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Essay on Pollution for Students

Being aware of pollution is very essential for all the students these days. An impact on the environment and nature , To become a responsible citizen of the future world every child should know how human activities are leaving. To write an interesting essay on ‘Pollution’ effortlessly , This topic is very important. And, school children should learn . Take a look below.

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Essay on pollution:


Pollution has become a very common but serious issue in today’s world. Before human evolution It is also long , such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires which give rise to various photochemical reactions in the atmosphere. The present concern is that it is increasing day by day due to the various resource of pollutants. And, one of the pollutants are humans and man-made machines. That is to say, pollution is seriously harming the mother earth and we humans should play our part to prevent it from happening.

what is pollution?

Pollution sepsis is the presence of contaminants in the natural environment that causes harm and damage and leads to adverse changes.

Types of Pollution:

There are mainly three types of pollution – 1) air pollution, 2) water pollution, and 3) soil pollution.

Air Pollution:

Air pollution is caused by the presence of harmful gases and substances in the air. It is caused by vehicle emissions, dust and dirt, toxic gases emitted from factories, etc. To reduce air pollution we should use carpooling or public transport instead of using your personal vehicles, we should avoid burning garbage or other material etc.

Water Pollution:

Water pollution occurs when toxic substances mix in various water bodies like lakes, oceans, rivers etc. Toxic substances here mean chemical fertilizers, industrial wastes, sewage and waste water, mining activities, marine dumping etc.

soil pollution:

Soil pollution refers to the pollution of the soil due to the presence of toxic substances [such as excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, deforestation, industrial waste etc.]. To maintain soil fertility, the government should limit the use of fertilizers and plant more and more trees.

Besides the above there are some other pollutants like radioactive pollution. It is one of the rare types of pollution. It is caused by the presence of radioactive substances like nuclear waste in air, solids, liquids or any other place.

Essay on Pollution
Essay on Pollution

Pollution Essay | Essay on Pollution for School Children in 500-600 words

Pollution is a word that even children are aware of these days. It has become so common that almost everyone accepts the fact that pollution is increasing continuously. The word ‘pollution’ means the appearance of an unwanted foreign substance in an object. When we talk about pollution on earth, we refer to the pollution which is happening from natural resources by various pollutants. All this is mainly due to human activities which damage the environment in more ways than one. Hence, an urgent need has arisen to deal with this issue directly. That is to say that pollution is seriously harming our earth and we need to understand its effects and stop this damage. In this essay on pollution we will see what are the effects of pollution and how it can be reduced.

Effects of pollution

Pollution affects the quality of life which one cannot even imagine. It works in mysterious ways, which sometimes cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, it is very much present in the environment. For example, you might not be able to see the natural gases in the air, but they are still there. Similarly the pollutants which are polluting the air and increasing the level of carbon dioxide are very dangerous for humans. Increased levels of carbon dioxide will lead to global warming.

Moreover, the water is polluted in the name of industrial development, religious practices and more, which will lead to shortage of drinking water. Human life is not possible without water. In addition, the way the waste is dumped on the ground, it eventually gets into the soil and becomes toxic. If land pollution continues at this rate, we will not have fertile soil to grow our crops. Therefore, to radically reduce pollution , serious measures should be taken.

Types of pollution

  • air pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • soil pollution

How to reduce pollution?

After knowing the harmful effects of pollution, the work of preventing or reducing pollution should be started at the earliest. To reduce air pollution, people should resort to public transport or carpool to reduce vehicular smoke. Though it may be difficult, avoiding firecrackers during festivals and celebrations can also reduce air and noise pollution. Above all we should adopt the habit of recycling. All used plastic ends up in oceans and land, which pollutes them.

So, remember not to dispose of them after use, but to reuse them for as long as you can. We should also encourage everyone to plant more and more trees which will absorb harmful gases and make the air clean. While talking at large, the government should limit the use of fertilizers to maintain soil fertility. In addition, industries should be prohibited from dumping their waste into oceans and rivers, which cause water pollution.

In short, all types of pollution are dangerous and have serious consequences. From individuals to industries, everyone should take steps towards change. Since joint effort is required to tackle this problem, we should join hands now. Moreover, to such human activities, innocent lives of animals are being lost due . So, we all should take a stand and become the voice of unheard people to make this earth pollution free.


In short, every type of pollution has a huge negative impact on our environment, human life, animals etc. We, as responsible citizens, must take steps towards a better tomorrow. We should join hands to take various initiatives and fight this problem. Every day many innocent lives are put in danger due to pollution. If we do not do anything now or do not take any stand to make the earth pollution free, then very soon the day of doomsday will come upon us.

Paragraph On Pollution 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students and Children

FAQ’s on Pollution Essay

Question 1.
What is air pollution?

When contaminants or foreign particles or chemicals enter our atmospheric pure form through which we breathe, it pollutes the air. This is called air pollution. The quality of the air gets reduced and breathing in this air sometimes leads to suffocation.

Question 2.
What is water pollution?

Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies (such as oceans, rivers, seas, lakes, aquifers and groundwater) usually caused by

Paragraph on Pollution:
Paragraph on Pollution:

human actions. It is a change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of water that will have harmful consequences for any living being.

Question 3.
What is soil pollution?

Soil pollution refers to anything that contaminates the soil and reduces the quality of the soil. It occurs when pollutants causing pollution reduce soil quality and turn soil habitable for soil-dwelling microorganisms and macro-organisms.

Question 4.
How can we reduce pollution?


Reduce the use of vehicles and start walking for short distances. This will not only help in reducing the pollution in the air but will also increase your strength.
People use electric cars and motorcycles to curb pollution
Do not use much plastic and throw it anywhere. Reuse them whenever necessary.
Plant more trees. Every person must plant a tree at least once in a year.
Industries should stop throwing their waste into the sea or rivers or land and take some innovative steps to reduce the chemical spill in the environment.

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Q.5 What are the effects of pollution?

A.5 Pollution inevitably affects the quality of human life. It spoils almost everything from the water we drink to the air we breathe. It damages the natural resources necessary for a healthy life.

Q.6 How can pollution be reduced?

A.6 We should take individual steps to reduce pollution. People should decompose their losses thoughtfully, they should plant more and more trees. Besides, they should always recycle whatever they can and make the earth green

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