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Junk Food Essay : The word ‘junk food’ itself says a lot about this food. It tells how harmful it is to our health. Moreover, junk food is basically garbage which harms our body in various ways. They have high levels of sugar, calories ,cholesterol and more. We see how nowadays the younger generation is indulging in more and more junk food. It is endangering their lives and giving them an unhealthy lifestyle.

Junk Food Essay

Apart from this, there is not a single benefit of junk food. It only has side-effects because they do not have nutritional value. Parents should tell their children about the ill effects of junk food. Also, they should provide them healthy food at home so that they do not have to go out to eat fast food.

Increasing popularity of junk food

We all know that the fast food industry is growing by leaps and bounds these days. Nowadays people are more attracted towards junk food because it is attractive. Why is it like this? People are adopting various tactics to entice people to buy fast food.

Apart from this, junk food gets prepared very easily. It takes minimum time to make as it does not contain any nutrients. We see how junk food does not contain any special ingredients. It contains only common harmful ingredients in excess like oil, sugar, and more.

Also, junk food is very reasonable. Since it does not require any healthy ingredients, it is not that expensive either. We see how it is available at a very reasonable price. This is one of the main reasons why people buy it again and again.

Most importantly, junk food is now more accessible than ever. With the introduction of many food delivery apps, you can now get junk food with a single click. Now you have a plethora of options that will deliver all kinds of junk food at your doorstep.

Side effects of junk food

The major feature of junk food is that it instantly increases the energy level. It doesn’t really benefit your body, just satisfies your taste buds. If we regularly consume junk food then our mood increases even more.

In addition, regular consumption of junk food leads to a decline in the concentration level of a person. This is the reason why we see how children of today are easily distracted. Apart from this, you can also see how obesity is becoming more common nowadays. This is a very chronic disease which gets aggravated by eating junk food.

In addition, you can also see how junk food increases blood pressure and sugar. Due to the fattening products used in it, a person is more prone to heart disease. Similarly, digesting junk food is not easy. This can gradually damage your brain function as it creates a lack of oxygen levels.

Junk food not only harms the heart but also the liver. It causes diabetes in people from an early age. Plus, a lack of fiber in junk food equates to a damaged digestive system. It can also cause constipation.
So we see how junk food companies are fooling people. They are tricking them into consuming their junk food to increase their sales. So we need to understand this fact as soon as possible. Instead of ordering outside, cook at home.

Long and Short Essays on Addiction of Junk Food for Students and Kids in English

We provide children and students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic “Addiction of Junk Food” for reference.

Short Essay on Addiction of Junk Food 150 Words in English

Short essay on junk food addiction is usually given to class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

One should consider taking nutritious and healthy diet to lead a healthy life. A diet with enough nutrients can give the body the energy it wants to function. There are cells in the body whose function is only to extract nutrients from the food you eat, so the health of the body depends on the food you eat.

Nowadays people have become so busy in their busy life that they forget even to eat. They like to eat fast even if they are eating. Due to this reason the idea of ​​fast food came in the mind of people and it gained popularity as it can be consumed fast. This type of junk food can be a real threat to the human body and has the potential to spoil various parts of the body.

There is a lack of cleanliness in junk food because the owners running fast food centers do not give much importance to cleanliness. For serving, They use dirty towels and unwashed plates which can be injurious to health. Using the same oil over and over for cooking is also kind of unhealthy. So people should understand the disadvantages of junk food before it’s too late and consider eating healthy foods that provide enough nutrients to the body.

Salty and spicy food is considered very good in terms of taste. According to some people, sugar also makes food tasty. It is difficult to avoid snacking with these ingredients in front of you, even if they are unhealthy and injurious to health. These snacks are very easily available; Thus, it becomes more difficult to avoid these snacks.

Overnight , It is true that a person cannot get addicted to junk food. This happens gradually with the passage of time if the person is consuming junk food regularly. Once a person gets addicted to junk food, it becomes somewhat impossible to break out of this trap. Eating junk food will become a habit that one cannot easily avoid. There will be a strong desire to eat junk food which one cannot avoid or ignore.

However, getting addicted to snacks is not a shame, but it should be understood that consuming too much of it can cause little harm to the body which one does not want. So one should understand this and try to avoid eating junk food during three meals of a particular day. This can help him stay healthy for a more extended period.

Snacks contain nutrients but in less quantity which is not enough for the body. But they contain ample amounts of unhealthy nutrients like fat, sugar and calories. All this can make you look fat and increase your weight which is unhealthy to some extent. People become addicted to these foods because of the unhealthy nutrients in them, which makes the food tastier. Ingredients such as artificial sugar, preservatives, salt and spices are used to make food tastier.

