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Basic Civil Engineering Interview Questions 2022 – 2023 : If it is possible for you to give interview as a fresher, then get to know Civil Engineer Interview Questions once in your life journey. So here in this blog you will get to know about the real experience scenario of interview sessions and most frequently asked top interview questions from fresher civil engineers.

Here are Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for fresher as well as experienced civil engineer candidates to get their dream job.

Basic Guidelines in Fresher Civil Engineer Interview Questions

When you feel confident then anything can be easy and confidence comes from experience which will be discussed in this blog now imagine that situation you are going to give interview in few days and ready with technical questions But still need to know these general guidelines.

  1. Find out what the company wants, then show them how you can help them get it – find out what an employer wants most in their ideal candidate, then show how you meet those needs .
  2. you must sell what the buyer is buying Buying what he’s looking for.
  3. Problem Solver – You have to deal with the company from which you can solve their problem
  4. Let us first understand the categories of Fresher Civil Engineer Interview Questions

In general, you will find two categories of interview questions which are

HR Questions- In this category you will be asked questions related to HR.
Technical questions- In this category you will be asked questions related to technical skills.

What is the very first question asked by the interviewer to fresher?

Civil Engineering Interview Questions
Civil Engineering Interview Questions

1. Tell me about yourself? Or introduce yourself?

Now what would be the right way to answer this question, let me share my experience.

Best Answer-Start with the present and explain why you are well qualified for the position. A successful interview is based on having the qualifications the interviewer is looking for. Meaning you have to sell what the buyer is buying.

So, before you answer this question, it is important that you try to uncover the biggest need and wants of your interviewer. To do this, follow these two steps:

Do all the homework – before the interview to uncover this person’s wants and needs (not the general requirements of the industry or company)

Ask for complete job details – As soon as you sit in for the interview, ask for complete details about the position.

You can say: – I have many achievements that I want to tell you about. And we don’t want to spend each other’s time, so to help me do that, can you tell me more about the most important priorities of this position?

TRAPS- Beware, about 80% of all interviews begin with this “innocent” question. Many of the candidates who were not prepared for this question start with what has been discussed above, repeating their life story.

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2. What are your biggest strengths?

Best Answer: Your key strategy?

Find out your interviewer’s biggest needs before answering. And then you can proceed.

Be mentally prepared with your achievements- Before the interview, you should have a list of your greatest strengths and achievements mentally prepared. Support through examples.

You can choose from your list the accomplishments that highlight what your interviewer needs.

10 most important points that all companies want from the interviewer-

  • A proven track record as an achiever – your achievements match.
  • Intelligence management “Wise”.
  • Good for corporate – where every employee is comfortable.
  • adaptability- positive attitude
  • Dedication – To achieve excellence.
  • Determination of purpose-clear goals.
  • honesty, integrity, a decent person
  • Enthusiasm – High level of motivation.
  • Self-confident – a healthy leader.
  • good communication skills.

3. What is your biggest weakness?

Accepted Answer: Disguise a strength as a weakness.

Drawback: This strategy is better, but the seasoned interviewer already knows this.

Best Answer- Why it is important to know the interviewer’s requirements before answering. Then, quickly review your strongest qualifications.

Example: “But based on this position, I believe I’m a perfect fit for this job role. When you hire me, I’ll be looking for two things

ability to do a job well

Motivation- To do it well?

My experiences show that I have both the ability and a strong desire to excel. so i can honestly say that you will like my work

  • Don’t admit your weakness, tell them what you like the most and what you like the least,
  • Make sure to combine what you love most with the work you love to do.

Example: Let’s say you are applying for a Civil Marketing position. “If I had the chance, I’d rather spend time selling to prospects than shuffling paperwork in the office. I’ve learned the importance of filing paperwork properly, and I do it constantly. But I really I love to sell (if your interviewer was a sales manager)

4. Why should I hire you?

Best Answer: Learn about the employer’s requirements before you respond. Starting with this question will give him better reasons to hire you than anyone else.

Walk through the requirements of each position as you understand them, and follow each with a reason why you meet that requirement compared to other candidates.

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Fresher Civil Engineer Interview questions

1) What are the responsibilities of a construction manager?

Responsibilities of a construction manager are

• Cost estimate
• Pre-purchase of selected content
• Selection of Bidders for Bidding Phase
• Analysis of proposals
• Construction Contract Negotiation
• Construction Scheduling and Monitoring
• Cost control of construction
• construction supervision

2) List the possible risk factors for workers at construction site?

Potential risk factors for workers at construction sites

• falls from height
• Scaffolding and trench collapse
• Electric shock and arc explosion
• Repetitive Motion Injury
• Not using personal protective equipment correctly

3) What is OSHA Compliance?

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Act; It aims to meet the requirement of health and safety of the employees and workers.

