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Why should you watch TVF Web Series, Aspirants? Things to Learn From Aspirants Webseries
Why should you watch TVF Web Series Aspirants

Why should you watch TVF Web Series Aspirants

Aspirants is a web series started by TVF. TVF’s webseries released Aspirants.. It has broken all the earlier records while achieving tremendous success. Apart from entertainment, the TVF web series released has deepened the morality of the aspirants. Let us hunt for the treasure and collect as much in our wallet.

About TVF

TVF is a name that is known to all IMDb users. Not only IMDb but also YouTube users, now users who are UPSC aspirants. So, what is TVF? TVF or Viral Fever is an OTT platform or video in-demand channel on YouTube. It was founded by Anurabh Kumar to connect with the younger generations who had not yet seen TV entertainment. Presently, it is owned by Contagious, Online Media Network Pvt Ltd.

TVF soon gained huge popularity among the younger generation, yet they had to struggle in the beginning. Now, TVF has launched various web series and thus, bringing success to each. Some of these are quota factories, cubicles, permanent roommates, etc. TVF has launched yet another web series named ‘Aspirants’, the most popular TVF series ever. So, let’s talk about the aspirants web series. Let us discuss the story and the reasons why everyone should watch it.

Introduction of candidates

TVF Webseries released aspirants. Written by Dipesh Sumitra and directed by Apoorva Singh Karki, it was scheduled to release on April 7, 2021. It was streamed live on YouTube channel TVF. It consists of 5 episodes. Although the finale was released on 8 May 2021. From the first episode to the last episode, that is, all the episodes were watched by the youth.

Aspirants IMDb Rating released TVF webseries had an average weightage of 9 out of 10. However, all its episodes have received better ratings overall. One can easily understand its popularity among the youth by looking at the ratings. However, not only the youth but also other age group candidates have something to teach. Let’s see what it is!

Characteristics of candidates

Now let’s talk about what is in TVF’s web series Aspirants IMDb. Aspirants is the story of three friends Abhilash, Bhuri and SK, who are preparing for UPSC. The story follows the journey of three friends preparing for UPSC. It explains how friendship affects UPSC and vice versa. Also, it portrays the relationship of the candidates with Rajendra Nagar (where the aspirant is residing).

The story begins when Abhilash shifts to Rajendra Nagar to prepare for his last attempt. He has cleared prelims twice, but he could not make his place in mains (prelims and mains are two levels of UPSC exam). Hence, he wants to change his optional subject (aspirants choose the optional subject, which consists of two papers in the main).

(Who says there is no hole in the sky.)
You throw a stone when you are sick.

Abhilash has come to Rajendra Nagar, yet he was confused. When he came to know that his coaching teacher was unsuccessful, he fell into serious confusion giving rise to many questions. One of them was – how can a failure prepare the winners? He wanted to change his coaching at once. During this, he attended a seminar of an IAS officer. And, he changed his mind to change his coaching.

Abhilash had a negative outlook in life. But then, things changed after he met Patience when he joined the library. Both fell in love with each other and both started studying with each other. As a result, Abhilash started having a positive outlook towards life.

Things to Learn From Aspirants Webseries
Why should you watch TVF Web Series Aspirants

What is Plan B?

UPSC is all about uncertainty. No one knows who will be elected or not. And so Plan B should always be there. Plan B strikes a balance between success and failure.

What can we learn from the aspirants?

Aspirants teach us to deal with various problems in life. Let us treat each separately.

If we want to achieve big position in our life then we have to take risks. Abhilash had only one attempt left. He took leave from a well-established job and moved to Rajendra Nagar. His big move was when he changed his optional paper just before the exam. Many toppers changed their option and topped. However, one could not copy only the toppers. But still, he decided to change his alternate.

Control all your diversions. There is a possibility of losing one’s attention even after sacrificing his well-established life. Aspirant, Patience, was the turning point in this story. Abhilash and Dhairya fell in love and spent most of their time with each other while studying in the library. Abhilash wanted to continue a serious relationship, but when he realized that he was the only one who was distracting from his studies, he immediately changed his mind and cleared everything up. And their relationship ended.

What is the importance of positive attitude? Aspirants web series teaches us to deal with negativity. The story illustrates this with a beautiful example. We have seen many holes in the roads. So it becomes difficult to walk on these roads. As a result, accidents happen. As a result, we all blame the system, but the question arises- have we ever taken any steps to solve the problem? No. Well, Nayak took a step about this and convinced the system to fix it immediately. This is called positive attitude.

Aspirants web series is a bundle of such lessons. There are lessons in every episode of all episodes. We could grab as much as we could. Apart from UPSC aspirants, anyone and everyone can learn from it.

What is the importance of the characters?

All the characters of the aspirants are heroes in their own right. Apart from the protagonist, he is in his main role. Let’s see what we can learn from his life.

Bhuri – Bhuri is a Jat character and is a college friend of Abhilash and SK. He is a short tempered and emotional person. He could not crack UPSC. You can find out for yourself by looking at the reason.

SK (White Ketu) – He is a friend of Abhilash and Bhuri since their college days. He was preparing for UPSC before Abhilash. However, he could not make it and joined a coaching class to teach in Rajendra Nagar.


Dhirya – Dhairya was Abhilash’s girlfriend, who later married Bhuri. This marriage is another main plot changer of the story. However, she wanted to work on the de-addiction campaign. And, he worked on it later.

Sandeep Bhaiya – Sandeep Bhaiya lived near Abhilash. He had cleared the mains exam twice, and everyone around was confident that he would clear it this time. He passed the state PCS after leaving Rajendra Nagar. However, in this quest to prove himself, he lost his beloved. He acted as a mentor in Abhilash’s life and made him realize the importance of relationships.

Landlord – He has played an important role in the Aspirants web series. Abhilash experiments on them to test the positive attitude. And, he succeeded. Abhilash formed a deep bond with him.


The TVF web series released aspirants is perfect in every respect. It teaches both – how to deal with failure and how to enjoy success. It also shows how success can ruin all relationships and shows how failure changes the concept of any relationship.

Overall, it will be worth watching aspirants. It can act as a great tool for the candidates who want to prepare for UPSC. We should not give up hope even after failure! This may be the final lesson of the whole story.


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