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100 words Short Essay on Republic Day for kids 2022

Republic Day Short Essay In English for Class 1

26 January 1950, with great pomp, the whole of India celebrates this day every year because the Constitution of India came into force on this day. On this special day of 26 January 1950, the Indian Constitution replaced the Government of India Act 1935 as the official documents.

By the Government of India , This day has been declared a national holiday . The people of India celebrate this great day in their own way. On this day a parade is organized in front of the President of India at Rajpath (India Gate) in New Delhi.

150 words short essay on republic day for kids

Republic day essay class 2. For

Ever since India got its constitution for the first time, India is celebrating Republic Day every year since 26 January 1950, Republic Day has great importance in Indian history as it tells us about every struggle related to Indian independence.

The people who fought for India’s independence took a pledge to achieve complete independence (Purna Swaraj) of India on this day in 1930 on the banks of river Ravi in ​​Lahore. Which came true on 15 August 1947.

On 26 January 1950, our country was declared as a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist and Democratic Republic of India, i.e. India was governed by itself and no external power would rule over it.

With this announcement, the flag was hoisted by the President of India on the Rajpath of Delhi, along with the parade and the national anthem were celebrated all over India.

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200 words essay in english on republic day

essay on republic day for class 3 and 4

Republic Day also known as 26 January is celebrated every year. This day holds significance for every Indian, as it was on this day that India was declared a republic country, also after a long struggle for independence, Indians received their legal book ‘Samvidhan’. India became independent on 15 August 1947 and after two and a half years, it became a democratic republic.

After independence, a Drafting Committee was asked to draft a permanent constitution of India at a meeting on 28 August 1947. On 4 November 1947, the draft of the Constitution of India was placed in the House under the chairmanship of Dr. BR Ambedkar. .

It took almost three years to be fully ready and finally, with its implementation, the waiting clock ended on 26 January 1950. Along with this the resolution of Purna Swaraj was also respected.

Republic Day is celebrated as a national holiday in India when people celebrate this great day in their own way, such as by watching news, by speech in school or by participating in a competition related to India’s independence. e.t.c.

On this day, a massive program is organized by the Government of India at Rajpath in New Delhi where, after the flag hoisting and the national anthem, the Indian Army is paraded in front of the President of India at the India Gate.

500 words essay on republic day

Essay on Republic Day – India celebrates Republic Day every year on 26 January with great pride and enthusiasm. It is a day which is important for every Indian citizen. It marks the day when India really became independent and adopted democracy. In other words, it celebrates the day on which our constitution came into force. On 26 January 1950, almost 3 years after independence, we became a sovereign, secular, socialist, democratic republic.

Essay on Republic Day
Essay on Republic Day


History of Republic Day

When we got independence from British rule on 15th August 1947, our country still lacked a solid constitution. Apart from this, India also did not have any experts and political powers that could help in the smooth running of the affairs of the state. By then, the Government of India Act of 1935 was basically amended to govern, however, the Act leaned more towards colonial rule. Hence, there was a dire need to make a special constitution that would reflect what India stood for.

Thus, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar headed a Constitutional Drafting Committee on August 28, 1947. After preparing the draft, it was presented to the Constituent Assembly by the same committee on November 4, 1947. The whole process was very elaborate and took 166 days to complete. In addition, the sessions organized by the committee were kept open to the public.

Despite the challenges and difficulties, our Constitutional Committee left no stone unturned to include the rights of all. Its objective was to strike the right balance so that all citizens of the country could enjoy equal rights related to their religion, culture, caste, gender, creed etc. Finally, he presented the official Indian Constitution to the country on January 26, 1950.

Apart from this, the first session of the Indian Parliament was also held on this day. Apart from this, 26 January also witnessed the swearing-in of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India. Thus, the day is very significant as it marks the end of British rule and the birth of India as a republican state.

Republic day celebration

Indians celebrate 26 January every year with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. On this day people forget their religion, caste, creed, gender etc. It brings the whole country together. It really shows the diversity of our country. The capital of India, New Delhi, celebrates it with the Republic Day Parade which showcases the might of the Indian Army and the cultural diversity of our country.

These parades also take place in other cities, where many schools participate. It’s a pleasure to see kids and professionals putting in so much effort. The way he graces the parade, he makes his country proud. On this day we also hoist the national flag. In New Delhi, after the unfurling of our national flag by the President of India, there is a 21-gun salute accompanied by the national anthem played by a military band.

