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ESSAY ON HAPPIEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE (Happiest day of my life Essay) -Essay on happiest moment in my life (Happiest day essay of my life) – Given below is a long and short essay. Which is on the happiest day of my life for the aspirants of competitive exams, essay competition, kids and students belonging to class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. is 6, 7, 8. 9, and 10. Happiest day of my life Essay 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words in English help students for their class assignments, comprehension tasks, any essay competition and even for competitive exams Huh.


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We all have some happy moments in life which become an everlasting memory for us. Like saving someone’s life, spending time with your loved ones, pets, some brave deeds etc., coming first in the competition. It can be different for every person. Some may be different for small children, so different for an adult, if I have to tell about the happiest moment of my life then it will not be easy for me. There are many happy moments in my life and hence it is very difficult for me to remember any one of them which is the happiest.

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Happiest moment of my life – long essay

I have tried and elaborated about the happiest moment of my life in the form of a long essay. I hope you find it very interesting to remember the happiest moment of your life and write it down on paper. Long essay can help you to get idea of ​​writing essay on this topic.

Short Essay Happiest day of my life Essay- 100 -150 Words

Life is full of surprises and shocks, good news and bad news, unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes luck favors some people in life so much that they reach the pinnacle of glory and bliss. I found myself in such a situation. Recently, Good luck gave me this good fortune and brought with me the happiest day of my life.

The happiest moment of my life is when Art and Rangoli competition was organized in our school, in that I got first position in the whole school. This is really a great movement. This is because earlier I was not included in many competitions from my class because I spoke very little in class, so I was not allowed to participate in any competition. The class could not believe that an average boy suddenly became a topper. Even they tried their best to cut my marks but they could not.


The happiest moment in which we can enjoy that moment so much. We can forget our stress, our shortcomings etc. that day… I will miss that day a lot… I hope that day comes back in my life.

Short Essay  Happiest day of my life Essay- 250 Words


Every event of the past becomes a memory in our mind. These memories allow us to think about things that happened in the past. There are some moments in our life that we never want to lose. These are the happiest or special moments of life which bring us eternal bliss.

The joy of having happy moments in life

We all wish for different things in our lives. When our dreams turn into reality it becomes the happiest moment of life for many of us. Being successful in getting what we want brings great happiness in our life. There can be many moments of happiness in a person’s life and every one
may be different for us, but the happiest moment is the one which is the happiest for us. It is not necessary that each of us has experienced the happiest moment. That’s why we should try to find happiness from the little things in our life. It will help in making our life happy and healthy.

Happiest moment that we cherish throughout life

Happy moments are the reason for bringing happiness in our life. We always wish that when happy moments come, life stops and this time never goes away. It is not really possible but by remembering it we can make ourselves feel nourished. Whenever we remember the happiest moment of our life, a smile comes on our face and a different thrill fills the whole body. The memory of the happiest moment can also help us to free ourselves from depression or sad moments of life.


Our life is full of happy and sad moments. Happy moments help us to get comfort from the sadness of sad moments in our life. Happiness helps to add the light of hope in our life.

I have tried and elaborated about the happiest moment of my life in the form of a long essay. I hope you find it very interesting to remember the happiest moment of your life and write it down on paper. Long essay can help you to get idea of ​​writing essay on this topic



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Long essay on happiest day of my life 500 words for kids and students in english

There is hardly any creature who has never seen ups and downs in his life. Luck favors, he experiences happiness, but at the time of misfortune, he gets drowned in despair. Wise is one who neither rejoices in prosperity nor panics in adversity.

I passed my bachelor’s degree exam this year. Though I gave it my best shot, May was not satisfied with the answers to some questions, due to which I did not have the confidence to score very well. Anything less than First Division will definitely hinder my future career path. The day before expecting the result, I spent a restless night. The next morning, I hurried to school with some friends and went straight to the display board.

Happiest day of my life essay

Starting at eye level, I went down the list, my heart pounding as I reached the bottom. My name was not there. With a heavy heart I rolled my eyes at the list. And there! I saw again yes, my name was second in the list. Not only did I get first class, but I also got second position in my class. God fulfilled my wish. I felt grateful to him. My friends also passed with good marks. To celebrate our success, we decided to go on a picnic.

At 12 noon we reached Okhla, a beautiful picnic resort. The huge crowd of visitors could not stop our excitement as we found a huge banyan tree on the banks of the canal. We laid out our mat and opened the food hamper. The lively music and delicious food took away all the stress of the last few days. The ideal atmosphere was suddenly broken by some loud screams. The sound came from the bank of the canal. I immediately ran towards the canal and was shocked to see a boy drowning. He was crying for help.

