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Essay on Disaster Management: Every country must have a plan and outlay for maintaining or mitigating the causes of disasters, both man-made and natural. Disaster management is a term that is commonly referred to as the management of resources and responsibilities to deal with the loss of life and property in disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, epidemics and epidemics. The entire world is in disaster management mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has engulfed the entire world for the past few months.

Countries that were disaster prepared are facing the pandemic relatively well compared to countries that have neglected the importance of disaster management.

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How to Write an Essay on Disaster Management?

Disaster Management has been made compulsory in the study curriculum of secondary education. Whether it is natural or man-made, disasters can wreak havoc on our surroundings and also harm human life. In order to acquaint the students with how to efficiently prevent and ensure the safety of living beings and our environment from unprecedented events, In class 10 syllabus the study of disaster management has been included as an important part of Geography . Also, to test your knowledge about this concept, one question related to essay or article writing is mainly included in the exam. The aim of this blog is to focus on providing you with useful tips and tricks to draft a well written essay on disaster management.

understanding disaster management

To begin with your essay on Disaster Management, the most important thing is to understand the concept as well as what it aims to facilitate. In simple words, disaster management is termed as the management and utilization of resources as well as responsibilities to deal with various emergencies, be it man-made disasters or natural ones. It focuses on preparing humans for different types of disasters and helping them respond better as well as ensuring recovery thereby reducing their overall impact.

Long and Short essay on Disaster Management for school Students and Kids in English

In this article, we have provided a 500-word essay on Disaster Management as well as a 200-word short essay on Disaster Management, which students can use in their project work, tests, exams, assignments and essay writing competitions.

Long Essay on Disaster Management in English 500 Words | Essay on Disaster Management UPSC

Disasters can be caused by both man-made and natural causes. Earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions are generally considered to be natural disasters while bomb blasts, gas leaks and war are considered as man-made disasters. This classification of disaster as man-made and natural is a dispute in itself as some natural disasters are directly related to man-made hard work. In this essay on Disaster Management, we will talk about the importance of disaster management as well as how well prepared the country is for the coming disasters.

What is the importance of disaster management?

The essence of essay on disaster management lies in understanding the importance that why disaster management is essential for every country. Therefore, we have listed three main reasons why every country should have strong policies on disaster management.

Minimize potential loss of life

Organizations like the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) take necessary action during and before disasters. In fact, there is nothing that we as human beings can do during a disaster, such as the one who is living in the COVID-19 pandemic. Disaster management should always have a long term plan and everything should be well before the disasters happen. This already strong plan will reduce the loss of life and property.

As we have seen Cyclone Amphan hit India and Bangladesh off the coast of the Bay of Bengal, the preparedness of the authorities led to the massive evacuation of people in the Red Zones, which helped in saving millions of lives. If proper planning is not done, millions of lives will be lost, as we have seen in the United States, Italy or Spain due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The health system was not able to cope with the number of people infected with the coronavirus, resulting in the loss of millions of lives, which otherwise could have been saved if proper disaster management policies were in place.

Rehabilitation program

There are some disasters whose impact on loss of life cannot be avoided even if proper disaster management policies are in place, because let’s admit it, nature surprises us all the time. But disaster management policies are made not just to prevent the loss, but to remove the loss. In case of flood or earthquake, many families and in some cases, entire communities will be displaced and their basic livelihood will be affected. There should be a proper rehabilitation program to help them get back on their feet to lead a normal life again. The government should provide health and economic benefits as well as employment opportunities to the families of the affected people.

Saving the environment

As it is said that prevention is better than cure, a good disaster management policy will consist of an efficient long-term plan to prevent the disaster from happening in the first place. While this particular essay on disaster management covers the measures to save human life, we must also talk about saving the environment, without which a good essay on disaster management would not be complete.

Many so-called natural calamities that are happening around us such as floods and earthquakes are the result of man’s greed and exploitation of nature. Increased agriculture, deforestation, globalization, carbon emissions are some of the things that humans have done indirectly or directly in the form of floods, famines and epidemics in the world.

While disaster can be prevented if man is responsible for nature, even if it cannot be prevented, at least every government in the world must have efficient disaster management policies to prevent the impact of disaster on man and nature .

Essay on Disaster Management pdf
Essay on Disaster Management pdf Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Disaster Management in India Essay for Students (School & College)


A disaster is a very serious disturbance in the functioning of a community and society that results in widespread human, material, or environmental damage that exceeds the affected population’s ability to cope with its own resources.

Management of this disaster is the discipline by which man has to make continuous efforts to reduce the damage caused by disasters. India is a disaster prone country. In fact, there is no country that is safe from disasters. There are two types of disasters, natural disasters and man-made disasters.

Natural disasters are disasters caused by natural causes that are beyond human control including floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that have an immediate impact on human life.

Man-made disasters are known as complex emergencies, which are disasters caused by major accidents like fire, road accident, murder, terrorist attack etc.

Disaster Management is the primary and secondary planning made by the people to reduce the risk of disasters and to deal with disasters.

Disaster management in India

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is the apex body which is mandated to lay down policies and guidelines for disaster management to ensure timely and effective response to disasters. There is also a separate fund called “National Disaster Management Fund” (NDMF) for special mitigation.

