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If you are missing status updates, tweak your Favorites list so you see them all

This article shows you three ways to see more posts from friends on Facebook.

what to know

  • Click Most Recent to view your News Feed in chronological order.
  • Unfollow pages, groups and friends to curate your News Feed.
  • Temporarily remind people for 30 days by clicking the ellipsis next to their name and then Snooze.

How to see more friend posts on FB

Facebook’s News Feed shows your posts in a specific order, which it thinks you’ll want to see the most. If you prefer to see things in chronological order, here’s how to change the News Feed. By doing this, you’re more likely to be found when your friends post posts.


  • On Facebook through your browser, look on the left side of the screen and click Most Recent.
Facebook website with Most Recent highlighted.
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  • If you can’t see this option, click See more to display it.
  • Tap Menu on the Facebook app.
  • Tap Recent & Favorites to see the most recent posts.
    Facebook app with steps required to view most recent and favorites on News Feed.
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    How to See All Your Friends’ Posts

    Another way to see your friends’ posts on Facebook is to narrow down the groups or pages you follow on Facebook. Here’s how to change who you’re following on a social network.


    • On Facebook, click your profile picture in the upper right corner.
    Facebook website with profile image highlighted.
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    • Click Settings & privacy.

      Facebook website with Settings & Privacy highlighted.
    • Click Feed.

      Facebook website with Feed highlighted.
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    • Click Unfollow.

    • Scroll through the list and uncheck anything you want to unfollow.

      Facebook Unfollow dialog with tick box for unfollowing someone highlighted.
    • If you click All, you can choose to see only the friends, pages, or groups in your list.
    Facebook website with Unfollow dialog open with All highlighted.
    • If you change your mind about not following someone, repeat steps 1-3 and then click Reconnect to find the pages or groups you recently unfollowed and re-follow them Tick.


    How to Temporarily Unfollow Someone on Facebook


    If you choose to ‘snooze’ a person, page or group, you can temporarily unfollow them for 30 days. This can be done either through the above method or via a quick passage on the news feed. Here’s how to do it.


    • On Facebook, find the page or person you want to ‘snooze’.


    • Click on the ellipsis next to their name.
    • Facebook website with ellipsis next to a person's name highlighted.
    • Click Snooze for 30 days.

      Facebook website with Snooze x for 30 days highlighted.
    • You will no longer see their messages on your News Feed for 30 days. However, you can still view their posts by visiting their profile or page.


    How to Edit Your News Feeds Preferences

    If you prefer to have a list of your favorite friends on Facebook, it’s easy to change your News Feed preferences to display the people who are your Facebook Top Friends.


    Why doesn’t Facebook show more friend posts?

    Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what will be shown on your News Feed. The News Feed includes status updates, photos, videos, links, app activities, as well as posts from pages and groups.


    The purpose of the Facebook News Feed algorithm is to figure out which posts you want to see the most. This is based on your connections and activity on Facebook. If you like someone’s post frequently, they will be shown above in your News Feed. Plus, someone who likes a mutual friend’s photo or post is also more likely to rank higher.


    To rank your friends higher, you need to interact with their posts more often. However, the earlier methods are a more foolproof way of making sure they stay high on your news feed.

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    FAQ How to See More Friends Posts on Facebook

    How do I make my friends list on Facebook private?

    To hide your Facebook friends list, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Privacy and select Edit next to Who can see your friends list. In the mobile app, go to Menu> Settings & Privacy> Settings> Profile Settings> Privacy> How people find and contact you. On Android it is: Menu > Settings & Privacy > Privacy Shortcut> See more privacy settings > Who can see your friends list?.

    How do I make Facebook private for non-friends?

    To make Facebook private, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Privacy > Who can see your future posts and change Public to another option. To make your profile private, go to your profile and select Edit Details. Toggle off the information you want to keep private.

    Can I see deleted posts from friends on Facebook?

    No. There’s no way to see someone else’s deleted posts, but you can recover your deleted Facebook posts.

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