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Essay on Mobile Addiction: Mobile phone has become a central part of every human being’s life. These days everyone is connected to their cell phone. While we may dismiss this as an expected behavior in the present day, the truth is that it has profound behavioral and social implications. Mobile addiction is a real question and a matter of great concern. It affects our health, connections as well as work.

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Long and Short Essays on Mobile Addiction for Students and Kids in English

We provide children and students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic “Mobile Addiction” for reference.

1 – Essay on Mobile Addiction – 200 Words

With anyone around the world , Mobile phones provide the freedom to quickly connect. They enable us to find any information we need and are a great source of entertainment. While this invention was made with the aim of empowering us, but sadly, it is something that is taking a toll on us. These days most of the mobile users are battling with mobile addiction.

You can do this on a mobile phone. Our mobile phones enable us to engage in gaming, online shopping and gambling. They connect us with people from all over the world, allowing us to watch movies, click pictures, listen to music, surf the internet and enjoy many other activities. It’s hard not to get addicted to this electric house of entertainment.

However, it is important that no one falls victim to it. This is because its consequences can be harmful. Mobile addiction causes many serious problems, such as headaches, poor eyesight, sleeplessness, depression, social isolation, stress, aggressive behavior, financial problems, dysfunctional relationships and more or less professional development.

Mobile phones are made for our convenience. We should limit their use to take over our lives. If you think you are getting addicted to your mobile phone, then check out the ways to get rid of it. To help your loved ones , You should also take it as your responsibility to get rid of this addiction.


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2. Short Essay on Mobile Addiction 250 Words in English

Short Essay on Mobile Addiction is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Mobile phones give us the freedom to connect effortlessly with anyone around the world. They empower us to find any necessary information and are a great source of entertainment. While this tool was designed to empower us, it is sadly subduing us. Almost every mobile user is struggling with mobile addiction these days.

These days everyone is connected to their cell phone. While we may deny this as a common practice in the present day, the truth is that it has great communicative and behavioral consequences among people. This is because its effects are dangerous. Mobile addiction causes many problems like poor vision, headaches, sleep disorders, depression, stress, aggressive behavior, social isolation, financial status, ruined relationships and less or less professional development. We should limit the use of mobile to control our life. It can be difficult at first, but the support of family and friends can help overcome mobile phone addiction.

The mobile phone is one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. According to recent statistics, more than 500 million Indians are using smartphones. While it is true that the advancement of technology has created many facilities in our world, it has also brought many other important issues for us. Mobile phone addiction is one of the instances where technology has adversely affected the lives of people. With the recent explosion of other similar smart gadgets like iPhones, Androids and tablets, the problem of cell phone addiction has increased to an alarming rate.

Mobile phones enable us to collaborate in online shopping, online games and many other things. They connect us with people from all over the world. We can also click pictures, watch movies, surf the internet, listen to music and enjoy various other activities. It’s hard not to get accustomed to this substation of entertainment. However, it is essential not to fall prey to it as its consequences can be harmful. Mobile phones are designed for our benefit and our convenience. We should limit the use of mobile phone or instead it can take over our life. If we think we are getting addicted to our mobile phones; We have to look for ways and ideas to get rid of it. To get rid of this mobile addiction, we should also consider it our duty to help our loved ones.

Essay on Mobile Addiction
Essay on Mobile Addiction

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3 – Essay on Mobile Addiction – Signs and Symptoms – 300 Words

Mobile addiction is a growing concern. Mobile phone addiction is easy but it is difficult to overcome. Many people across the world are addicted to their mobile phones. The behavior pattern of mobile ads is more or less the same. There are some signs and symptoms which clearly show that a person is addicted to his mobile phone.

Signs and symptoms of mobile addiction

Some of the signs and symptoms of people suffering from mobile addiction are as follows:

show withdrawal symptoms

If the mobile phone battery gets depleted or dies, then mobile phone addicts remain worried and angry. They also show concern and are restless over the misuse of their mobile phones. In such a situation, they are on the verge of panic attack.


