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Facebook Video Downloaders : Many times there are many videos on Facebook that for some reason or the other like educational Facebook videos, comedy videos, etc., you want to download but you don’t see any option, so don’t worry, there are not many Facebook videos in front of you to download. Gives option. Sometimes, while scrolling through your feed, you come across a Facebook video that catches your eye. You immediately hit share, tag a friend or two, and wish you could download it to your device. For that, you will need a Facebook video downloader.

There can be many reasons why someone would want to download a video from Facebook.

One may need their video for educational reasons, for informational or marketing efforts, or they may want to share it with their friends and family on a different platform.

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Best Facebook Video Downloaders to Try This Year

Facebook users can download Facebook videos using different tools, depending on your needs.

1. FBDOWN.net

FBDOWN.net is another simple Facebook video downloader that doesn’t require you to download any additional files.

Similar to fbdownloader, all you need is the video link, and you’re ready to go.

You can use FBDOWN.net through the website or download a Chrome extension.

If you’re using windows , Android this is best tool with Google Chrome , the overall process should be fairly simple.

However, if you are on any other browser, you will need to right click on the download button and click “Save As” to download the video.

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2. GetfVid Facebook Video Downloaders

GetfVid is another plug-and-play tool for downloading Facebook videos on the go.

you will need to use Private Video Downloader, which you can access by clicking here.

The rest of the features are largely the same as before.

You can use the tool on any browser.

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3. fbdownloader

As the name suggests, this tool is for downloading FB videos.

This ready-to-go Facebook video downloader doesn’t require you to download any additional files to your device.

Just copy and paste the video URL into the field, click the “Go” button, and download your favorite FB videos (in MP4 format).

The tool lets you download videos in both SD, HD, AVI and Full HD quality.

Additionally, it lets you convert Facebook videos to MP3 files.

Overall, it’s a solid tool that gets the job done in just a few simple steps.

4. BitDownloader’s Free Facebook Downloader

A user-friendly and fast Facebook video downloader, BitDownloader is best in this list.

Apart from Facebook, the tool supports over 800 different websites, some of which include Instagram , YouTube, Vimeo, Tik-Tok , Coub and V Live.

5. 4K Video Downloader

This free video downloader was created by 4K Download, a company that specializes in grabber tools.

As of now, the tool is compatible with Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac.

Apart from downloading videos from Facebook, the tool also works as a YouTube downloader, and can even receive video files from Vimeo.


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