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MBA HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers PDF Download 2022 – 2023 | Technical hr interview questions and answers for freshers

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2022)

HR Interview Questions: The time for HR interview is so when you do it on technical or non technical interview then HR interview comes right. So you’re almost done! After a few months of sending your CV to the different companies you hope to work for, finally, you have received a call back that your resume has been shortlisted, and you have been invited for an interview with HR. has been done.

Generally, it can be difficult for the candidates to know what to expect during HR interview for freshers as their work field is not fixed yet and they have no experience but they are all read. These days the style of interview is changing rapidly. Gone are the days when your technical skills dominated the conversation. It’s about you now as a person, but don’t worry because we’ve got your back!

MBA HR Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf

HR Interview Questions

MBA HR Interview Questions and Answers for freshers pdf : A Human Resource (HR) interview lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. At that point the interviewer has to make an assessment. There are important questions the hiring manager will ask you during your job interview. These questions may vary depending on the type of job you are applying for, but there are some common questions that are asked by most of the interviewers during the latest recruitment process.

HR Interview Questions for freshers

In the HR round of job interviews for freshers , questions are designed to look at how you can handle certain situations at work. The aim is to see what your present  degree or eligibility will bring to you in future roles. We will look at the top HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers to prepare you for any questions a potential employer might ask.

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Tell me a little about yourself

This is one of the ICE breking HR Interview Questions for any type of jobs to Freshers that the interviewer asks. The purpose of this question is to understand some background about you and your dreams and to make it relevant with the values ​​of the company.


First of all, I would like to thank you and ____________ (company) for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself to you and accept my candidature.

Now Coming to myself , as you know my name is _________, which means __________. I have a humble beginning in _______ (town/city) and have grown up understanding the importance of hard work. My father was a _________ and always taught me different lessons about the true nature of goodwill and hard work.

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Why should we hire you?

This is one of the many HR Interview Questions for Freshers that most of the people avoid. However, it is very easy for freshers to understand the answers to such HR interview questions. Their aim is to understand how you would fit into the company, so talking about the company’s ethos and its values ​​is a good start.


Sir/Madam, as you must have understood from my resume that I am a fresher in this work. However, I believe it benefits me because I will bring the urge and dedication to learn and apply new things to your company. May be I do not have practical knowledge in this area. However, throughout my college, I have been engaged in in-depth learning about the subjects and have developed a deep theoretical understanding of the important topics used in this field.

Freshers Technical Interviews Questions and Answers 2022 – 2023

What are your strengths and weaknesses?


I consider my strengths:

1. I am a good communicator which has helped me to take on leadership roles in my college.
2. I am a deeply aware observer of people’s problems and their strengths.
3. I thrive when I work with a team that is given a specific task to be done within a certain period of time.
4. I am a quick learner and go out of my way to ask questions to improve my understanding.
5. I always try to make a positive impact on people and spread happiness all around me.

For my weaknesses,

1. I am a perfectionist and obsessed with attention to detail. This sometimes puts me off the project as I start to subtly address the smaller issues within the projects.
2. To grow faster in my career, I take on more responsibilities than I can handle.
3. I thrive based on feedback on my performance. If I don’t get them, I sometimes leave my mark and get carried away with the way I’m working.

Why do you want to work in our company?


I have always viewed your company as the pinnacle of innovation. Your recent forays into the market have proved to be a huge success, and I can’t think of any other company where I can develop my early skills that will help me in the long run.

MBA HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers PDF

Technical hr interview questions and answers for freshers

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