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अंतरिक्ष पर निबंध | essay on space

If you want to write an essay on space? So you have come to the right place. We have given complete information in this article essay on space in English. So let’s get started.

Friends, our universe is the evidence of many unresolved events and this universe has seen many such incidents about which we do not know anything. There are many such elements in our universe, which may take several thousand more years for us to find out, but our universe is inhabited in space.

Essay on Space with Preface and Epilogue


Space is infinite and vast, it is full of complete darkness, in which some luminous element is present, due to which we are able to see the planets, and understand the stars. appears.

Essay On Space
Essay On Space     Photo by Alesia Kozik from Pexels
अंतरिक्ष पर निबंध

The sun is the biggest source of light for an earth dweller and no other source of light greater than this is present in the solar system, but in this universe, which we also call a part of space, the infinite sun is contained within itself, which is our It is several thousand and a million times bigger than the Sun.

That is why in today’s article we will try to give you some information about it. In today’s article, we will tell you what is space, what is space, and what types of studies are being done on the search for life in space, what is the history of humans in space, and now we will also tell you that What is Indian Space Organization ISRO, how it works.

Today’s article will be responsible to explain all the dimensions related to space in a very comprehensive manner.

What is space? (What is Space in hindi)

Space is the place where all the parts of the universe like stars, planets, satellites and many other microscopic are situated, all these particles swinging in space are part of space itself. If we want to define space in any definition, then its definition will be that the distance between one separate element to another separate element is called space.

We can also understand this from this example that we can call the distance between Earth and Mars from space. The literal meaning of space is “space within the space” and the space within this space is called space.

What does space look like? (Hows pace islooks like?)

Space is transparent in appearance and extends in infinite directions, space contains many universes inside itself, space has many galaxies, many solar systems are present in the count of millions. Space is very vast. Every time many universes are destroyed in space and another universe is born.

The time of birth and destruction in one planet and another is very subtle, there are many such moments in space all the time which are seen by humans in many thousands or even millions of millions of years and such moments in space all the time. keep on decreasing.

But if we try to see the space, then the distance between one element to other elements can be seen, but the emptiness located in that distance cannot be seen, and the same emptiness is called space. It is believed that space is expanding at the speed of light in all directions. And it is increasing all the time. And it has been increasing like this for many millions and billions of years.

Space is completely dark when viewed from a distance, but in the light of different types of planets and stars and in the light of the great Sun, we can see many planets. If there were no stars like the Sun, no planet would be visible in this dark space. The darkness that occurs on earth at night without the moon, the same darkness occurs in space.

Mysteries of space

• There is a mystery of space that the space mainly starts from about 100 km above the earth and between this 100 km is our atmosphere which we call the atmosphere.

• There is no air in space, it has only vacuum, that is, space is a vacuum. There is no way for any kind of sound to travel in it, that is why it is called vacuum.

• When many planets explode in space, then its sound does not reach the earth, because it is necessary to have air for the sound to come. And if there is no air, sound cannot travel. That is why the sounds of events happening in space often do not reach the earth.

• All kinds of planets, satellites, meteorites, constellations, stars, black holes, magnetic fields, dust particles, and different types of gas are present in our space.

• Space is as cute as it looks from Earth, but it is also dangerous. Terrible radiation is also available in space, such as infrared, cosmic rays, and magnetic fields, and rays such as ultraviolet, which can completely damage the human body, are present in space. Humans are by no means special to space.

• We can be happy to know that we humans and other creatures, animals, birds are all alike in the context of space. And we are all part of space.

• Space appears black to us because it is completely dark here.

• Light in space is caused only by large stars and even larger planets.

• Light is said to cover a distance of 3,00,000 km in 1 second, and when light travels a distance in 1 year, the distance covered by it is called a light year. And space is many times bigger and bigger than billions of light years. It is impossible to measure space even from a light year.

• There is an infinite universe located in space, which cannot be counted, and there are crores of galaxies present in the universe, and in those crores of galaxies, there are billions of planets, satellites, stars, stars and many other solar systems. which are impossible to calculate.

Human contribution on the search for life in space

Humans have contributed a lot to the search for life in space. For the last 300 years and in the last many years, humans have worked to increase their reach in space. Since the time of the astronomer Galileo, planets are being observed in space, and the movement of satellites is being understood, and the telescope was built at the beginning of this modern era.

