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Casual Leave Application: When an employee wants temporary leave from their organization due to some personal reasons, they write a request letter for leave or a letter of absence to the concerned authority. It not only shows the professionalism of the employee but also gives enough time to the employer for preparation.

If you have important personal work and are therefore unable to go to the office, then these samples given below will give you a day casual leave application, Casual leave application sample for office, Casula leave application format, Casual leave application for teachers Will help you write. Leave application format for school and college students and their parents/guardians, office workers is available here. Casual leave application mail format is also discussed below.

Tips for Writing a Casual Leave Application Letter

These days, companies provide privileges to their employees in the form of casual leave where an employee is entitled to take leave once in a month. But it is the responsibility of the employee for writing casual leave letter, to inform the concerned person about the same before taking the application . By doing this, you will demonstrate your honesty, and it will also help convince the person concerned to accept your leaves. Application for casual leave in office samples is given below.

When writing a letter of casual leave, the period of leave to the relevant authority and you should include in your organization the date you will need the leave. Using our examples, models and email format to write casual, professional vacation submissions.

  • Above all, it is important to keep the tone and content of the letter formal and polite.
  • You must clearly state the reason for your leave in your letter.
  • The wording of the letter should be such that the reader agrees, and he automatically decorates the cards.
  • The letter has to be descriptive and concise.
  • Once you have written the post, please check the spelling mist letter.
  • List of reasons for taking Casual Leave

Following is the list of reasons for Casual Leave from Office and Casual Leave from School:

  • No one is feeling well in the house
  • urgent/need work at home
  • when close ones are going abroad
  • Casual leave for personal reasons



Sample 1 – Casual Leave Application for Office


Subject: Casual Leave for Employee (Medical Emergency)

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Recipient’s Name),

I am writing to you to ask for (Y days) leave from (start date) to (end date) as I have to visit a close relative for medical emergency. I have to be away for (Y days) as relative is based in Mumbai. I am going to resume work from (mention date).

In time, I will be available on my mobile number and email. During my absence, the person in charge of me, (name of the person concerned) will perform my duties.

I would be very grateful to you for considering my request.

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name).


Sample 2 – Casual Leave Application for Marriage

Subject: Casual Leave Required

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Recipient’s Name),

I want to inform you that tomorrow I have to go with my little daughter to her school for the annual day celebrations. I will not be able to go to the office due to the function going on from morning till evening.

I have told (coworker’s name) the specifics of the projects I am working with. If necessary, he is well equipped to handle them. Also, I will be available on (date).

Yours Sincerely,(Your Name).

Sample 3 – Casual Leave Application Template

Sub: Casual Leave Application for Urgent Work

Dear Mr. Sam,

I want to formally tell you at this time that my daughter is not feeling well, and I would like to take her to the hospital for a comprehensive medical check-up. For this I have to take a day off from work. He is suffering from abdominal pain and also has fever. We worry about him. She has not even gone to her school since last one week.

I have spoken to Bob, and in my absence, he will meet with my clients and update you on the same situation. I will submit all the medical reports of my daughter after checking for your reference.

I hope you will understand my position and give me a day off.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely.


Casual Leave Email Format – Casual Leave for One Day

Contingency letters of cards are easy to send, and they are very much needed in situations where you want to pick up cards for a day or two. The casual leave letter format does not include any special words or text types. If you have any, just gently ask the boss to give you a few days off with a valid reason. For better understanding, see the sample on Application for one day casual leave, Casual leave application form to Boss/Leave application for casual leave to office.


Subject: One Day Casual Leave Application Form in the office

Dear Mr. Dave,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I need a day off on 15th June. I need to take my daughter to the hospital to get her teeth and mouth checked, as she has been in pain for the past two days. Although she is visiting my family doctor these days and taking medicines, it is still free to consult a dentist.

I will be back in the office on 16th June and you can reach me with my mobile number which you can find in your database at any time. Heartfelt thanks for considering my application for leave.

Thanking You,
Yours sincerely.


FAQ’s on Casual Leave Application Format for Office

question 1.
What should be included while writing a letter for casual leave format?

When writing a letter of casual leave, you should include in your organization the date you will need the leave and the period of leave to the relevant authority.

Question 2.
When does the need for casual leave arise in the organization?

When an employee wants temporary leave from their organization due to some personal reasons, they write a request letter for leave or a letter of absence to the concerned authority.

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