How to prepare Maths Quant for NRA CET
(Last Updated On: March 1, 2021)

How to prepare Maths Quant for NRA CET: How to prepare Quant for NRA CET

How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for NRA CET Exam? 

For the NRA CET exam, a common syllabus will be prepared keeping in mind the demands of SSC, BANKING and Railway exams.

  • The basic approach that must be followed will remain the same.
  • Always try to simplify complex equations and formulas on your own.

Check – NRA CET 2021 syllabus, exam pattern and exam date

  •  Set your own perspective on who you like best and who is the master. Ultimately, your own approach will help you increase your speed of problem solving. Do not blindly imitate someone else’s point of view.
  • Arithmetic questions in NRA CET 2021 will be calculative. IBPS questions for arithmetic So, try to practice.

For advance mathematics, you can go with any standard book.

Many aspiring people do not understand the language of the questions and hence lose their marks except for that particular problem or by answering that wrong answer.

How to prepare English for NRA CET 2021

Start taking as many mocks as possible and analyze your score After clearing your concept for How to prepare Maths Quant for NRA CET.

Let us discuss some important chapters in detail:

Most of the quant paper focuses on the following 5 topics.

  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • data interpretation
  • Algebra
  • Percentage / Profit, Loss and Discount

1. Trigonometry for How to prepare Maths Quant for NRA CET

In Tier I, easy questions are asked on trigonometry. Therefore you need to prepare the basics. But remember that the pattern of questions should be of SSC CGL. No other exam like CDA , NDA will work.

Do you need to learn so many formulas of trigonometry?

The answer will be “no”. You do not need to remember so many formulas. Only 3-4 enough. You get sin θ, cos tan, tan c, cot Sec, Sec remember, cosec. And there is a need to remember the basics about their relationship. Then 3 basic formulas and tables for the value of angle. The most important thing is that you must be fluent in the table because most of the questions can be solved by putting a value. You do not need to solve the whole question, just keep the value of will and get the answer.

Best books for NRA CET Exam 2021 To Prepare Graduate Level


Geometry is considered the most important subject in SSC CGL exam.

  • Article 1: Current article: Properties of lines, angles and triangles
  • Article 2: Properties of quadrilaterals, polygons
  • Article 3: Circle Properties, Concept of Triple, Special Points to Consider in Geometry

Data interpretation for How to prepare Maths Quant for NRA CET

You should try data interpretation. Almost all D.I. The questions are based on average chapters of marks, percentages and arithmetic which you can easily solve all the questions and can catch 8 marks within 3-4 minutes.


It contains questions on algebraic identity, factorization and simplification of polynomials and simplification of fractions. It is necessary to practice all types of questions from these subjects.

Percentage / Profit, Loss and Discount: How to prepare Maths Quant for NRA CET

You should know the basic rules applicable in these chapters. Learning formulas from the heart and their application would be the perfect way to solve many questions. The basic calculation and approximation concepts should be robust because they directly lead the candidate to the correct choice. Try to use shortcut tricks to save time.


How to prepare Maths Quant for NRA CET
How to prepare Maths Quant for NRA CET

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