After much effort I jumped into the canal and swam towards the drowning boy. I dragged him to the bank. He was in very bad shape. When I looked at him carefully, I was surprised to see that he was an old classmate of mine. He was given medical help and after some time he regained consciousness. I was glad to see him recover. My happiness knew no bounds as I had saved the life of a boy who was an old classmate of mine.


It was a day of great joy and gaiety. I not only finished second, but also did a brave and noble act by saving a boy from death. This day will be one of the happiest days of my life.

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The happiest moment of my life Essay (950 words)


There are moments in everyone’s life that our bodies and minds cherish. These moments become the happiest moments of our life. Have you ever wondered why these happy events become moments? In our memories , The answer is very simple that they are everlasting . We become happy by remembering those moments and can remember those moments for life.

What are happy moments?

Happiness and sorrow are the two stages of life. Everyone in this world has to experience both the phases in their life. Happiness is a feeling that makes us feel good and cherished. There are some moments in our life that bring us immense happiness. We want these moments to be long lasting and never end. It has always been seen that sadness does not last forever and always comes after happiness. The saying can well be said “There is a silver lining in every cloud”. Happy moments are those which fill us with happiness. They are not provided by anyone but created by us.

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Happiest moment of my life

I find happiness in very small things in my life but these are the few moments in my life that brings a smile to my face when I remember it. Those are the happiest moments of my life , I can say that . I am telling you about one of the happiest moments of my life. I feel so blessed to be counting down this moment in my life.

In class 10th , I was studying at that time. It was announced in our school that there is a district level competition of quiz and poster presentation. Many schools will participate in this. Notices regarding participation of students in the competition were distributed in each class. I was very excited to participate in the poster presentation. I registered my name for the contest.

At that time I was studying in class 10th. In our school it was announced that there is district level competition of quiz and poster presentation. Many schools will participate in this. Notices regarding participation of students in the competition were distributed in each class. I was very excited to participate in the poster presentation. I registered my name for the contest.

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Process of Selection for Competition – The team which was to represent our school for various competitions was to be selected in the school itself. The first hurdle was the selection in the school. I was overjoyed to be selected for the school team representing our school in the district competition. The submissions were to be given in a group and hence the final team was finalized. Including me , There were Five members in the team.

Pre-competition preparation – Every member of the team presented their innovative ideas on this topic and in the end I prepared the poster by combining those ideas. We had prepared three posters on this topic. We put in a lot of effort to make our presentation the best.

Competition Day – Finally the day of the competition arrived and we were a little nervous too. We are taken by school bus to the destination of the competition. We also had teachers with us. We did our best and delivered the presentation beautifully. I was the leader of the group and so I was more nervous about the results. It was about the reputation of my school. Finally the competition ended and the results of the competition were announced. It started with the announcement of the third prize winner.

My heart started sinking. In the end, I couldn’t believe it when it was announced that our school won first prize. We were dancing happily. I take great pleasure in making my school proud. Besides, I was happy because the idea of ​​the presentation was my own. The immense joy of that moment cannot be described in words.

Prize Distribution Program – The winning participants are invited for prize distribution and dinner with the whole family the next day. It was more exciting for me. I went to the designated place and was felicitated by the District Magistrate along with my team. It was great to hear the name of your school in the first place. To my vice principal We handed over the trophy. My parents were very happy for me. We had dinner with our family and group members and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Later the entire faculty of the school including the principal praised me and my team members. This news and pictures of the winning teams were also published in the newspaper.

My father was very happy for me and so he promised to tour during the summer holidays as a reward for winning. We enjoyed that moment very beautifully. Whenever I remember that moment in school, I feel very happy.

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How can we enrich our life with happy moments?

Everyone wants happiness in this world. We cannot buy happiness but we can get it in small things in our life. One such moment can become the happiest moment of our life. Happiness is something that we experience doing different things in our life. It is built from the inside. The state of being happy lies in the positivity of our mind. When we accept reality we enjoy what is given to us. This brings happiness in our life. It specifically means that we have to learn to live our lives. It will inspire hundreds of happy moments and make our life a beautiful experience.


It was one of the happiest moments of my life which thrills and nurtures me from inside whenever it comes to my mind. I feel very happy to bring laurels to my school. Besides, I rewarded me for what I wanted and made my parents happy. I try to forget all my problems by remembering the happy moments of my life. It helps me to be more confident and optimistic to face different types of situations in my life.

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What is happiness related to?

Happiness is associated with a state of mind.

What are the colors of happiness?

Bright colors like yellow, orange, pink and red.

What is the secret of happiness?

The secret of happiness is to love everything around us and to live every moment of our life.

How does yoga increase our happiness?

Yoga helps in reducing our stress, anger, anxiety and thus makes us happy.

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