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Leave application for marriage: Every company gives leave to its employees for marriage. The claimant should clearly indicate the year, time and place of marriage in the marriage leave document. When appropriate, wedding invitations should be included with the leave letter. Here is how to write a leave application for marriage (leave application for marriage) proposal.

The sound of the document should be respectable as it is to be requested. The leaves are approved by the HR department and the head of the department concerned based on the purpose or valid reason stated in the leave document. Therefore it is important that the claimant gives genuine reasons for availing the leave. Marriage is one such example where their workers are accepted by all organizations. During the two weeks, many companies also allow leaving. It also depends on the workplace arrangement of the organisation. A simple leave application format for your wedding is discussed below. Read on to know more about applying for marriage leave.

Tips for applying leave for marriage

Tips for How to Write a Leave Application for Marriage

  • It should be prepared properly as it is a letter written to the board.
  • The terminology should be straightforward and easy to understand.
  • Content should be easy, quick and accurate.
  • Marriage Application Form Template

Here is a sample of leave application for own marriage ceremony:

(Your Name),
(Your address).
Date (date of writing letter),

(Employee’s Name),
(Employee’s Address).

Subject: Leave Letter for Marriage

Dear Mr /Ms (name of the concerned person),

I am ——- (Your details) working in your company as ——- (Specify Department) in ——- (Specify Post). I am writing this letter to inform you that——— Reception will take place in the evening of ——- (date). With this letter I enclose an invitation to my wedding. I have already welcomed all my staff members. It feels good to join the party and bless us. I would be very happy to see you all at the party.

Please I need to leave—-. I think you will look at this holiday as an educated holiday and do what is necessary.

Your’s Sincerely,Thank You,
Your Name.


Leave Application for Office

Simple Leave Application for Own Marriage (Sample)

Here is the sample of Leave Application for own marriage to HR

Ramesh Shah,
Senior HR manager,
ICICI bank,
The main branch,

1st November 2018

Subject: Leave Request Letter for Wedding Leave

Dear Mr. Shah,

I am from Mukesh Sharma of loan department. I am working as loan agent in your department. I am writing this letter to inform you that my relationship will be fixed on 15th October 2013. I want to step down from 13th October to 20th October. This letter is attached to my wedding invitation. There is a banquet on the night of 15 October. I have invited all my staff members. It will be my pleasure when you make it convenient to join the party and bless us.

Please treat my absence as an educated leave and do what is necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you, thank you wholeheartedly,

Mukesh Sharma

Marriage Leave Application Sample Template

Date: 01st December 2019,

The Managing Director,
Institute Name,
Institute Address.

Subject: Leave application for my marriage (Application for leave for marriage)

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is mentioned that I, (Name) served as (Department Name) (Job Name). I have been researching this blog since last 6 months/1 year.

I want to approach you with exciting news from my marriage ceremony through this document. My parents decided for my cousin’s wedding. This month’s ceremony will be (date).

So, I request you to allow me to go for 7 days (as per your requirement) so that I can also plan the wedding. I need it by the end of this month (from date to date). I will be grateful for this goodness.


Email Format for Application for Leave Marriage

Every person should take advantage of this leave in his life time and some leaves of each company are removed for the purpose of marriage. The marriage approval letter should include not only the demand for leaves but the date, duration and location as well as a secure invitation to the wedding ceremony to the entire administration. The email to the manager for my wedding leave is as follows:

To: mail id,

From: mail id,

Subject: Request for leave of absence on the occasion of my marriage.

Dear Mary Diaz,

I am James Matthews and I work with your group as Chief Engineer. I wrote this letter to announce my marriage with Clara Richard on May 9th. So if you go there, I will be very happy. Even after two days there is a party outside the door. In due course, I will present a personal invitation. Actually, I would like to tell you that please give me one week’s absence from May 5th to May 12th. Therefore, I urge you to view my absence as an educated leave and make it mandatory. Congratulations ahead of time.

Thanking You,
James Matthew.


FAQ’s on Leave Application for Marriage

question 1.
What is the application for marriage leave in the organization?

A person who is about to get married sends a ‘marriage leave note’ to his employer informing him of the marriage and thus demands a leave of absence to prepare for the occasion. This letter is extremely structured and should be written with utmost care.

Question 2.
Who/what approves the leave in the organization?

The leaves are approved by the HR department and the head of the department concerned based on the purpose or valid reason stated in the leave document

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