In addition, there is a march past in the schools and it is mandatory for every student to attend the function. Sweets are also distributed in many schools on this day. While it is a very happy day, we must not forget the freedom struggle in which our ancestors took part. Moreover, it is a day to celebrate the spirit of independence and help India reach greater heights in the future.

800 Words Long Essay on Republic Day of India

Republic Day long Essay In English for Class 11 and 12


Republic Day of India is celebrated on 26 January, this is the day when the Constitution of our country came into force in 1950. Republic Day is one of the three national festivals of India, which is why it is celebrated by everyone with great respect and enthusiasm. Caste and sect.

Why celebrate Republic Day?

The main reason for celebrating Republic Day is that the Constitution of our country came into force on this day. However, apart from this there is another history of this day, which is quite interesting.

It began with the session of the Indian National Congress held in Lahore in December 1929 under the chairmanship of Pandit Nehru.

In which it was announced by the Congress that if India was not given autonomous rule by 26 January 1930, then after that India would declare itself completely independent, but when this day came and when there was no answer on this issue. If given, then Congress started. Its an active movement with the goal of achieving complete independence from that day.

This is the reason that when our India became independent, on this day 26 January was chosen to establish the Constitution.

National festival of india

Republic Day is not an ordinary day, it is the day when our country of India got complete independence because even though India became independent on 15 August 1947, it became completely independent on 26 January 1950, the day The newly formed Constitution of India was enacted. The Government of India Act was repealed.

Hence from that day on 26 January, this day was celebrated as Republic Day in India. It is one of the three national festivals of India, the other two being Gandhi Jayanti and Independence Day.

This day is a national holiday all over the country, which is why in many places like schools and offices, its program is celebrated a day before.

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Many important interesting facts related to Republic Day of India are discussed below.

  • On this day on 26 January 1930, the program of Purna Swaraj was celebrated for the first time. In which it was resolved to achieve complete independence from British rule.
  • A Christian sound is played during the Republic Day parade, nicknamed “Abide with Me” as it is one of Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite sounds.
  • Indonesian President Sukarno was the chief guest of India’s first Republic Day celebrations.
  • The Republic Day celebrations were first organized in the year 1955 at Rajpath.
  • During the Indian Republic Day celebrations, a 31-gun salute is given to the President of India.

Republic day celebration

Every year on 26 January this Republic Day program is celebrated in a grand manner at Rajpath in New Delhi. Along with this, it has also been a practice to invite a special foreign guest on Republic Day, sometimes more than one guest is also invited under it.

On this day the tricolor is first hoisted by the President of India and after that all the people present there collectively stand and sing the national anthem.

After this, a variety of cultural and traditional tableaux are drawn, which are very beautiful to see. Along with this, the most special event of this day is the parade, which gets a lot of enthusiasm among the people to see it.

The parade begins with the Prime Minister laying a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti on Rajpath. Various regiments of the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy participate in it.

It is a program through which India also displays its strategic and diplomatic power and sends a message to the world that we are capable of protecting ourselves. Several prominent guests were invited to the Republic Day celebrations of 2018.

Heads of all ASEAN countries were invited to the event. This program of Republic Day celebrations is also very important for India’s foreign policy because the arrival of chief guests of different countries invited to this event gives India an opportunity to enhance relations with these countries.


Republic Day is one of the three national festivals of our country, it is the day which makes us realize the importance of our republic. This is the reason why it is celebrated all over the country with so much zeal and enthusiasm.

It is also the day when India shows its strategic strength, Along with this, which is not to terrorize anyone but to give the message that we are capable of protecting ourselves. This day of 26 January is a historical festival for our country, so we should celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm and respect.


300 Words Essay on Republic Day in English

Republic Day Essay for Class 5


Every year on 26 January, India celebrates its Republic Day because the Constitution of India came into force on this day. We all celebrate it as a national festival and this day has been declared as a national holiday.

Apart from this, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti have also been declared as national holidays. With the implementation of the Constitution of India in the Indian Parliament, our country became a fully democratic republic.

Grand event on republic day 2021

A grand parade is organized by the Indian Army on this great day, which usually starts from Vijay Chowk and ends at India Gate. During this, the President is saluted by the three Indian armies (land, water and sky) along with a display of state-of-the-art weapons and tanks by the army, which is a symbol of our national strength.

After the army parade, all the states of the country present their culture and tradition through tableaux. After this, flowers are showered from the sky like the colors of our national flag (saffron, white and green) by the Indian Air Force.

History of republic day

After independence, in a meeting on 28 August 1947, a Drafting Committee was asked to draft a permanent constitution of India. On 4 November 1947, the draft of the Constitution of India was placed in the House under the chairmanship of Dr. BR Ambedkar. .