The functions performed by NDMA are:

  • Administration
  • Creating Policies for Disaster Management
  • Mitigation of disasters, approval of prescribed plans
  • Creation of funds for the purpose of mitigation of disasters
  • Running various programs and giving directions.
  • effects of disasters

Disaster has both direct and indirect effects which have been deadly devastating and harmful effects on human life. Along with animals, there is also loss of life and property.

Natural disaster prevention and control

Natural disaster is inevitable, even if we have measures to predict or predict a disaster, we cannot prevent them from happening. The best that can be done is to avoid practices that are hazardous to the environment that are causing environmental degradation while formulating our disaster management plan. Once a disaster strikes it leads to massive destruction and loss of life. In case of disaster like earthquake, flood, etc. Where many human beings are displaced and after the disaster there are many casualties. This is the time when real emergency comes into force by giving first aid to the injured, rescue work and relief work to the victims.

The most vulnerable in these disasters are the poor. Therefore it is necessary to mobilize them towards the preparedness. Quick and timely response is the essence of providing immediate relief and rescue operations to save human lives and reduce the miseries at the earliest. The response mechanism envisages that upon indication of the occurrence or likelihood of a disaster, all activities related to the mitigation process are activated without wasting time.

Disaster management is a collective and coordinated effort. There are many activities that need to be done in the event of a disaster. This includes coordination, command and complete control, rapid damage assessment, restoration of power, telecommunications and surface transport, deployment of search and rescue teams, medical and para-medical teams, establishment of drinking water and food supplies. Identification of temporary shelters, sanitation and hygiene and identification of resources, last but not least, maintenance of law and order are equally important.

Everyone should take an active part in disaster management to reduce the risk to human life. In case of disaster, the appropriate disaster management team can take charge as soon as possible

Format for Essay on Disaster Management (150 words) | Short essay on disaster management in English 200 words

Introduction (30-40 words)

Begin by explaining your topic in simple terms. For disaster management, you can make it more interesting by adding a question or a recent example. The introduction should be understandable for the purpose of becoming more specific in subsequent paragraphs.

Body of Content (80 words)

Also known as thesis statement, the material after the introduction should explain your given topic in detail. It should have maximum content out of the entire format as it needs to be expanded. For disaster management, you can go deep into the process of how it is done for different situations as well as prevention and protection.

Conclusion (30-40 words)

This section should mainly contain what you have described in the above paragraph. For an essay on disaster management, you can focus on summarizing it by briefly writing down its purpose, types and objectives.

Short Essay on Disaster Management in English 200 Words

Find below a short 200-word essay on disaster management that children can use in school and college essay writing competitions.

Disasters can strike anytime and anywhere without any warning. It is the responsibility of the government to have proper disaster management laws and policies in the country so that when disasters occur, the prevention of life and property can be easy. Disaster management also includes disaster prevention first of all.

But doing so is easier said than done. To prevent this from happening, all stakeholders including common citizens should come together. Planning, organising, mitigation and execution are some of the major activities of the Disaster Management Relief Force.

Climate change, global warming, globalization, rapid industrialization, agricultural expansion, deforestation and population explosion are some of the problems that disaster management policies must address. At the same time, disaster management is not just about saving human lives, it should also include planning to save animals and wildlife as well as forests and other such natural resources.

10 lines on essay on disaster management

  • Good disaster management should include both prevention and treatment of the consequences of a disaster.
  • The governing body in India regarding disaster management is the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).
  • Disasters are mostly of two types, man-made and natural disaster.
  • There is a need to predict the disaster and immediate relief measures should be given to the people around the site of the disaster.
  • The three core core values ​​governing disaster management policy are preparedness, response and recovery.
  • Some of the deadliest disasters are earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, epidemics and hurricanes.
  • Man-made disasters include war, chemical explosions, gas leaks, wildfires and oil spills.
  • When a disaster like COVID 19 strikes, each country must support each other in their time of need
  • Long term planning and foresight is necessary to prevent disaster from happening
  • Globalization, population, deforestation are some of the natural occurrence of disasters like floods, famines and earthquakes.


Preparing for the Writing Section for Your English Exam? Then Check Out:

The Key to a High-Scoring Essay

Before drafting your essay on disaster management, one more thing you need to make sure of is to familiarize yourself with the structure of essay writing. To help you understand the dos and don’ts, we have listed some key things you should keep in mind.

  • Research your topic thoroughly. For example, when writing an essay on disaster management, explore and mention recent events to give the reader a perspective on their understanding of the concept.
  • Make important pointers when researching that you can include further in your essay.
  • Do not make up the definitions but understand them through examples.
  • Use transitions between paragraphs to maintain a consistent flow for the reader as a long paragraph can seem too long and separating your introduction and conclusion can provide better structure.
  • Cite important examples not only in your introduction but also in the following paragraphs where you are detailing the given topic.
  • Revise and add the finishing touches after completing the essay to detect any grammatical errors as well as other mistakes.


Essay on Disaster Management



FAQ’s on Disaster Management Essay

question 1.What are the types of natural disasters?

Geophysical, hydrological, climatological, meteorological and biological disasters are types of natural disasters.

Question 2.
What is the main objective of disaster management?

Prevention, rescue and rescue is the main objective of disaster management.

Question 3.
Which is the world’s worst disaster?

The 1931 flood in China is considered the world’s worst disaster, in which more than 4 million people died.

Question 4.
When is World Disaster Day?

13 October is observed as the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction


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