4) Mention what is the structure of the landfill?

• Bottom Liner
• A leachate collection system
• a cover
• Natural Hydrogeologic Settings

5) What capital cost is to be taken into account for a construction project?

• Land Acquisition (Assembly, Holding and Improvement)
• Planning and Feasibility Study
• Manufacturing (materials, equipment and labor)
• Construction financing (Bank loan)
• Insurance and taxes during construction
• General office overhead of the owner
• inspection and testing
• Field supervision, architectural and engineering design

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Experienced Civil Engineer Interview questions

1) List some software used in construction sector to estimate cost and monitoring expenditure?

• Tally System
• Understanding
• Maxwell System
• Premiere Construction Software
• e-Takeoff
• Manufacturing Partner, etc.

2) What is reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete consists of steel bars or lattices, which give additional strength to the construction.

3) What are the different types of foundation?

There are three main types of foundations

• Basement: In this, a basement is prepared first on which the building is constructed.
Crawl Space: Crawl space is a raised foundation, it is built above the ground, just enough space is allowed for crawling down
• Slab: In this foundation concrete is poured directly into the pit made in the ground.

4) Explain what is Hybrid Foundation?

Hybrid foundations typically used for tall buildings, consist of both a soil backed mat and a pile. This type of foundation helps in reducing the amount of settlement.

5) What are the common methods of demolition?

• Hydro-demolition
• Pressure Burst
• Solving

6) Explain what is floating slab foundation?

A floating concrete foundation is a type of mat foundation consisting of a hollow mat formed by a grid of thick reinforced concrete walls sandwiched between two thick reinforced concrete slabs.

7) Explain what is flashing?

Flashing is an extended construction used to seal and protect joints in a building from the ingress of water. Flashing is installed on the intersecting roofs, walls and parapets.

8) Mention the different types of roof systems?

• slate or stone roofs
• Wood shingle roofs
• Metal Roofing System

9) State which phases are inspected by the local authority during construction?

Various inspections during construction include

• site inspection
• Pre-construction or first-construction inspection
• Inspection of foundation (before concrete installation)
• Framing inspection (before insulating or covering the frame)
• Insulation inspection (after insulation is completed)
• Final Inspection (after all construction is completed and permits are received)

10) List some of the checks done on completion of construction?

Some of the checks done on the exterior of the building are

• Utility Connection
• water withdrawal
• retaining walls
• Compaction of fill material
• caulk at the opening
• Storm sewer system
• Security provisions (roofs, porches, areas)
• Ancillary buildings
• pavement edge
• Protection against moisture penetration
• Design of Housing Structure

11) Explain what is the alternative bid?

The alternative bid is the amount stated in the bid to be subtracted or added from the base bid amount. Alternative bidding is offered when alternative materials or methods of construction are used.

12) Explain what is change order request?

Change order request is a written document issued or given by the owner, requesting adjustment in contract amount or extension of contract time. Usually, it is issued by the architect or the representative of the owners.

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13) What is and is not included in a construction cost?

A construction cost includes materials, labor, equipment and services, the contractor’s overhead and profit, and other direct construction costs. However, it does not cover compensation paid to architects, consultants or engineers, land costs and other costs that are the responsibility of the owner.

14) Explain what is Critical Path Method (C.P.M)?

The Critical Path Method is the strategy and method of representing the related tasks and activities involved in construction through a symbolic diagram.

15) What are crumbling walls?

Demising wall is used for the boundary that separates your land or house from a neighbor’s house

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Now following are the most frequently asked technical Civil Engineering Interview Questions :

1. What is the volume of a 50 kg cement bag? – 0.034722 m3

2. Validity of cement bags. (3 months)

3. Maximum water consumption of first class bricks – 20% of dry bricks

4. Minimum diameter of spacer bar in beam. (25 mm)

5. Minimum length of hook in stirrup – 6d or 75 mm whichever is higher

6. Minimum thickness of slab. (125 mm or 5 inch)

7. Thickness of plaster for ceiling. (6 mm)

8. Standard size of brick in India? (190mm X 90mm X 90mm)

9. Thickness of mortar bed for floor, (35 mm)

10. Full form of 1 BHK? one hall, One bedroom and one kitchen

11. Minimum grade of concrete for RCC structure? M20 – Ratio 1:1.5:3. Is

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Top Civil Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

1) Explain what is Pragati Paid?

It is a payment made by the owner to the contractor; It is the difference between completed work and stored materials and a predetermined schedule of values ​​or unit costs.

2) Explain what is a structural frame or system?

Structural frames are the load bearing assemblies of beams and columns on the foundation. Generally, columns and beams are generally fabricated from site and assembled on site.

3) Explain what is a zoning permit?

A zoning permit is a document issued by an urban authority permitting land to be used for a particular purpose.

4) Explain what is release of lien?