Some mobile phone addicts also hear their mobile phone ringing or even vibrating, when this situation is not really the case.

love connecting with people online

Mobile junkies prefer to connect online instead of talking to them, they are surrounded by them. They will be constantly on the phone even during social gatherings, family dinners or outings with friends.

check mobile phone frequently

Even if there is nothing important to do , addicts check their mobile phones almost every minute. They scroll through the app just to check or view information online and engage in other such useless activities on their mobiles. They are so addicted to their mobile phones that they do not hesitate to check them while driving, during the shower and even during an important meeting.

waste of time

Another sign of mobile addiction is a lost sense of time. A person addicted to mobile phones loses his complete sense of time. She is often late to work and delayed in important tasks that prioritize her mobile phone.


All the above mentioned symptoms are seen in mobile phones. help your loved ones suffering from mobile addiction and It is important to take these signs seriously.

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Long Essay on Mobile Addiction 400 Words in English

Long Essay on Mobile Addiction is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.


Addiction is a chronic disease and one of the most incurable health disorders faced worldwide. Mobile addiction is a growing concern. It is very easy to get addicted to cell phone but it is difficult to tame it. Many people across the world are addicted to their mobile phones. The mobile addictive behavior pattern is more or less the same as the others. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that clearly show that a person is addicted to his mobile phone.

Mobile addiction symptoms

Almost everyone around the world has a cell phone, so how can we tell if someone is experiencing mobile phone addiction syndrome that isn’t?

Like most diseases and ailments, one can predict whether a person is going through the syndrome of the symptoms displayed. Research has shown that 6,000 people die every year due to mobile phone use. Also, here are some other effects of cell phone addiction that can affect us.

1. Back and neck problem: This is a common problem faced by all phone addicts. Most people bowed down when they used their phones. Looking down on the mobile phone for a long time causes them back and neck pain. According to studies, 45% of youth aged 16 to 24 suffer from back pain due to excessive use of mobile phones. Plus, the endless swapping of phones and texting can make our fingers hard.

2. Stress, anxiety and depression: Another common effect we usually hear from experts is mental and emotional health problems. When we spend too much time on our phones, we tend to neglect other elements of our lives, and as a result, our lives get out of balance. Staring at the mobile screen for a long time can also make us feel anxious and stressed.

3. Health issue: Spending too much time with our mobile phones can leave us with less time to exercise or even move around. The use of mobile phones has largely displaced many of our physical activities in life. A survey conducted on a group of school children found that people who work long hours using their phones are less fit than those who spend less time on their phones.


Mobile phones are highly portable machines that can boast a wealth of benefits, such as helping us stay connected and supplying data at our fingertips. But there is also a dark side to the use of a smartphone.

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4 – Essay on Impact of Mobile Addiction – 500 Words

Our mobile phone is to make things easier for us. It helps us to connect with our loved ones and loved ones almost instantly. Communication with our relatives and friends living in distant countries has become much easier with the introduction of mobile phones. A mobile phone with a high speed internet connection serves many purposes.

It helps us to order food, shop online, view any information online, read eBooks, enjoy gaming and nothing more. But alas, while a mobile phone should be an added value to our lives, it is something that is showing it down. Mobile phones are becoming more and more addictive with the advent of new applications every day.

Impact of mobile addiction

More than half of the mobile users worldwide are addicted to their mobile phones. Mobile addiction is affecting us on different levels.

impulsive and aggressive behavior

People with mobile phones are known to show aggressive and impulsive behavior. They keep checking their mobile phones every few minutes and cannot do without them. Their lack can make them angry and depressed.

Anger and aggression are especially seen in people who spend most of their time playing violent games on mobile.

short attention span

Cell phone addicts are unable to concentrate on work for long hours. Too much screen time adversely affects the brain and reduces the ability to concentrate. Also, mobile addicts have a constant desire to check their cell phones. Thus, they cannot concentrate on the task at hand.

Poor vision and headache

Mobile users often complain of headaches. They develop migraine issues over time. Keeping an eye on the screen for a long time also affects the eyes and also affects the eyesight.

Sleep disorders and depression

Mobile addicts use their mobile phones till late at night and often develop sleep disorders. Everyone knows the effects of sleep disorders. It can hinder our work and badly affect our health. Mobile addicts often disconnect from the real world. They engage with most people online, gaming and watching videos. Lack of human contact is the first step towards progressing towards depression.

