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Are you searching for Essay on education during covid 19. So it is available in our article. In which you will get amazing tips to study in Coronavirus.

As we all know that in this epidemic of Coronavirus, there has been a lot of impact in the education of children somewhere. Due to which his studies could not be done properly. So in today’s article we will know how to do education properly in this epidemic of corona.

Essay on Eeducation during covid 19
Essay on Eeducation during covid 19

Essay on education during covid 19 with introduction and epilogue


These days the coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of panic in our society and all over the world. In such a situation, children going to school going to small class are not able to study properly. Schools are closed and children do not even feel like studying, in such a situation, children can get online education through internet by staying at home. But the parents of his children also have to be aware.

Internet will have to be resorted to due to the coronavirus pandemic:

The epidemic of coronavirus is spreading in the society and it is being heard that the third wave of coronavirus is coming, in such a situation, the education of the children may be disrupted, so that the education of the children is not interrupted, the parents will have to understand their responsibility and the children. The education will have to be done through the Internet. As we all know that in today’s era, the trend of internet is increasing very fast, whether after doing business or ordering food from home, everything has become online, in the same way children’s education can also be done online.

Parents have to understand responsibilities:

By giving phones in the hands of children and taking online lectures of children, their studies will not be able to be done properly, for that parents will have to understand their responsibilities and they will have to sit with them and teach and encourage them. Internet is only a means through which children will study online.

Everything related to children’s education is available on YouTube, all that has to be done is to explain and encourage the children that online education is necessary.

Understand the importance of internet

In today’s date, the Internet has become such a weapon that everything is possible, whether it is business or earning money online. You can do everything with the Internet, at the same time there is hardly any better tool than the Internet to study. Yes, there is no repetition in the fact that what children learn in school will be better, but the information taken from the Internet is also no less effective. It can also increase the child’s mentality and awareness towards studies.

Online learning tools

There are many apps available on the internet to study online, the most prominent of them is YouTube, in today’s date everything is available on YouTube and there is hardly anyone who does not use YouTube. Apart from this, studies can be done in effective places like smart class, projector, Zoom app, Google meet.

How to use the app to study online?
You can easily use any platform to study online-

How to use Zoom App

Zoom app is very easy to use

First you have to arrange a meeting on the zoom app. After that you will get the option of invite, after that you can invite your teacher or any friend to study by giving the link of zoom app.

You can also use other applications to get proper education for your children and get better knowledge about their paid subscription to your children. There are many apps available on the internet for conducting online classes. By taking paid subscription of Vedantu, Byjus, Whitehat Junior, etc., you can get your children better education.


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