A release of lien is a written document by an individual or firm supplying labor, materials or professional service on a project, freeing its mechanic’s lien against the project’s assets.

5) What is an architect-ready contract?

Architect-ready contract is an agreement between the owner and the architect drawn up in-house by the architect, and is often reviewed by a lawyer before its execution. It is a ‘legal’ contract, and it contains all the terms and conditions, including adequate legal protection for both parties.

6) List some software programs that can be useful for architects?

• AutoCAD
• Resume
• 3DS Max
• SketchUp
• Photoshop
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Microsoft Office
• digital media

7) What are the skills required to become an architect?

• Conceptual understanding of designing models
• Basic knowledge of software programs related to computers and architects
• Engineering Ability
• Trade Ability
• Legal knowledge
• Designing 3D Models

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8) Explain how you can use tools of different dimensions in CAD? What are the different dimensions available?

If you are using CAD and want to use the Dimensions tool, go to CAD > Dimensions and you can get access to a variety of dimensions such as

• Manual Dimensions
• Internal Dimensions
• Auto Exterior Dimensions
• Auto Interior Dimensions
• End to End Dimensions
• Point-to-Point Dimensions
• Angular Dimensions
• Display temporal dimensions
• Moving objects using dimensions

9) Explain how you can turn off the display for dimensions in CAD?

Display of your dimensions in CAD can be turned off. For this you need to go under Floor plan view and follow the following steps:

• In the active floor plan, select Tools – Display
• Scroll down to Dimensions – Automatic and Dimensions – Manually remove the checkmark from the Layers and Disp column
• When you click OK, the display of dimensions in your plan will stop

10) Which are the top civil engineer apps for you?

some great apps

• Evernote
• steel
• Dropbox
• Instagram
• Sketchbook
• Photoshop Express
• Flipboard
• Magic Scheme
• Hauz
• AutoCAD WS

11) What are wood shingles?

Wood shingles are rectangular in shape, and they resemble slats or sheets that are nailed to the outer surface. Shingling is a traditional weather proofing method for building construction.

12) List some common problems that architects have to deal with?

• When customers aren’t sure what they want
• When there is a limited budget
• When customer requires custom design at standard cost
• When the architect has to work with limited space

13) How to manufacture floor to ceiling bookcase?

How to make a floor to ceiling bookcase

• Measure the distance between the ceiling and floor
• Cut two boards to the length of that distance
• Cut two boards as per your requirement
• Screw the top and bottom boards to the sides with a 2-inch nail. Keep a gap of about an inch or two between each nail.
• Attach the top and bottom boards to the side boards with a 2-inch nail. This will form a frame for your bookcase. Add the shelves to the bookcase the way you want it and then paint it.

14) What should be the standard height of the ceiling?

For residential buildings, the standard height for ceilings should be one or two storeys. If you don’t need to make the ceiling tall and still want it to appear bigger from the outside then use a mansard ceiling that has multiple floors. The ceiling of the room can be adjusted by changing its pitch or by installing a parapet.

15) List the types of roofs?

• Half sloping roof
• Dutch Gable Roof
• Skillion Roof
• Gambrel Roof
• Gul Hawa Roof
• Mansard roof
• Bell Cast Roof
• Sawtooth’s roof
• Monitor the ceiling, etc.

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16) Explain what are the problems one may face while having a cantilever balcony?

Cantilever balconies are usually unsupported and extend outwards, hence the problem with cantilever balconies

• Excessive deflection or bounce
• Weakness of deck structure
• Rot and water damage the interior of the house
• Inequalities within the home
• Balcony cannot be used for gardening or other purposes as it is not designed to carry a large amount of weight

17) For which building are built-on balconies better? What are the benefits?

Built on balconies are mainly designed for retrofitting old buildings. This free standing balcony is supported in front of the façade on four pillars. They are supported on the wall with brackets.

The benefits of built-on balconies are

• Old balconies can be dismantled, and new ones can be erected immediately in front of the face without disturbing the internal structure of the building
• Work takes place outside the home, so there is no interference with the interior of the building

18) What are the things you should keep in mind before making a kitchen island?

Before you start building a kitchen island, you need to keep these things in mind

• Design the kitchen island as per the requirement – ​​use less space if it is only for cooking purposes, but design it accordingly if it is also for dining
• List what equipment you need for your kitchen island
• How much storage space do you need
• The working side around the kitchen island should have at least 42 inches of space around the kitchen island. Don’t plan a kitchen island if it makes your kitchen overcrowded.

19) Explain what is the difference between built up area and super built up area?

• Built-up area: This includes your carpet area and the area covered by walls, pillars and ducts. This is usually 10% more than the carpet area
• Super built up area: This includes your built up area and the area you use as building facilities such as lifts, stairs and lifts, gyms, clubs, etc.

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