After the creation of the telescope, humans have entered space many times, and have also studied many planets of space with their great instruments.

Meanwhile, many times we have felt the words like flying saucer, and in many places flying saucer-like planes have been seen. In which the possibility of human existence is negligible, and it is believed that humans are not alone in this universe, and life on earth is not alone.

Life is present in many other places in the universe and they are all engaged in finding each other, just as we are looking for life on other planets. Similarly, life is being searched on other planets too, and that is why human beings are trying to search for life in space.

Man in Space

Humans first stepped into space on 12 April 1961, where Russian pilot Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin spent an hour and 48 minutes in the outer space of the Earth. And Yuri Gagarin completed an orbit of the Earth in space.

This was the first time a human had stepped into space. The capsule in which he completed this orbit by sitting, the name of that capsule was Vostok-1. Vostok-1 helped Yuri Gagarin travel into space, and he spent an hour and 48 minutes in space, ejecting from his capsule, where he felt the pressure of space.

Why is there darkness in space?

There is darkness in space because there is no fixed air or other gases path for light to travel in space and for this there is not even the necessary amount of oxygen, and due to this, other planets and other planets in the light of big planets and stars. Elements receive light.

Some people think that if there is no oxygen in space, then the light of the sun which is due to fire, then how is the fire going? So the answer is also that there is abundant hydrogen on the Sun, and there are more than 20 nuclear explosions there every time. And that is why the next is present on the Sun all the time. And that heat released by nuclear explosion is obtained on Earth and other planets.

What are the preparations required to go to space?

To go into space, a person is made an astronaut, and an astronaut has to carry all the things he needs to survive on Earth. Such as oxygen, food, water and many other things because all those things are not available in space.

There is a complete vacuum in space. There is no oxygen to breathe in space, so an astronaut has to carry many oxygen cylinders with him.

Along with this, some dry fruits and frozen food have to be kept with them, which does not spoil with time. And they get crackers, fruits etc. in the form of frozen food. And frozen food is mainly found in the form of dry fruits and many other food freezing processes are being started and efforts are being made to preserve different types of food for a long time.

An astronaut needs a sleeping bag along with all these things where he sleeps, as there is no separate sleeping space on the capsule.

Part of space

The space is divided into four parts and their names are as follows-

  • Geo Space
  • interplanetary space
  • interstellar space
  • intergalactic space

Indian Space Organization ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)

The Indian National Committee for Space Research was established in 1962 when India considered going into space. And at that time Dr. Vikram Sarabhai had contributed in this.

After this, the Indian Space Research Organization was formed in 1969, and Vikram Sarabhai gave a new direction to India in the form of ISRO to take the right steps in space research by India, and today ISRO has launched 101 spacecraft missions. , which also has three nano satellites and one micro satellite.

ISRO has launched 72 satellites mission so far, and ISRO has also launched 269 foreign satellites. Today, ISRO has become the world’s most successful space research organization.


So in today’s article, we have got almost all the information about space i.e. space. Today we have known what is space, how many types it is, how many parts it has, human contribution towards it and we have made you aware of some mysteries of space.

We told you what humans have done on the search for life in space, why there is so much darkness in space, and what preparations have to be done to go to space.

In today’s article, we have learned about Essay on Space and have tried to give all the basic information related to it. We hope you have enjoyed reading essay on space in hindi. If you liked it, please share this article as much as possible.

Q. Who discovered space and when?

Ans. Edwin Hubble discovered space in 1889 and the name of the Hubble Telescope was written on the basis of his name, which has sent millions of such pictures of space, which gives a new direction to our goal dedicated to space today. .

Q. What is above space?

Ans. It is believed that the heavy space of space is not completely empty, because there exists a complete vacuum in which the density of particles is definitely low, but the plasma of hydrogen and helium is present in abundance. And there electromagnetic rays and neutrinos and dust particles are present in very large quantities.

Q. Who is the first passenger to reach space?

Ans. The first to reach space was Russia’s Yuri Gagarin, he stepped into space for the first time in 1961, by Vostok-1, he stepped outside space for 1 hour 48 minutes, where he felt the vacuum.

Q. What is the distance of Earth from space?

Ans. The distance of the Earth from the space is considered to be about 100 kilometers, that is, if it goes up to 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, then the Earth’s atmosphere ends and space bergins.

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