Brain cancer

Studies show that people who talk to their mobile phones for several hours a day are more likely to develop brain cancer. This is because mobile phones emit radio waves that damage brain cells. However, many scientists and physicians disagree with this finding.

The continuous use of mobile phones also has a bad effect on our nervous system.


The term fibbing is used for the habit of constantly checking your mobile even when you are surrounded by people. For their personal relationships , Mobile addicts develop this habit and it is not good . As they try to connect with people online, they run away from their loved ones who crave their love and attention. Thus mobile addicts are prone to serious relationship issues.


As we ignore it, mobile addiction has become a big problem today. It is hindering our professional life and ruining our personal relationships. Mobile phones are doing more harm than good. People struggling with the problem of mobile addiction should try to get rid of it and return to the real world.

Essay on Mobile Addiction 800 words in English


A mobile phone is expected to make things easier for us. It serves us to connect with our near and dear ones almost instantly. Communicating with our families and peers living in distant lands has become remarkably simple with the introduction of mobile phones.

The addiction of mobile phones is increasing day by day. People have become confused as they have created a new world for themselves with their mobile phones, making it a core component of their lives. It is sad to see how mobile obsession is robbing the real life of people.

An average Indian spends 1800 hours a year on his mobile phone. That’s about a third of his waking hours. The impact of the obsession with smartphones, the Internet and television is that less than 30 percent of people visit family and friends several times a month.

Overcoming mobile phone addiction

As with other types of obsessions or addictions, one cannot get over a mobile addiction unless they sincerely want to give it up. The mobile phone obsession is a result of how technology has affected people’s lives. With the current outbreak of other related smart gadgets like iPhones, Androids and tablets, the problem of cell phone addiction has increased to an alarming rate. Once you are determined to get rid of mobile addiction, we can do so by following the suggestions below:

By limiting mobile phone usage and setting the number of hours we aim to consume on our mobiles each day and set aside a certain amount of time for each activity like texting, social media, gaming or watching videos, we can overcome this. will gain help in. Mobile phone addiction.

We can also engage in activities like dancing, painting, playing indoor and outdoor games, doing household chores, reading books and many more. This will reduce our urge to constantly check our mobile phones. Spending time with your parents, helping your spouse with work, engaging in various recreational activities or going to new places can also help you get rid of this addiction.

If mobile addiction becomes incapable of dealing with it, it is time to seek professional guidance. Many therapists specialize in mobile addiction therapy, and they offer individual and group therapy to help relieve this addiction.

Mobile addiction among teenagers

Mobile phone works as a freedom from the obstacles and problems of practical life. People of every age group go through mobile addiction. Nevertheless, teenagers are most prone to acquire this addiction. Teenagers are at that stage of their lives where they are learning and discovering new things. They have various questions, and they have almost all the answers in their mobile phones. Children nowadays have many things to ask and share, but they are often hesitant to discuss or speak about it with their teachers or parents.

Most of the parents these days are so busy with their work that they don’t have time to talk to their kids or keep an eye on them. And secondly, there are many things where they feel ashamed to ask and because of this mobile phone becomes their source of guidance. They also make friends online and share their feelings adequately with them.

Teenagers addicted to mobile phones are very dangerous. They cannot concentrate on their studies, as this addiction hinders their ability to concentrate and reduces their ability to understand things. People addicted to mobile phones are more likely to acquire habits such as drinking, smoking and taking drugs. They also become socially disabled as they are always on their mobile phones. So his future is at stake. Parents should ensure that they do not give smartphones to their teenage children. Adolescents need to focus on their education and transcend their interest in various beneficial activities. They should explore the world adequately and not by wasting their precious time on mobile phones.

Mobile addiction essay conclusion

Mobile addiction can destroy our lives if it is not stopped on time. As much as we ignore it, today mobile addiction has become a big problem. It is hindering our professional life and personal relationships. Mobile phones are causing more harm than beneficial. People going through this problem of mobile addiction should try to get rid of it and come back to the real world. It may be difficult to get rid of this addiction, but it is not impossible. With the support of loved ones and some effort on our own, we can overcome this problem over time, and if that doesn’t help, we shouldn’t hesitate to seek professional advice.

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