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Leave Application for Fever : The school has certain rules and regulations governing the operation of the school, requirements to be followed by its staff and students, etc. One of those rules for students is to get proper permission before or immediately after they are absent. school for any reason.

Writing an application to your headmaster for leave due to fever is not an easy task. A student may take leave from school under various circumstances depending on the time his health deteriorated:

  • He falls ill during school hours – then he can apply for sick leave during school hours.
  • He falls ill before going to school – then he can apply for leave before going to school due to illness, parents can submit it.
  • If his illness continues even after taking leave – then he can take extended leave by applying for leave on account of continuing illness.

Depending on the convenience, either the student himself or the parent can send the application form to the school. The following examples of such letters can be used when planning an application for leave for fever. Leave application format for school and college students and their parents/guardians, office workers is available here. Read on to know more about two days Fever Application, Short Leave Application for Fever for Office, Application for Fever, Fever Leave Application, Leave for Fever Application (Fever), Office Leave for Fever.

Get formal, informal and other types of letter writing like different types of letter writing samples.

Sample Leave Application for Fever

The Principal,
Modern High School,


Subject: Application for fever to class teacher (School leave application for fever by parents)

Dear Madam,

It is respectively reported that I am suffering from fever for the last three days and need leave for the remaining days of the week. Despite my safety, I tried to go to school because I understand that the school has a very strict attendance policy, and I am also a conscientious student and never leave school for excuses or rhymes. But it is imperative that my health demands that I do so. I would be very grateful if you could allow me to leave until Friday for the rest of the week.

Yours Obediently,
Your Name.


Easy Leave Application Format for Fever

The Principal,
Delhi Public School,


Subject: Leave application for school due to fever

I want you to know that I have a high fever for the last two days. I ate something unhealthy that upset my stomach and developed severe food poisoning that gave me a high temperature and agitation. I couldn’t stand and couldn’t do anything on my own. It causes severe headache and debility. I am taking proper medicine to overcome extreme temperature. The medicines prescribed to me by the doctor are of high dosage which makes me tired and sleepy. It may take more than two days to recover. I will have to take two days off for better health and resume my work again. I should add medical leave to the doctor’s prescription.

Yours Sincerely,
Your name.



Sample Leave Application for Fever in Office by an Employee


The Manager (Authority name),
Company Name,
Company Address.

Subject: Leave application for fever One day office.

Dear Sir,

This Christmas, we have entertained a huge number of customers at our branch and being the employee of the month I have worked really hard to provide the best services to our valued customers despite the paucity of available staff. You must have noticed that I have been working continuously for more than 48 hours. It made me very tired and I got high fever. Now that the Christmas holidays are over and everyone is back on duty, I would kindly ask you to give me a day off so that I can rest, take medicines and get well soon.

Thanking you.
Job Designation
Contact no.

FAQ for Fever Apply on leave

question 1.
Under what circumstances can leave application for fever be used?

Leave application for fever can be used for employees, students, teachers and other jobs.

Question 2.
What type of fever can usually cause employees to write an application?

Fever can be due to malaria, typhoid fever, dengue fever or any other reason

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