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My School Essays | Long & Short, Simple, Easy Essays for Students

Essay On My School in English : Writing essay on my school is one of the most asked topics in assessment exams , school exams etc. Often students are asked to write essay on school which should be easy to read, descriptive, simple, with quotes and outlines.

The school is indeed a perfect place and every student has a vision for his school. Here I have written these essays for UKG class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10th class kids.

Essay On My School in English | List of all essay topics in my school. short essay for kids and students

For subject information , All essay on my school and other related subjects are included here and ease of all students. Scroll down to find all the subjects in my school.

1. My School Short and Easy Essay (50-100 words)

The name of my school is New Horizon Public School, New Delhi. It is very near to my house. I go to my school with my Father and other friends. There is a beautiful two story building in my school. There are 12 rooms in our school. My school rooms are wide, cold and airy. I study in class 1.

I like my class teacher and my class fellow. They are very kind and helpful. My school shree Krishna School is one of the best schools in my city. All our teachers follow strict discipline. They teach us very lovingly. They love us like our parents. We are all happy here. I pray to god to give best place to all to study like my school.

2. Essay On My School in English; Easy and Simple Essay (100-150 words)

I study in grade 1 at Shree Krishna Public School. This is the best school in my area. My school is located 500 meters away from my home. My father regularly drops me to my school. There is a wonderful two story building in my school. All the rooms in my school are very spacious and beautiful. There are about 300 students in my school. There is a big playground for the students in my school.

There is also a small garden. I have very good friends in my school. My class mates are very kind and loving. Our teachers teach us with great care and kindness. They treat us softly. We all love being in our school. I am very happy in my school and always pray for my school.

3. Essay on My School (200-250 words)

School is a place to acquire education, knowledge and awareness. It fulfills the vital needs of mankind which is education. Schools are very important in our life. They have long been an essential part of mankind. In fact, the education provided by the school is the reason for human progress and development.

I am studying in 4th grade at New Horizon Public School. My school is located just a few minutes away from my home. This is very good and famous school in my city. Most of my relatives and neighbors are studying here. Therefore, I attend school regularly in the company of my best friends, relatives and my neighbors.

There is a wonderful building in my school. The main gate of my school is very big and wide. It is always guarded by security personnel. There is a big green playground in my school. My school is a two story building with many rooms. My school has a large science lab, computer lab and book library for the students.

The administration of my school is very good. All the teachers and other staff members follow strict discipline. The principal of my school is very smart and kind. He greets all of us in our school meetings every day. I have the best teachers in my school. They all teach us with great love and kindness.

There is a good study environment in my school. All the teachers and students are very cooperative and helpful. My school is a model school for every student. It provides by far the best environment for the physical, academic and mental development of a student. I wish every student get a good school for education

4. Essay On My School in English (300-350 words)

Schools are the gates of education that lead to success. They help in training, guiding and preparing young bright minds for the future. The best school always produces the best students. My school is also one of the biggest and reputed school in my area.

I study in New Dawn Public School. My school is one of the oldest schools in my area. It has a very good and successful history in the field of education. My school is very near to my house. I often go to my school on foot but sometimes my father drops me to school while going to his office. My school has a beautiful building with a wide open playground and a beautiful garden.

I reach my school on time. After attending the meeting all the students go to their respective classes. I study in class 2. My teachers are very kind and lovely. He teaches us with care and love. My classmates are very careful. They all help each other in studies.

My school strictly follows discipline. Various seminars and events are organized in our schools. Students are encouraged to participate in all those events. There is a big auditorium hall in the middle of our school, which has been built for that purpose only. Various events like quiz competitions, speeches, tabloids, debates etc. are organized. Apart from this, the students of my school also participate in other academic and sports competitions against other schools.

My school values ​​honesty, integrity, dedication and good conduct. It focuses on the holistic development of the students. All the students are treated very well. In fact, we all feel this school as a second home. Students from different backgrounds and different ages study here with great mutual cooperation and care.

My school is one of the best schools in terms of educating and training the students with good manners. Schools really have a big role to play in making the country a well behaved and law abiding citizen. Schools are the real training base for nations. I am very proud of my school. I am thankful to my parents who chose this wonderful place for my study.

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