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Why does Facebook keep crashing?

Apps and services, because they do so much, are just more complicated. And that means on Android mobile there are many reasons for the app to crash:


  • Lack of free space so first free up space from smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Old operating system or app
  • Facebook service is facing some problems or shutting down
  • Weak cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection

Check How To Fix Facebook Keeps Crashing On Android

Problems with the Facebook app and Messenger app are not uncommon on Android mobile devices. For some users, they are a daily struggle, although they don’t have to be. But we should not cry over spilled milk rather we should try to solve the problems that users face on daily basis. One of those problems is application crashes.

If Facebook is up and running, here’s what to do to get the app working again

Facebook app crashes unexpectedly on Android and it is difficult to find out the exact reason. The problem mainly occurs after system updates.

How to stop Facebook app from crashing and freezing

There are several proven technical tips that can prevent on Android mobile Facebook app from stalling, freezing and crashing. It’s best to work through them in the order listed below as these solutions range from simple and fast to more complex and longer.

  • Check if Facebook is down. It is possible that Facebook itself is facing some issues due to which the Facebook app may freeze or crash.
  • Update Facebook app.
  • Update your operating system.
  • Free up space on your device. Freeing up space on your device will depend on the platform you’re using: iPhone (free up space on an iPhone), Android (free up space on an Android device), or Windows (free up space on a Windows PC).
  • Close and reopen the Facebook app. Be sure to quit the app properly. Quitting an app properly depends on your platform: iPhone (properly close an app on iPhone) or Android (properly close an app on an Android device).
  • Restart your device. A simple restart can fix some problems that you wouldn’t be able to fix any other way.
  • Switch Your Wi-Fi internet to cellular may have a weak signal which can cause the app to crash and crash.
  • Switch to Wi-Fi only, to your mobile device’s cellular network could be causing Facebook to crash.
  • Turn off your VPN. It is possible that your VPN service has a connection issue that is affecting the Facebook app.
  • Turn off 5G. Your smartphone or tablet may be connecting to a 5G signal that’s congested or has problems maintaining a solid connection.
  • Disable your iPhone’s low data mode. This setting may affect the ability of the Facebook app to connect to Facebook servers, causing the app to freeze and crash.
  • Clear Facebook app cache.
  • Clear the cache of your device.
  • Reset Network Settings. Widespread Internet connection issues experienced in many apps and websites can sometimes be fixed by resetting your device’s network settings.


Use Facebook in web browser. If the Facebook app continues to give you headaches, you can always access Facebook through its official website in an Internet browser on your device. The Facebook website is designed to work on multiple screen sizes and is a solid choice on both mobile, tablet and PC.


General Question FAQ How to Fix It When Facebook Keeps Crashing

Why is my Facebook app freezing?

Freeze Facebook app can be caused by interrupted Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection, Facebook service problems, or problems with free space on your, mobile device, tablet, or PC. Many of the above fixes can deal with these Facebook app problems directly.

Why does my app close when I open it?

Apps closing when they are opened are often due to lack of free space on the device or a weak internet connection.

Is there a problem with Facebook at the moment?

Facebook downing is a common cause of errors and glitches on both the Facebook app and website. If only the Facebook app and site are affected, then Facebook is likely to be down.

still unsure? There are several additional ways to check if Facebook is turned off that you might want to try.

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