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Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is a document that describes the nature of a project, software or application. In simple words, SRS document is a manual of a project provided it is prepared by you before starting any project/application. This document is also known as SRS report, software document. Software document is mainly prepared for a project, software or any type of application.

There are certain guidelines to be followed while preparing software requirements specification document. This includes the project’s purpose, scope, functional and non-functional requirements, software and hardware requirements. In addition, it also includes information about the required environmental conditions, safety and security requirements, software quality characteristics of the project, etc.

What is a Software Requirements Specification Document?

The software requirements specification document describes the intended purpose, requirements and nature of the software to be developed. This also includes the yield and cost of the software.

In this document, the Flight Management Project is used as an example to explain some points.

Why use SRS?

If developers don’t have clear guidelines when creating a new product, you may end up spending more time and money than expected to get the software to match what you have in mind.

Creating an SRS document helps you get your idea down on paper and set a clear list of requirements. This document becomes your sole source of product integrity, so all your teams—from marketing to maintenance—are on the same page.

Because software requirements specifications are living documents, they can also serve as a point of communication between each stakeholder involved in the product development process. Product iterations abound during any software development project – taking into account changes to the SRS, all parties can validate them in the document. This will reduce any confusion regarding product requirements.

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1. INTRODUCTION of Software Requirements Specification document


The purpose of this document is to build an online system for managing flights and passengers to make flight management easier. <<Include the objective applicable to your project >>

1.2 Document Convention

This document uses the following conventions. <<Include conventions according to your application >>

DB Database
DDB Distributed Database
ER Entity Relationship


The project is a prototype for a flight management system and is restricted within the college campus. It is implemented under the guidance of college professors. This project is useful for the flight management team as well as the passengers.

1.4 Project Scope

The Online Flight Management System aims to simplify flight management and create a convenient and easy-to-use application for travelers trying to buy airline tickets. The system is based on a relational database with its flight management and reservation functions. We will have a database server supporting hundreds of major cities around the world as well as thousands of flights by different airline companies. Above all, we hope to provide a comfortable user experience with the best pricing available.

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A distributed airline database system stores the following information.

  • Flight details:
    This includes the originating flight terminal and destination terminal as well as stops in between, number of seats booked/number of seats available between two destinations, etc.
  • Customer description:
    This includes the customer code, name, address and phone number. This information may be used to keep customer records in case of an emergency or for any other type of information.
  • Reservation description:
    This includes customer details, code number, flight number, date of booking, date of travel.


The salient features of Airline Database System as shown below entity–relationship model (ER model)

Software Requirements Specification document

The diagram shows the layout of airline database system – entity–relationship model

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Users of the system should be able to retrieve flight information between two given cities along with the given date/time of travel from the database. The route from city A to city B is a sequence of connecting flights from A to B: a) there are at most two connecting stops, excluding the starting city and destination city of the journey, b) the connecting time is between one and two hours. The system will support two types of user privileges, customer and employee. Customers will have access to customer functions, and employees will have access to both customer and flight management functions. The customer should be able to do the following:

  • Make a new reservation
    • One-way
    • Round-Trip
    • Multi-city
    • Flexible Date/time
    • Confirmation
  • Cancel an existing reservation
  • View his itinerary

The Employee should have following management functionalities:

    • Get all customers who have seats reserved on a given flight.
    • Get all flights for a given airport.
    • View flight schedule.
    • Get all flights whose arrival and departure times are on time/delayed.
    • Calculate total sales for a given flight.
    • Add/Delete a flight
    • Add a new airport
    • Update fare for flights.
    • Add a new flight leg instance.
    • Update departure/arrival times for flight leg instances.

Each flight has a limited number of available seats. There are many flights that depart or arrive at different dates and times from different cities.

2.4 Operating Environment

The operating environment for the Airline Management System is listed below. <<Include details as per your application>>

  • distributed database
  • client/server system
  • Operating system: Windows.
  • database: sql+ database
  • platform: vb.net/Java/PHP


  1. Global schema, fragmentation schema, and allocation schema.
  2. SQL commands for above queries/applications
  3. How will the response be generated for Application 1 and 2. Let’s say these are global queries. Explain how the different pieces will be connected to make this happen.
  4. Implement the database using at least one centralized database management system.


Let’s assume this is a distributed airline management system and it is used in the following application:

  • Request for booking/cancellation of flight from any source to any destination, granting connected flights in case there is no direct flight between specified source-destination pair.
  • Calculation of high fliers (most frequent fliers) and calculation of appropriate reward points for these fliers.

Assuming that both the transactions are single transactions, we have created a distributed database which is geographically spread across four cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata as shown in Fig. Below.



The airline reservation system holds information about flights, classes of seats, personal preferences, prices and bookings. Of course, this project has a high priority because it is very difficult to travel across countries without prior reservation.

    • Find airline flights for two travel cities
    • Displays a detailed list of available flights and makes “reservations” or booking tickets on a particular flight.
    • Cancel existing reservation.

Other system features include:

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Distributed database implies that a single application should be able to operate transparently on data which is spread across different databases and connected over communication networks as shown in the figure below.

Distributed database located in four different cities

Distributed database located in four different cities


The term client/server primarily refers to an architecture or logical division of responsibilities, the client is the application (also known as the front-end), and the server DBMS (also known as the back-end) Is.

A client/server system is a distributed system in which,

  • Some sites are client sites and others are server sites.
  • All data resides on server sites.
  • All applications execute on client sites.


  • Front-end software: Vb.net version
  • Back-end software: SQL+


  • Windows.
  • A browser which supports CGI, HTML & Javascript.


Following are the software used for flight management online application. <<Include software details according to your project >>

Software used Description
Operating system We have chosen the Windows operating system for its best support and user-friendliness.
Database We have chosen SQL+ database to store flight records, passengers records.
VB.Net To implement the project we have chosen Vb.Net language for its more interactive support.


This project supports all types of web browsers. We are using simple electronic form for reservation form, ticket booking etc.


Nonfunctional requirements can be just as important as functional ones.

These include:

  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Quality

The importance of this type of requirement can vary depending on your industry. In the medical device industry, there are often regulations that require the tracking and accounting of security.

If you are a member, IEEE also provides guidance for writing software requirements specifications.

Best practices for writing SRS documents

The purpose of an SRS is to have each team in each department work toward a clear goal. That being said, there are some best practices to ensure that your SRS serves its purpose.

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