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You can’t delete shortcuts, so here’s how to hide them

What to Know

  • Select the shortcut icon on the shortcuts bar > Press and hold > Select Hide from shortcut bar to remove it.
  • Or: Settings & privacy > Settings > Preferences > Shortcuts > Shortcut bar > Available Shortcuts > Hide.
  • Add shortcuts: Settings > Preferences > Shortcuts > Shortcut bar > Hidden Shortcuts > Auto or Pin.

This article shows you how to remove and add shortcuts to the Facebook app. Although you can’t delete shortcuts and not delete them forever, Facebook allows you to hide shortcuts instead.


How to Delete Shortcuts

There is a difference in the location of the shortcut bar between Facebook on iOS and Android. Android places the bar with a recognizable icon at the top of the screen while iOS has it at the bottom. The screenshots below are from Facebook on iOS.


Hide shortcut from menu

Hiding a shortcut from the menu bar is quick, and you can do it with a single tap. Deleting a specific shortcut lets you turn off the notification dots.

On any screen, long-press the shortcut on the shortcut bar, and then select Hide from shortcut bar to remove it.

Optionally, select Turn off notification points to disable prompts for recent activity on any Facebook page.

Facebook iOS app with long press indicated on Marketplace and "Unpin from shortcut bar" highlighted
Image credit https://www.lifewire.com/

Hide Shortcuts From Facebook Settings

The Settings screen has all the options to help you customize the shortcut bar. You can also allow Facebook to display a shortcut based on your activity but otherwise keep it hidden. To hide shortcuts, follow these steps.


  • Go to the Facebook menu at the bottom of the screen and tap Menu (three horizontal bars) on the right.
  • Select Settings & Privacy > Settings to reveal more options.
Facebook iOS app with Menu, Settings & privacy, and Settings highlighted
Image credit https://www.lifewire.co
  • Scroll down the list of preferences and select Shortcuts.
  • Select the shortcut bar.
Shortcuts and Shortcut Bar highlighted in Facebook settings
Image credit https://www.lifewire.co
  • In the Customize your shortcut bar screen, tap the dropdown next to Shortcuts. Select Hide.
  • Facebook will remove the specific shortcut icon that appears on the shortcut bar. All hidden shortcuts appear in the Hidden shortcuts list, where you can make them available again.
  • Add or Remove Shortcuts on Facebook Facebook iOS app Shortcut settings with dropdown arrow, Hide, and Hidden Shortcuts highlighted
    Image credit https://www.lifewire.co


How to Add a Shortcut

You can follow the same steps on the Facebook Settings screen and add a shortcut back to the shortcut bar on Facebook. See the same screenshot above.

  1. Select Menu on the right of the shortcut bar.

  2. Go to Settings & privacy > Settings > Preferences > Shortcuts.

  3. Select Shortcut bar.

  4. Scroll to Hidden Shortcuts.

  5. Select the dropdown to the right of the shortcut (that says Hidden) and choose Auto or Pin. The Auto option toggles the visibility of the shortcut on the shortcut bar but displays it based on your activity. For example, if you don’t use the Marketplace often, you might not see it. To add and place the icon, select Pin.


  • Why do I have shortcuts on Facebook?

    You have Facebook shortcuts to help you easily access the Facebook functions you use most frequently. For example, you’ll see the home page shortcut (which always shows up there) and other shortcuts like Marketplace, Notifications, and News.

  • What do your shortcuts mean on Facebook?

    Your Facebook shortcuts represent the Facebook functions you’re likely to access. The shortcut menu bar is dynamic and displays shortcuts to Facebook features that you use the most. However, you can customize them.

  • How do I add groups to my shortcut bar on Facebook?

    To add groups to your Facebook shortcut bar, go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Preferences > Shortcuts > Shortcut Bar. On the Customize your shortcut bar screen, select the dropdown next to Groups. Select Pin or Auto.

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