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Essay on Year Round School is a Bad Idea | Year Round School is a Bad Idea Should It Be Implemented?

Essay on Year Round School is a Bad Idea: year-round school is very similar to a traditional school program. The only difference is that in year-round school, students get more frequent breaks, but their breaks are shorter and they don’t get the traditional long summer break of three to four months.

This year-long school has a negative impact on families. Quality family time is vital to a child’s emotional and developmental well-being. Not having summer vacation can make it difficult to spend this family time and learn human values.

Year-round school is a bad idea. Summer is the season to enjoy and kids should be able to enjoy their summer vacations. Most of the families can plan their vacations during the summer holidays only. Year-round schools cancel this summer’s family vacation.

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Also the summer season in India is very hot. And many schools do not have proper fans and other equipment to keep the classroom cool. Hence it is difficult for the students to concentrate on their studies in such a hot climate.

Students cannot enjoy summer camp or do summer job to earn money for future. Too many breaks in school year-round disrupt learning. Due to frequent mini breaks teachers cannot focus on a topic for a long time, these breaks break long lessons. In schools with long summer breaks, lessons are not broken with frequent breaks and are taught continuously. Teachers also don’t have to worry about holidays. At the same time, the students continued to focus on studies.

Finally, the traditional summer vacation can provide many learning opportunities that you may not find in the classroom such as family values. The absence of summer time means that children will miss out on art, culture and special adventures that are only possible during the long summer vacations.

They get all kinds of experiences which are not possible in school. The long summer break has long been a sigh of relief for both students and teachers after an intense school year.

Long Essay on Year Round School is a Bad Idea

According to some education experts, the summer vacation break is very long and students do not remember all that was taught last year when they return after a break. While some believe that there should be schools throughout the year, where children should have a short summer break, a winter break, and a week off in the spring.

But I believe that year-round school is a bad idea because summer vacation is a time when teachers and students need to refresh and rejuvenate after working hard for nine to ten months. get a break.

Teachers want to convert the education system, which is a 10-month system, into a year-long education system. This change is due to concerns about summer learning loss.

Year-round school is a bad idea because it does nothing to combat the loss of learning in the summer, and it takes summer vacation which is an important part of a healthy childhood. Summer time is essential for the healthy development of children. Students like to spend their summer vacation by attending classes for many extra-curricular activities, going to youth camps, exercising or going to the pool. These activities are important to stay healthy and are not possible during school time. Summer vacation is a stress free time free from the burden of studies so that children can prepare themselves with various activities and enjoy quality family time.

Summer vacations are the time when students like to do extra-curricular activities. But year-round school students may not enjoy some outdoor activities such as summer sports teams or camps because of school hours.

Year-round education School is a bad idea because not only does it make it pointless to switch to year-round education, but it also complicates the lives of students, parents and families who look forward to summer vacation throughout the year. During the summer vacation, many students use this free time to take up summer jobs to help and support their families. Taking away the extended summer vacation will take away this earning opportunity.

Every new year brings a lot of hope and enthusiasm among the students. It gives students a chance to practice new processes and learn new programmes. And many new opportunities too.

Also another aspect of a year-round school is the cost. The cost of running the school increases throughout the year. Teaching staff as well as non-teaching staff, school building, transport medium will all require more funds for maintenance, which will directly increase the burden of parents.

All this shows that not only is year-long school a bad idea and difficult to put into practice, but it is also pointless. It just complicates the lives of children, parents, teachers and families. On top of this it removes downtime which is vital for the healthy development of children.

Year Round School is a Bad Idea


FAQ’s on Essay on Year Round School is a Bad Idea

question 1.
Why is year-round school a bad idea?

Children cannot enjoy bands, sports teams, and other extra-curricular activities because of the school’s regular scheduling. It’s difficult because you’re taking a three-week break in the middle of every semester.

It can be a challenge for parents dependent on school to care for their children during the work day. It becomes difficult to find quality hair care every few weeks.

Students coming from out-of-district districts may also struggle to keep pace with the school throughout the year. Apart from this, school students throughout the year miss out on enjoying summer vacations.

Question 2.
How does the school run throughout the year?

In a year-round school, students have the same number of days as in a traditional school. The only difference is that the year-round school calendar is organized into nine-week quarters, organized by track, which aligns with specific programs and courses. Each semester is followed by a three-week break called Intercession.

Question 3.
What are the negative effects of year-long school on students?

Year-round school emphasizes mostly students and teachers. When too much time is given between class sessions, students really forget what they have learned. Year-round school brings a lot of stress on the students as they have to study throughout the year

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