It is manageable to eat junk food occasionally and not regularly, but consuming it regularly can do little harm to the body. So people should try to put a limit on eating junk food for a better future.

Long Essay on Addiction of Junk Food 800 Words in English

Long Essay on Junk Food Addiction is usually given to class 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Nowadays people are hungry and want to eat something, then the first thing that comes to mind is fast food, whether it is at home or in the office. Fast food like pizza, burger, noodles, rolls and many other junk food are becoming popular every day. It is true that people like to eat junk food when they are hungry. While some people eat it to satisfy their hunger, some get addicted to junk food. Junk food is delicious to eat, but it is harmful for the body. And once this addiction occurs, it becomes impossible to get out of it.

If you are one of those people who want to avoid eating junk food then here are some tips for you which can help you get rid of junk food:

1. Stay on coffee: If you feel hungry again and again, try to drink more water, drinking water throughout the day can help you get rid of hunger. However, if you crave junk food every day, you should consider drinking coffee once or twice a day, it may help you avoid the craving. The caffeine present in coffee can quell your appetite and curb your craving for junk food.

2. Eat egg or paneer: Foods like egg or paneer are rich in protein and can bring a lot of healthy nutrients to your body. Consuming more protein will quell your hunger, and you will feel less hungry. These foods are also free of calories and fat.

3. Take small diet: If you often have a craving to eat junk food, then you must keep a small diet throughout the day. Eat healthy food in small amounts between your meals; This will keep your stomach full and you will not feel hungry.

4. Meditation: Studies show that when a person is not calm and under pressure, he feels hungry and craves to eat junk food. So the best way to avoid this is meditation. Meditating for 15 minutes a day can help you stay calm and free from hunger.

5. Knowing the disadvantages of junk food, when we see junk food and consume it in the end, we are not able to control ourselves. One thing that we can do here is that we can avoid junk food completely, even in moderation. This can save us from danger.

Junk foods are those foods that look appealing and delicious, but they are not healthy and can be harmful to health if consumed regularly. The popularity of junk food is increasing day by day. Junk food includes pizza, burgers, nachos, noodles and many more. Earlier people were more aware about their wealth and used to eat junk food in very less quantity, but with time people are becoming careless and addicted to junk food.

Excessive consumption of junk food

Most of the people are making the habit of eating junk food because they feel that by doing so they can adopt the lifestyle of western civilization. People who are busy with their work-life also prefer junk food as they get cooked quickly and can be consumed in no time. The look and taste of junk food also attracts people. This is the reason why the consumption of junk food in India is increasing every day.

Reduction in Nutritional Value

In order to continue a healthy life, every person needs to maintain a balanced diet that is capable of delivering essential nutrients to the human body. A balanced diet contains adequate amounts of proteins, minerals and vitamins. At the same time, junk food lacks these nutrients, but it is rich in chemicals and preservatives which are harmful to the body. Therefore, junk food should not be included in your balanced diet.

Effects of junk food

Regular consumption of junk food can be dangerous for health as it can have negative effects on the body. Eating junk food causes a disease called obesity in humans. Obesity is a disease in which people eat too much food and gain weight in a short period of time. Another thing that makes junk food harmful is that it is made outside without proper hygiene, making it harmful for consumption. Homemade food is much better than junk food to maintain a healthy life. Different shops use rotten things to prepare their food; Thus, it can be really dangerous for the person consuming it.

Avoid eating junk food

People like to eat junk food because it is delicious, but they should remember that eating it regularly can harm their body. To avoid eating junk food, whenever there is a desire to eat junk food one can make some delicious and tempting food items at home, for example even after eating packet chips, some potatoes at home in hygienic conditions with fresh ingredients. Can make chips.

Parents can try to teach their children that junk food is injurious to health so that children can have some knowledge about the harms of junk food since childhood. Another thing that makes junk food unfit for consumption is the price, and they are very expensive compared to normal healthy foods.

Eating junk food is not harmful, but if consumed daily, it can be quite dangerous. So people should make a schedule of their diet and follow it strictly. The schedule should include junk food once a week. Develop the habit of eating healthy food if you want to have a healthy and disease free future, eating junk food regularly cannot guarantee you a healthy life so be intellectual and choose according to your benefits.

FAQ on Junk Food Essay

Q.1 Why is junk food becoming popular?

A.1 Junk food is gaining popularity as it is easily available now. It’s lucrative and fast food companies are fooling the public to increase their sales.

Q.2 Mention the ill effects of junk food.

A.2 Junk food causes many chronic diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease. It throws off your concentration level and messes with your digestive system

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