should not only implement his ideas and ideas but he should also listen to the views of other team members and give credit if their idea is acceptable.

  • Good bond with the team

A leader should always try to establish friendly relations with his team members so that they respect their leader.

  • Move forward with responsibility

A leader should be very dedicated towards his duty. All the issues properly , he should be responsible so that he can handle.


Leadership is the most basic requirement of any organization or group. Becoming a leader is not a one day job. One must have experience to be a prominent leader. Along with being experienced, one should also have the qualities of being a good leader. It is impossible to handle leadership without the qualities of a good leader.

Essay 3 (600 Words) – Strength and Weakness of Leadership and Leadership in Management


Leadership is nothing more than taking charge over a group, team or organization. When we talk about the word ‘leadership’, different types of images come to our mind. For example, a political leader, a business leader, a team leader, a school leader, etc. Leaders help their team or organization to work in a proper and orderly manner. Leadership is about working as a team and winning. Leaders use their management skills to set the direction so that they can lead their team to the desired destination.

Leadership strengths and weaknesses

  • Better communication skills.
  • personality development.
  • self-awareness.
  • Ability to work with a team.
  • Develop confidence.
  • Being biased towards team members.
  • Lack of confidence in the leader.
  • A hypocritical mindset.
  • Failure to meet the desired expectation.
  • Lack of principles.

Leadership and management

Leadership and management are two interrelated words. Leadership is the act of setting direction to achieve a goal and management is the process of operating the premises of business operations successfully. Leadership is nothing but an essential part of effective management. We can also say that leadership and management are synonymous. For example, we see that a manager often has the characteristics of a leader; That means he must be a good leader.

Leadership in school

As we have discussed above that leadership is required in almost every organization. The school is also one of those organizations. Every school needs a prominent leader. There are many leadership positions in the school such as class monitor, assembly captain, cultural leader etc. But here the question arises that how can one be a prominent leader in his school, what qualities are required for this?

A student who is interested in being selected as a school leader must possess several qualities. He should be regular in the class, pay attention to the words of the teacher, as well as be good at co-curricular activities. Because a lazy and dumb student can never be a substitute as a nominee to be a good leader. The student who is fully active in all aspects is mostly liked as a good leader.

Leadership in the organization

Leadership in an organization or organizational leadership is the act of setting strategic goals for the organization or to achieve the organization’s desired destination. We can see here a very common example, the CEO of any company [who is the leader here] often sets the strategies on which he works with his team to achieve the desired results. Similarly, the leader in every organization has to set the goals which are to be achieved.

Leadership in politics

Leadership in politics or political leadership is the process of joining any political party as a leader. Political leadership is a concept of understanding political processes, its consequences as well as political agenda. For example, today our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has emerged as an efficient political leader. He manages the country in a proper and orderly manner.


It is not impossible for anyone to become a skilled leader if he has strong will power and the will to be one. One should work on both to develop strengths as well as to improve weaknesses. Leadership is needed everywhere in school, office or politics. Hence, one can choose their respective organization in which they are currently working to practice leadership.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the simple meaning of leadership?

answer. Leadership is the quality of an individual who influences others in the group to perform at their best.

Q.2 When did the term leadership come into existence?

answer. The word leadership came into existence in the year 1300.

Q.3 Why is leadership important in a team?

answer. Leadership is important in a team because leaders motivate other team members to perform well.

Q.4 Can leadership be learned?

answer. Yes, leadership is a quality that can be developed through experience and work.

Q.5 What are the qualities of a great leader?

answer. Honesty, courage, determination, integrity and clear focus are the qualities of a great leader

Q.1 What is the most important quality to be a good leader?
A.1 Confidence is the most important quality to be a good leader.

Q.2 Why is Sir Winston Churchill a good leader?
A.2 Sir Winston Churchill is a good leader as he inspired Britain to fight in World War II. In addition, his excellent communication also increased the motivation of his people.

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