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Say Merry Christmas in 2022: Ready to celebrate Christmas in USA Canada, UK? Then you have to learn how to say “Merry Christmas”!

If you’re visiting South Korea to celebrate this holiday season, or perhaps you just want to bring Korea to your Christmas, you’ve come to the right place!

Christmas is a national holiday in Korea, and you will see Christmas decorations, Santa Claus and a Christmas tree or two around Seoul during the festive period.

Many Christmas traditions are celebrated in Korea too. Like other countries celebrating Christmas, USA English also wish their friends and loved ones a Merry Christmas and wish each other a Happy Yuletide.

Learning how to express “Merry Christmas” in USA USA is pretty straightforward, so be sure to wish all your USA English friends a Merry Christmas!

How to Say Merry Christmas
Image by Marjon Besteman from Pixabay

What is “Merry Christmas” in English ?

There are several ways to greet someone during this holiday; we’ll show you some of the ways here.

Formal “Merry Christmas”

1.Have a happy Christmas

This is the formal way of saying “Merry Christmas” because it has – please ending. You can see it on signs, posters or cards. You can safely use it with all groups of people, and no one will be offended.
2. Merry Christmas

If you’re at a formal event, add this version of “Merry Christmas” to the mix. Christmas is the Korean word for “Christmas”, but it is not used as often as Christmas.

Standard “Merry Christmas”

1. Have a good Christmas

This is a standard, friendly and polite way of saying “Merry Christmas.” You can use it with anyone, no matter where they rank higher than you.

It’s an easy phrase to learn because you can use it to wish someone a good weekend or a nice vacation.

You can also use the past tense version of the word to ask someone how their weekend or vacation was.

2.  Have a good Christmas

This is the version of three couples having a good time without the extra modesty. We would recommend that you show good manners and use #1 instead.

3. Have a Merry Christmas

If you want to throw in some native USA word Christmas but want to take the formality down a notch, this is the “Merry Christmas” phrase for you! It’s still polite, but not quite as serious as Have a Merry Christmas.


Informal Say Merry Christmas in 2022

1.Merry Christmas

This is the most common phrase used in English to say Merry Christmas to you. As you can see, it is simply the English phrase “Merry Christmas” which is written using the Korean alphabet.

When saying this phrase, be sure to use the USA English pronunciation instead of the English pronunciation. The people of the United States of America will understand you better, and it will be more fun!

It is not necessarily “informal”, but since it is an English word with an English accent, the phrase has no polite grammatical pointers. So, if you’re not sure how much respect you should show, you might want to stick to the standard and formal versions of “Merry Christmas” in English.

2. Have a good Christmas

This is the informal version of the same expression and can only be used with close friends.

What are other ways to say Merry Christmas in English?

If you mean in time for December 25, you greet people with “Merry Christmas” and not with “Happy Holidays”, yes.

Is it correct to say Merry Christmas to non-Christians?

I am an atheist, not an anti-theist, who grew up Catholic. I love Christmas I say Merry Christmas. I also say Happy Hanukkah and Ramadan Mubarak when appropriate. This is an expression of goodwill. I am not hurt by any expression of goodwill shown to me, but I am an adult. If you want to go to your local synagogue and wish Merry Christmas to those leaving the services…, it’s not an expression of goodwill, context is everything.

How to say merry Christmas in different languages

Are you curious about how they say “Merry Christmas” around the world? Would you like to congratulate the world on this next Christmas season? Every December, people from almost all cultures take a moment or two out of their busy lives to offer a simple seasonal greeting of joy and peace. It could be “诞快乐”. Or “Frohliche Weihnachten” and heaps more.

Image by Monika from Pixabay

Quote by merry christmas

  1.  Say “Merry Christmas” in Irish. In Ireland, “Merry Christmas” is translated as “Noleg Shona Dhuit!” is done in.
  2. Say “Feliz Natal/Bos Festas”. It is spoken in virtually every Lusophone nation, including Brazil in South America and Timor Leste in Indonesia.
    In Portugal and some Portuguese-speaking African countries, they are called Boas Festas.
  3. Say “Merry Christmas” in Spanish. It will translate to “Feliz Navidad”. It is said in all Spanish-speaking countries (though not necessarily with musical accompaniment) as in: Spain and the Iberian Peninsula including Gibraltar;   Mexico and Central America, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama;    South America including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.
  4.  Say “Merry Christmas” in French. It translates to “Joyux Nol”. For Francophiles, “joyux nol” is the greeting of the season, and you’ll hear or say it in many places around the world, such as:
    France, of course, and much of Canada as well.
    Often in African countries when traveling to places such as Burkina Faso, Burundi, and Cameroon, or while traveling in Chad, the Congo, Cte d’Ivoire, Madagascar, or Togo.
  5. Say “Merry Christmas” in Dutch. Translated as “Zalig Kerstfest,” this is the greeting you’ll hear in Dutch-speaking countries.
    In Belgium, it would be correct to say “Zalig Kerstfest” to anyone.
    In the Netherlands, you have options. You can say “Pretij karstdagen,” “Vrolijk karstfest en en Gelukig niuvjar,” (tossing in “Happy New Years” for good measure) or simply “Zlig karstfest!”
  6. Say “Merry Christmas” in German. In Germany, it is translated as “Frohlich Wehnachten”. If you happen to be in Liechtenstein, it will be warmly welcomed there as well. In Switzerland, there is little variation; There, they say “Frohlichi Wihnacht!”
    If you’re in Austria, you have nothing less to say: it’s simply “Frohe Wehnachten”.
  7. Say “Merry Christmas” in Italian. “Buon Natale!” It’s Italian for Merry Christmas, but be sure to say it with enthusiasm! You can even say it without stopping in San Marino and pressing in Libya.
  8.  Say “Merry Christmas” in Arabic. It translates as “Milad Mubarak!”
    You will find them congratulating “Milad Mubarak!” On spending a night in Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and Tunisia.
  9.  Say “Merry Christmas in Indian. “Natal Mubarak” is the Indian version. In Pakistan, “Happy Bara Din!”
  10.  Say “Merry Christmas” in Israel. Its translation is “Moadim Lesimkha!” Will happen. Lest we forget, this is how you say “Merry Christmas” in Israel.
  11.  Say “Merry Christmas” in Albanian. In Albania, it is translated as “Gazuar Krishlindjet!” There is only one place in the whole world that says this, and that is Albania. “Gzuar” even how they say “Cheers!” or “bottom to top!” When taking off the eggshell!
  12.  Say “Merry Christmas” in Greek. In neighboring Greece of Albania, they say, “Iftihismena Kristougena!”
  13. Say “Merry Christmas” in Croatian. “Sretan Bozik!” The same is said in Croatia, but if you’re headed to Eastern Europe, there are as many types as there are nations.
    In the Czech Republic, “Vesele Vanos!” In Serbia, “Roddy from Histos! Sreesan Boसिकi.” In Slovenia, you would say “Srecen bozic,” and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Sretam Bozic, Hristos se Rodi!”
  14. Say “Merry Christmas” in Japanese. It’s “My Kurisumasu!” translates into. That’s how they say Merry Christmas in Japan. In other Asian countries:
  15. In Hong Kong, say “Sing dan fiy loc” and in Korea say “Sung Tan Chuk Ha”. In Mandarin Chinese, take a deep breath and say “Kung his sein nien bing chu shen tan.”
  16. In the south, they say “chuck mung giang singh” in Vietnam, and in Thailand they say “savasdi pi mai.

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