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Teenage Pregnancy Problem Essay : A Serious Issue

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What is Teenage Pregnancy ?

Teenage Pregnancy Problem Essay : Teenage pregnancy is a term used to describe pregnancy in women under the age of 19. It is estimated that 16 million women in the age group of 15-19 years give birth every year which is 11 percent of the total deliveries.

How can teen pregnancy be visualized?

Adolescent pregnancy is viewed from different perspectives in societies in different places, depending on a number of factors. First of all, when talking about teen pregnancy, the most important observation is that the maximum number of such pregnancies occurs in low or middle income countries.

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Influencing factors for teenage pregnancy

This can be attributed to ignorance about the possible consequences of such pregnancies, low education, conditions resulting from poverty, etc. Pregnancies outside marriage are less common in developing countries. It happens in India that due to poverty, parents voluntarily give their daughter for marriage. In some places in India, girls are married off at a very young age. Unmarried mothers are more common in developed countries.

Teenage Pregnancy Problem Essay : A Serious Problem
Teenage Pregnancy Problem Essay



Why Teenage Pregnancy is Serious Issue?

Teenage pregnancy is a serious issue as it eliminates the possibility of women working gainfully as most of them are unable to continue their education due to pregnancy. Automatically, women are forced to face unemployment as an adult. It certainly hurts the economy of a country. Apart from this, teenage pregnancy is harmful for both the baby and the mother. For the mother, the risk of developing anemia, decreased immunity to HIV, ignorance about sexual issues are great for suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. For teens who are not yet married, most pregnancies occur unintentionally.

This is due to ignorance, mistake and other favorable conditions leading to sex. In some places, sexual relations between a minor and an adult are not consensual because the minor is considered too immature to give his consent in the same way as the consent of an adult. In such cases unwanted pregnancies also occur. Ignorance about prevention methods or failure of contraceptives also leads to unwanted pregnancies leading to unsafe abortions. Children of teenage mothers also face health problems. There are many stillbirths, premature births, low birth weight, death. A child is born with weaknesses.

How to prevent teen pregnancy?

Preventing teen pregnancy should first involve adopting a healthy attitude by adults educating their young children about sexual issues, examining individual attitudes and perceptions of behavior toward intercourse, the importance of avoiding it, and being involved. But using protection, avoiding too many favorable conditions of privacy with a partner for such intimacy and one’s morals and personal preference regarding it. Also, instead of adopting a peculiar attitude towards it, the underlying causes should be investigated. Adults should educate their children about it according to their age. Young children should be educated about good and bad touch and raised their voice against forced sex. Disguised molestation with ignorant children is also common.

Role of adults in preventing teen pregnancy

It is therefore important for adults to take this as the sole responsibility of guiding their young children in making decisions about relationships, examining their level of exposure to such material, and their assumptions about them. Should be done In places where teenage pregnancy is a taboo among unmarried teenagers, adolescents should be guided more carefully as they will face a lot of rejection and complication from the society if this happens to them.

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