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An Experience That Changed My Life Essay: It is rightly said that ‘Experience is the best teacher’. Experience teaches much more. Life gives you many experiences and some experiences in your life can affect you a lot. We all have faced some or the other experience in life that has changed our way of looking at things. Through these life lessons we can learn a lot about ourselves and how strong we can be in difficult situations and situations.

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An Experience That Changed My Life Essay – 250 words

Everyone has their own life experience. These experiences can be events that happened in someone else’s life or in our lives. Some people learn lessons from their experiences and some experiences automatically change people’s lives. The topic I chose is about a tragic experience that happened in my life, during my early twenties. I was working for one of the largest retail companies in America, which has over 1,916 stores nationwide. The store recently hired me strives to be recognized, famous, respected and the best employee in it. 00

My new job made my family a priority, and prompted me to give up my responsibilities as a sister, aunt, and a daughter.

Then, one day I got so badly injured on my shift that I had to stay home sick for three months. This accident changed my attitude towards lifestyle, work and family. Experiences are various lessons that affect a person’s life either positively or negatively.

It depends on how each person’s experience affects their outlook on life as experience is the best learning resource in a person’s life. Not everyone has parents, friends, or teachers to learn from; But each has its own personal experience. My bad experience yielded positive results. Its aim is to give an intelligent experience to the reader from his own experience. The audience for this essay are: instructors, students, parents, teachers and activists. The method used is descriptive.

An Experience That Changed My Life Essay
An Experience That Changed My Life Essay

500 words long essay in english on my life changing experience

Sometimes things get out of our control and we can’t do anything about it. Experiences can be good and sometimes terrifying resulting in a positive or negative impact on one’s life. Life is full of many unexpected challenges and unknown twists that will come along at any time. People should learn and grow from every experience that they go through in life instead of losing themselves. Change is a part of life. Life gives many experiences almost every day.

One experience that changed my life was on 21 August 2004. One of the biggest life-changing experiences was the time when I suddenly lost my father. Till that day I was a very immature and cheerful person. I don’t know what the concerns were. I was the eldest in my family. But as we lost the head of our family life, a turning point in my life, I had to take responsibility for all the decisions I had never made before. My mother was not in a position to understand anything. I also started making big decisions about finances, about my home, and more.

When my father passed away, my life had completely changed. I lost him in my own lap. Accepting his loss was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It was very difficult because it was unpredictable. I let all my feelings out, because I had to remember to take care of myself and my family as well. Now it was time for me to be more responsible.

His death inspired me to be an introvert, to be more responsible, to think for myself and my family, and to see things differently. Now that he is gone, I have to take responsibility for many things. My father was my mentor, my friend, my guide and above all my inspiration. I feel completely alone without him.

I also experienced how people were falsely claiming that he was a member of their family and that they would take care of me and my family, but two weeks after the cremation they were the same without any sympathy. I finally got a glimpse of the real world who are my true well wishers and who are not. Seeing all this made me realize how important my father was to me. Now I am a more focused and responsible person. I still feel that my father lives through me. He guides me in every walk of life even after my father is gone. His death made me introvert, think about myself and my family and live life practically. I wish I could thank him for making him a better person. It was his motivation that inspired me to handle things the right way.

Short Essay on Experience that Changed My Life

According to me, experiences are very important to forge our personality over time. From very childhood I grew up in a nurturing and loving environment where I always felt safe and loved. My parents always made me feel important. I was a stubborn child. I used to throw tantrums if things didn’t go my way. I was a very demanding child as well, though my mother loved me unconditionally. My mother was very patient and compassionate and used to explain things so well to make me understand why things couldn’t always be how I wanted them to be. But as a child I never wanted to understand her preachings. But then once on a school trip to an orphanage totally changed my view towards life.

Orphanage is the place where the orphans (children who are homeless having no parents) are taken care of.

Once when I was in Grade 4 our school planned an educational trip to an orphanage institute.We were asked to bring whatever we wanted to donate. My mother gave me some of my old toys, clothes and some sweets. We collected a good amount of material to distribute.

As we entered the orphanage all the kids gathered in a hall. There were children of all ages. They strayed at us with eyes full of hope. We were asked to distribute the things and spent some time with them. They were so excited to receive these old things. In conversation with them we came to know that they have only two to three dresses to wear. One plate and a bowl for their food. Even the food served to them was always the same and limited. They don’t have many varieties of food to eat. They have toys in common to play with. These children don’t know the meaning of love, care and affection. They cannot demand for anything. The plight of every child was so miserable.I realised all my mistakes. I realised fortunate I am to receive all the luxury.

I never liked it when my parents reprimanded me for not studying properly, when I made blunders, when I didn’t listen to them but there was a concern behind every word that they said. They took care of me at every juncture of my lives no matter what their condition.

But I felt so sorry for these children because they are lacking all those words of care, anger, and love.

Visiting the orphanage is a life changing experience for me. From that day I started appreciating the little things in life. I never demanded for unexpected things. I feel like helping every needy person.

I also started understanding my mother’s preachings and with her help, over time, I learned how to deal with my emotions and situations and these experiences shaped my behavior and personality.

I feel extremely fortunate that I have parents with me and they provide me all the luxury. I am thankful to them




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