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Writing An ESSAY ON A STRANGE DREAM : It is quite common that people dream, we still don’t know why we dream. They are illusions of the mind and a story of the organism that we see in life. Dreams are sometimes soothing and make people feel happy and energetic. But sometimes the scenario is different. Some dreams can be so terrifying and can lead to issues like stress and depression because of their strange nature and some vague words.

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Here are 2 essays that mention convincing stories about a strange dream.

Short and long essay – why did I have a strange dream?

Short Essay – Writing An ESSAY ON A STRANGE DREAM 300 Words


Tonight while I was sleeping I had a very strange dream. I don’t know what the exact things were, but I remember a lot of information. Although it bothered me but I tried to deal with it. Some characters in the dream are not even known to me. The dream was so strange that I immediately woke up.

Strange dream

It may have been around 3 in the night when I suddenly woke up trying to figure out what really happened to me. It was a quiet and dark place where I went with my two friends Rahul and Arun. We saw a broken car which was shaking continuously, we decided to go there. When we went there, there was a bad smell which was making the place so strange and uncomfortable. We went still and suddenly we saw a big creature running away from the car. We were terrified. On our way back home we decided to run back on the way, while running the same creature came at a high speed and attacked us and I woke up.

Effect of my strange dream

I was terrified because the creature was unknown and terrifying. I suddenly got up and drank a glass of water. The dream was so strange that I did not want to be alone even in broad daylight. I couldn’t sleep for weeks with the lights on in my room for weeks. I used to think twice before going to certain places at night. It held its place in my mind for a while.


I was very scared and sometimes I slept with my parents. To overcome the fear I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa and started meditating so that I could feel positive. Though I have overcome the fear but in some cases whenever I remember that night my hair goes up.

Here is another essay which is longer in format and the story of a strange dream is explained in a detailed manner with different points of view. These resources can provide students with ideas for essays, projects, and assignments.

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Long Essay – Writing An ESSAY ON A STRANGE DREAM 1200 Words


Dreams can be good or bad. We dream a lot and it is a creation of our mind. Some dreams are strange and suspicious which can happen completely in one’s mind which can affect anyone in many ways. Here is a story of mine where I had a very strange dream. I mentioned this in the form of an essay which has several points that explain different aspects of a strange dream that I had in my past. I hope you take this as a positive message because negative things can last for a long time but positive takes time.


Back in 2015, class 10th was summer vacations. We were at my mother’s uncle’s house. It is situated next to a big farm or we can say farm. We always went to the farm because it was a green farm and was so clean. We also used to play cricket in that farm. Since it was the summer season, all the men were used to sleeping in the open area of ​​the house or we can say gallery or verandah. I was sleeping in my bed and soon after midnight we started feeling cold and the weather changed automatically. We had thinner blankets than we used to. Since it was a rural area, visibility at night was very poor and rural areas could not get enough light at that time.

I was sleeping well because I used to play all day and used to get very tired. I had problems waking up with only one movement and my cousin Rohan who was sleeping next to me was having trouble speaking in the dream. To deal with it, I turned away from him and chose a place away from everyone. In the middle of the night I saw some scenes which terrified me and woke me up.

What was the dream

I experienced something uneven until I was in deep sleep. I was automatically moving away from everyone. It felt like someone was pushing me towards him. I’m screaming but no one is listening. Suddenly the sliding stopped and I reached a house where everything was white and the house was big. The house had some touches of my own house in town but it was large and had a lot of rooms. I went inside and tried to locate the house. When I entered the house I saw some beautiful ancient things that can fascinate any historian. They had some weapons used in the World War and the war against the British. Later I went to a room where I saw Sameer who was asking me to lock the door. I don’t know what he was doing there.

Then when I went to the other room I was happy because I saw my father sitting on a chair and reading his favorite book. I was happy because I saw him after 2 weeks. He asked about my health and said that as the boards are coming, I should concentrate on studies. Then he asked me to go to the kitchen to have some food.

When I went to the kitchen, I met Bhaiya Lal, a house care taker. I asked him about his health and he gave me his food. Then he warned me not to enter the room at last. I asked him why I shouldn’t go there, then he said you don’t need to go there. I said ok and moved on. I was so naughty that I decided to go to that room and I noticed that the room was dark and not welcoming. Still I went inside, took out the flash of my mobile phone and found that the room had not been cleaned for centuries.

Things were broken and rodents had made homes there. Then I found a carton that was full of books and there was a lot of dust in it which I removed. I opened a book that had some vague pictures that I couldn’t understand. Soon I opened the last page, I didn’t know what had happened and immediately woke up. I was feeling uncomfortable in the place where I was sleeping, I was a little scared, I woke up my brother, told him everything and he stood by me to fix me. Afterwards we both fell asleep.

After the dream

The effect of the dream lasted for some time due to which I was forced to constantly think about the house. I was trying to find out who Bhaiyalal was and why Sameer was there and what book did he have. Also I was not able to go to the place where I had slept. I felt uncomfortable even when I was alone. I believe it was a nightmare that haunted me.

The dream also made me think a lot, perhaps over thinking issues. These thinking issues drove me to a state of mind where I reached sleep paralysis. In sleep paralysis, I could not even move my body for some time and could not even speak. It felt like someone was in my room and staring. These conditions did not harm my body but was affecting me mentally and it happened at regular intervals.

Even for a few days I stopped playing in the field. Though I remember very little about the morning dreams but always disturbing scenes are still in my mind which sometimes affect me. I could not sleep well as a result of which I could not sleep for two days until I was determined to overcome my fear.

How did I cope up?

Fear was not able to do anything. I watched some horror movies before and every time I went to sleep or sat alone I would immediately connect with that dream and make me think about the dream. Then I decided to go ahead and get rid of it. I started going to the nearest temple once a week and started worshiping the Lord. Also, I changed my routine to get up early so that I could mediate.

To remove thoughts from dreams, I focused on my sweet memories and stuff that happened to me and my plans for the future. Whenever we clean something, it leaves a lot of stains on it, just like in my case during treatment and intoxication, I was having sleep paralysis about thrice a month. This cycle continued for 3 months till I got the issues under control. I build concentration which later helped me overcome my fear within a month and I was happy with it. I still follow the routine because it makes me feel positive.


Some dreams are frightening and it is also common that people get too entangled in dreams. The movie Nightmare of Elm Street is based on the same issue which can scare anyone. It is important to stay focused on your work and I can only conclude that meditation is body and positive vibes can make you feel good and make you overcome fear. These strange dreams can be destructive so we should create a positive aura around us so that no negative thoughts can harm us at any point of time to this essay.

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FAQ on Writing An ESSAY ON A STRANGE DREAM of Students

Q.1 What can be the side effects of a strange dream?

answer. Strange dreams can affect mental health.

Q.2 What is Sleep Paralysis?

answer. Sleep paralysis is a condition when one is awake but cannot move their body and senses one’s presence.

Q.3 How can we avoid strange dreams?

answer. By thinking positive and good, we can avoid strange dreams.

Q.4 What is good sleep?

answer. A sound sleep is considered to be sleeping without any dreams.

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