The constitution was prepared in 2 years 11 months and 18 days. The wait finally came to an end with its launch on 26 January 1950. Along with this the resolution of Purna Swaraj was also respected.


On this day, students in schools and colleges also celebrate by parade, sports, drama, speech, dance, singing, essay writing, helping in social campaigns, playing the role of freedom fighters etc.

On this day every Indian should take a pledge to make his country peaceful and developed. In the end every student happily leaves the house with sweets and snacks.

350 Words Essay on Republic Day in English

Republic Day Essay In English for Class 6, 7 and 8


Republic Day in India is celebrated every year on 26th January by the people of India with great joy and enthusiasm. It is celebrated to honor the importance of having a sovereign democratic republic, which has been celebrated since the Indian Constitution came into force on 26 January 1950.

This day has been declared a gazetted holiday by the Government of India. By students all over India , It is celebrated in schools, colleges and educational institutions .

Delhi parade on 26 January

In the national capital New Delhi , the Government of India organizes an event every year in which a special parade is organized at the India Gate. People start gathering on the Rajpath since morning to see this grand program.

In this, from Vijay Chowk, the three armies start their parade , in which weapons and weapons are also displayed. Army bands, NCC cadets and police forces also showcase their art through various melodies. In the states too, this festival is celebrated in a grand manner in the presence of the Governor.

National festival of india

In India, Republic Day is celebrated as a national holiday. People celebrate this great day in their own way, like by watching news, in school, by speech or by participating in any competition related to India’s independence etc.

On this day, a huge program is organized by the Government of India at Rajpath in New Delhi where, after the flag hoisting and the national anthem, the Indian Army is paraded in front of the President of India at the India Gate.


Various states of the country also display their culture, tradition and progress through special tableaux to show the existence of “unity in diversity” after independence in India. Folk dances are performed by the people on their behalf as well as singing, dancing and playing of instruments.

400 Words Essay on Republic Day in English

Republic Day Essay In English for Class 9 and 10


Our motherland India was under British rule for a long time, during which Indian people were forced to follow the laws made by British rule, India finally got independence on 15 August 1947 after a long struggle of Indian freedom fighters. About two and a half years later, India enacted its constitution and declared itself a democratic republic.

The Constitution of India was passed by our Parliament on 26 January 1950 after about 2 years 11 months 18 days. Declaring itself as a sovereign, democratic, republic, the people of India started celebrating 26 January as Republic Day.

Proud national festival

It is an honor to celebrate Republic Day for the people living in India and Indians living abroad. This day has special significance and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by participating in many activities and by the people who organize it.

People eagerly wait for this day to be a part of it again and again. The preparations for the Republic Day celebrations start about a month in advance and during this time the movement of people is banned at India Gate due to security reasons so that any criminal incident can be stopped before it happens. This also ensures the safety of the people present there that day.

National festival

Special arrangements are made on this day in all the state capitals across India and also in the national capital New Delhi. The program begins with the flag hoisting by the President and the National Anthem.

Each state presents a tableau for its own diversity. This is followed by parades, prize distribution, march past etc. by the three armies. And finally the whole atmosphere resonates with “Jana Gana Mana”.

Colorful program

College and School students are very excited to celebrate this festival and start preparing for it a month in advance. On this day, students are awarded with prizes, prizes and certificates etc. for their better performance in education, sports or other fields of education.

Family members with their friends, family and children participate in the social events organized on the social day.


On this day everyone should promise that they will protect the constitution of their country, maintain harmony and peace in the country, as well as cooperate in the development of the country.

Frequently Asked Questions on Republic Day

Q.1 Why do we celebrate Republic Day?

A.1 We celebrate Republic Day because it was the day when the Constitution of India came into force.

Q.2 In which year the Constitution of India was made?

A.2 The official Indian constitution was presented to the country on 26 January 1950

How long is the Republic Day today (2021)?

72th because the first Republic Day was celebrated on 26 January 1950. Therefore, the Republic Day of 2021 is going to be the 72nd Republic Day in the counting of votes.

Who was the chief guest of the First Republic of India?

President Sukarno (Indonesia).

Where do we celebrate Republic Day?

We celebrate Republic Day every year from 26 January 1950 from Rashtrapati Bhavan (Rashtrapati Bhavan) to India Gate along the Rajpath in New Delhi.

Where is the parade on Republic Day?

Rajpath (New Delhi) from Rashtrapati Bhavan (Rashtrapati Bhavan) to India Gate. Various paramilitary forces and many civilian forces of our country participate in the parade on Republic Day.

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