Short Essay On feminism in India
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500 Words Essay On Feminism | Short Essay On feminism in India

Short Essay On feminism in India : Feminism is a social and political movement that advocates the rights of women on the basis of equality of the sexes. It does not deny biological differences between the sexes but calls for equality in opportunities. It includes everything from the social and political to the economic sphere. In fact feminist campaigns have been an important part of history in women empowerment.

The feminist campaigns of the twentieth century made possible voting rights, public property, work and education. Thus, an essay on feminism will discuss its importance and impact.

Importance of feminism

Feminism is important not just for women but for every gender, gender, caste, creed and more. It empowers the people and the society as a whole. A very common misconception in India is that only women can be feminists.

This is absolutely wrong but feminism does not benefit only women. It strives for equality of the sexes, not for the superiority of women. Feminism takes gender roles that have been around for many years and tries to recreate them.

It allows people to live freely and empowering lives without being bound by traditional restrictions. In other words about feminism , it benefits women as well as men. For example, while it advocates that women should be free to earn, it also advocates why men should be the sole breadwinner of the family. It tries to give freedom to all.

Most importantly, it is important for the youth to participate in the feminist movement. In this way, we can get results faster. Living in a world full of equality is no less than a dream.

Thus, we all must look to our cultures and communities to realize this dream. We have not yet reached the result but we are on the journey, so we must continue on this mission to get the successful result.

Influence of feminism

Feminism has had a life-changing impact on everyone, especially women. If we look at the history, we find that it gave women the right to vote. This was no small feat but was successfully achieved by women.

Furthermore, if we look at modern feminism, we see how feminism is involved in life-changing campaigns. For example, campaigns that support abortion and reproductive rights of unwanted pregnancies allow women the freedom of choice.

Furthermore, feminism continually questions patriarchy and attempts to abandon gender roles. It allows men to be who they want to be without being judged. Crying is no longer a taboo for men as they should be allowed to express themselves freely.

Similarly, it also helps the LGBTQ community a lot as it also advocates for their right. Feminism gives a place for all and it is best to practice interfaith feminism to understand everyone’s struggle.

Conclusion of Essay on Feminism

The main message of feminism should be to highlight the option of giving individual meaning to feminism. It is recognizing the authority of another to do the same thing. The sad part is that despite feminism being a strong movement, there are still parts of the world where women are unequaled and exploited. Thus, we should all strive to practice anti-feminism.


Short Essay on Feminism Essay 150 Words in English

Short essay on feminism is usually given to class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Feminism is a movement in the 19th century advocating women’s rights on the basis of gender equality. It calls for equality of opportunity for every gender irrespective of their biological differences.

The movement is clearly divided into four waves. The first wave was the wave of movements that gave women the right to vote. The second wave began during the civil liberties movement of 1960.

The third wave focused on individuality and individual liberty and was against narrow feminism of the upper class and paved the way for black feminism and interracial feminism.

The fourth and most recent movement focuses on addressing cases of sexual assault and rape.


Feminism can be divided into different types. There are different types of feminism-

  • liberal feminism
  • radical feminism
  • Marxist Feminism
  • cultural feminism


Modern feminism is no longer limited to women empowerment, but it has also extended a hand towards the LGBTQ+ community.

10 lines on feminism essay in english

1. Postfeminism is a series of approaches that began in the 1980s.
2. It is mainly divided into four phases.
3. Feminism believes for equality of opportunity.
4. As a hostile movement, It is often misunderstood .
5. The #MeToo movement is a part of the feminist movement.
6. In a woman’s right Feminism believes to sexual autonomy.
7. Some notable feminists are Virginia Woolf, Emma Watson, Malala Yousafzai.
8. Feminism is not necessarily just a women’s movement but a movement for all genders.
9. “Pseudo feminism” is a term often used for narrow feminist perspectives.
10. Feminism is a basic human rights movement in today’s world.

FAQ of Short Essay On feminism in India

Question 1: What are feminist beliefs?

Answer 1: Feminist belief is the desire for equality between the sexes. It is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Thus, it includes everything from social and political to economic equality.

Question 2: What started feminism?

Answer 2: The first wave of feminism occurred in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It emerged from an environment of urban industrialism and liberal, socialist politics. This wave aims to open new doors for women focusing on suffrage.

Short Essay On feminism in India
Short Essay On feminism in India
See Also:

question 1. Is Feminism Only for Women?

answer: No, feminism ensures equal rights for all, regardless of their gender.

Question 2.Can men be feminists too?

answer:Absolutely yes. It is open to anyone who believes in equality.

Question 3. Is Feminism Against Men?

answer:No, feminism is against patriarchy and not individual men.

Question 4. Does feminism advocate for female supremacy?

answer: No, feminism advocates equal rights for all sexes and does not encourage supremacy of one gender over the other

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