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Logical Reasoning Online Test Questions and Answers

Reasoning online test : Logical Reasoning Questions are one of the most important sections in all competitive, campus and entrance exams for government, bank and IT jobs. This page has logical reasoning subcategories such as decision making, blood relations, letters in word puzzles, series, symbols and other sections.

logical reasoning section

Most of the students and fresher aspirants are finding it difficult to clear the Logical Reasoning section, our Questions and Tests section will help you to excel in Logical Reasoning. We have covered all the basic questions in advanced questions with answers and explanations for your clear understanding. More than 100+ logical reasoning questions are updated on every section. .

Logical Reasoning Online Test

Strive for your dream job with NRACET Job – Logical Reasoning Test. your analytical reasoning skills for free , This unique pool of resource helps you to sharpen . To crack the Reasoning Ability Test and secure your dream job, practice with this ultimate reasoning questions and answers. .

Free online reasoning test

This free online reasoning test covers all the important topics for various competitive exams, entrance exams and interviews mainly aimed at testing your IQ, critical reasoning. Logical reasoning questions are provided with precise answers. Clear explanations are illustrated with diagrams, where necessary, to solve each reasoning question. .

Through these logic questions and answers, you can get all the necessary ideas to solve any logic question, puzzle in less time and with short cut method. .

Logical Reasoning Sample Test

In this page, you can access free Logical Reasoning Sample Tests for all Analytical and Logical Reasoning topics and get your score summary instantly for your continuous practice and progress. .


Inductive reasoning:

Inductive reasoning is the ability to reach general conclusions based on perceived patterns observed in specific events. Inductive reasoning is often used in daily life and is therefore practical for workplace environments. In these tests a series of diagrams with a clear pattern will be provided to the candidates. Candidates will be required to identify the pattern in the sequence of diagrams and select the next diagram in the sequence

deductive reasoning:

Principle that leads to a specific conclusion or Deductive reasoning involves a general rule. These tests will evaluate and measure a candidate’s ability to reason logically and draw sound conclusions based on the data provided, as well as identify flaws in a piece of information. As a result it is a useful tool in selection processes as this type of reasoning will be used in the workplace. This type of reasoning will often be used in numerical tests and verbal reasoning tests, and is therefore very likely to be encountered in recruitment processes.

Idiomatic Argument:

Abstract reasoning, also known as conceptual reasoning, measures your lateral thinking ability. In these tests the candidates will be tested on their ability to identify relationships, patterns and trends. Candidates will be provided with a series of images that follow a logical sequence or implicit rules. This may involve following a rule in a sequence, identifying a code, or locating a missing diagram.

Graphical Logic:

Form of abstract reasoning , Diagrammatic reasoning is a specific. Tests that assess this ability typically show a and symbols and flowchart of diagrams, along with an input and output. Candidates will need to identify which inputs affect the diagram, and therefore generate a specific output based on those rules.

Deep Thinking:

The Critical Thinking Test is a type of verbal critical reasoning task that assesses various types of logical reasoning in arguments, assumptions, and conclusions. Typical logical abilities tested include analyzing arguments , evaluating conclusions ,drawing conclusions.

General Logical Reasoning Test Advice

Although all tests evaluate a specific reasoning ability, or set of abilities, there are general strategies that can be applied to ensure maximum performance in a logical reasoning test. For logical reasoning tests , Here is a list of useful tips and advice.

Reasoning online test
Reasoning online test

What are Logical Reasoning Tests?

Logical Reasoning Test is a broad group of aptitude tests that test the problem solving ability of the candidate. These tests can be encountered for any position at any level of recruitment, but they can be especially common when recruiting for positions that require significant problem solving ability or high use of reasoning. is required.

Here are screenshots of our logical reasoning tests:


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