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500 Words Essay On Sun

Essay on Sun : In our solar system The Sun is the largest star. It is present at the center of the Earth and the planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun is spherical in shape and scientists say that it contains the mass of hot plasma. It is essential for our planet earth as it gives us the energy which we need for the existence of life. Through Essay on Surya, we will learn about the details and their importance.


All about on Sun

It is said that the age of the Sun is similar to that of the Solar System. In other words, scientists believe that it is four and a half billion years old. We have derived this age from the study of rocks from the Moon, which are believed to have existed at the same age as the Sun.

The Sun is basically a big sphere that shines because it contains hot gases. The major gases that make up the Sun are hydrogen and helium. In other words, it has 28% helium and 70% hydrogen .

It also contains other hot gases such as carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. In addition, there are other elements such as silicon, neon, sulfur and magnesium. The Sun is a very bright star that is four million times brighter than the full moon.

We can measure the brightness of stars in the solar system using magnitudes. Thus the magnitude of the Sun is 26.74 which is very bright. This is the reason that we can easily see the Moon with our naked eyes but cannot see the Sun so easily.

Essay on Sun
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Importance of sun

The Sun is an essential part of our lives and the Solar System. On Earth, it provides us with solar energy. Solar energy serves as an alternative source of energy to electricity that can be offered through solar cells.

The energy of the sun helps in growing the crops. In addition, crops depend on the sun to grow and make their food. In addition, the energy of the Sun also heats our planet Earth.

If there was no Sun, our Earth would be a cold planet that would not be able to support life. The energy of the sun also enables the water cycle. In other words, when rainwater evaporates on the surface, it forms clouds to rain down.

Lastly, we can also use the sun’s energy at home to serve our tasks like drying our food and clothes. Thus, the sun provides us with many benefits which make life on earth easier.

Conclusion of essay on sun

The Sun is an essential component of the Solar System. It has made possible the existence of life on earth. Thus, it provides us with many benefits for which we should be thankful. However, it is also important to remember not to indulge in excessive sun exposure as it can have some side effects too.

Essay on Surya in English for children, 20 lines essay on Surya

  1. The sun shines in the sky during the day.
  2. The Sun is a large star at the center of the Solar System.
  3. It looks like a bright, shiny ball of fire.
  4. It is far away from Earth, so it looks smaller.
  5. The Earth revolves around the Sun. 6. The Sun is stationary.
  6. The sun gives light to the moon which shines in the night.
  7. Hindus worship Surya as a god.
  8. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  9. Sun-rays give us light and heat.
  10. It keeps us warm in winters. 12. Plants use sunlight to make food.
  11. Sunlight kills germs and makes us free from disease.
  12. The sun’s rays give us vitamin D.
  13. The sun’s rays help in drying the clothes.
  14. The sun helps in the formation of clouds, which further helps in raining.
  15. The rays of the sun are used to cook food in a solar cooker.
  16. Sunlight is also stored in the solar cell of the battery.
  17. Sun is the main source of energy.
  18. Life on Earth is not possible without the Sun.
  19. Sun is the main source of energy.
  20. Life on Earth is not possible without the Sun.

Short Essay on Sun in English for Students and Children

The Sun is a star that is at the center of the Solar System. It is known as the Milky Way of the Solar System. The Sun is the nearest star to the planet Earth.

It is made up of different gases. It is a ball of hot gas. The Sun is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium.

The visible part of the Sun is mainly divided into two parts. They are the ‘photosphere’ and the ‘atmosphere’. The photosynthesis is the deepest part of the Sun. The part we see is the photo sphere.

The Sun is the most important source of energy for life on Earth. Every living being gets its energy from the sun. It is the source of heat and light without which life on earth would not be possible. Green planets will not be able to provide food to other organisms.

The sun has been an object of respect in many cultures throughout human history. The people of Hinduism consider the sun to be a deity. In many ancient cultures the sun was considered a solar deity or other supernatural entity.

Sun is the beauty of our nature. People are very fond of going to special places to see the view of sunrise and sunset. One of the beautiful palaces in India is the Nandi Hills of Bangalore where people make their journey to experience the sunrise.

But the glare of the sun can also harm people. The harmful rays from the sun are called UV rays. There can be pain when looking at the sun directly with the naked eye. It can cause harm to such an extent that it will lead one to temporary partial blindness.

FAQ of Essay on Sun

Question 1: What is the significance of the Sun?

Answer 1: Sun radiates heat and light which is responsible for the existence of life on earth. This is because plants need sunlight to grow and animals as well as humans need plants because of their production of oxygen. The earth will freeze If the Earth does not receive heat from the Sun, .

Question 2: Which vitamin does the sun give us?

Answer 2: Sun gives us Vitamin D. Our body manufactures this vitamin when we are outside when we receive direct sunlight on our skin. From late March to late September, most regions of the world receive abundant vitamin D from sunlight

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